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December, 2010 - Vol 1, Issue 1
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Harvest Picking Highlights

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That attractive Newton Trails USB "jump" drive we've been giving to donors is more than just a  trinket to say thanks.

Donors who give at least $50 receive the branded flash drive packed with information and research showing the substantial economic, health, and other benefits communities with trails are realizing today. 

The drives may not jump out at you like a yard sign, but we believe in fact-based conversation, not in littering roadways.  Informed advocates and respectful dialog are what we need now.  If you'd like one and haven't had a chance to give yet, just click here and donate via PayPal or credit card.
Trails for ... our Family!

 Happy biker!

"Wherever we go, my family seeks out trails. We've found that walking or biking a few miles is our favorite way to explore a new area - even if it is close to home. Being outdoors with the sights and sounds of a new environment really gives us a sense of a place."

  - Helen Weitkamp, Oak Hill, Newton County

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Greetings and Happy Holidays from the Board of Newton Trails!  We chose December to launch this newsletter to thank you for being part of our community of supporters in 2010.  While Newton Trails has a history of advocacy and active path building going back more than a dozen years, there has never been a more pivotal time than now for charting the future of multi-use trails and greenways in Newton County.

Our success depends on many factors, but key among them are your passion, commitment, and informed, energetic support.  We hope you use this newsletter, our website, and our Facebook page to learn more about the business case for trail building in Newton County.  On the website and through Facebook, we provide constantly updated facts and figures, case studies, research, and first-hand stories to illustrate the health, economic, transportation, and environmental benefits of trails and greenways.

We urge you to engage your friends and neighbors in informed, forward-thinking dialog.  Like any undertaking of deep and lasting value, developing a multi-use trail system requires broad community support and involvement.  That community starts here, with all of us.

Happy Trails to You in 2011!


Maurice Signature

L. Maurice Carter Jr
Chairman, Newton Trails
Harvest Picking Raises Funds, Friends & Facts 
Harvest Picking at the Old ChurchWith our November 13 "Harvest Picking at Old Church" fundraiser, we wanted to bring together community supporters to close out the year and celebrate the rebirth of Newton Trails in 2010.

But, wow!!!  Talk about exceeding our expectations!  Over 100 people joined in on a busy fall evening (during the Georgia - Auburn game!), allowing us to raise more than $2,000.  Most important, though, we showed trail supporters in Newton County:  you have many friends.  The energy of the evening was unmistakable and heartening.  And, along with great music and food, we had the opportunity to continue raising awareness of the ways in which trails enhance health and wellness, economic development, green space preservation, historic preservation, transportation, and property values.  Learn more here.

Harvest Picking Finale

None of this would have been possible without the generous community spirit of the performers who shared their talents with us to support of the cause.  Thank you, David Leinweber, Brian David & Natalie Barnard, Dan & Perri Walden, and special surprise guests  Johnny Roquemore & Dave Ross.  You made this a very special event.
Also a big thanks to Brian David for designing our most attractive and very popular event poster (above).  If you missed this fun evening, check out the Newton Trails YouTube Channel for great clips of the encores featuring all the performers together.

And, speaking of encores...  When an event goes this well, we've just got to do it again!  So, stay tuned for next year.  And, send us your ideas for how to make it even bigger and better.