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March 29, 2011
Dear  ,

When I look at the calendar, and see that the first day of spring is approaching I get so excited! However, when that fabulous day comes and the flowers don't immediately pop out of the ground, the snow doesn't melt instantaneously and the sky isn't bright blue everyday, I feel duped somehow. Truth is, spring is a whole season and a time of rebirth, not an instantaneous state of being.                                                                                 

When we decide to make behavior changes, we open the potential for small rebirths within ourselves.  Often times, these changes within ourselves do not come instantly therefore we cannot reap the benefits immediately and we get frustrated. What if we were to give ourselves an entire season to manifest a behavior change? What if we looked at our projected fitness, nutrition and spiritual goals as a seasonal learning experience that grows with time? What if we learned, overtime, to manifest changes that worked within our own personal paradigm, giving this change the potential to grow into our lives? Wouldn't we appreciate it that much more if we watched it grow along side us, and wouldn't these changes be given a better shot of becoming a lifelong behavior? 


Welcome to Spring 2011, everyone. Let's do some spring cleaning and shake off the winter together! Hopefully you'll find the 'light' content of this specially created newsletter a jumpstart to new positive behaviors. This months 'Food For Thought' recipe will be a hit for your next dinner party or luncheon. The 'Move It and Lose It' section will get you motivated, even when you think it's time for a break. The 'Gluten-Free You' section will add 5 more 'must haves' to your pantry. The 'You, Only Better' section will give you an 'island inspired' breakfast that will keep you light on your feet and ready for the warm weather to come. 


Don't forget to read to the end, to see the new happenings on my website this month, such as my new video blogs, new recipes, new blog posts AND links to two of the best products on the market today.


Sit back and enjoy, please and have a wonderful week!


Radio Broadcast
LeanBeret Logo Radio Broadcast with the Lean Berets

I was honored last week to be the guest speaker on the 'Lean Berets Radio Show'.
Ron Jones and Kevin Rail are true avengers of health, with a knack for taking hot health topics and breaking them down into simple, digestible and usable knowledge.

Click on the link and listen along as we dispel the 'gluten-free diet for weight loss' myth, gluten testing options and gluten-free lifestyle tips.  This would be a perfect radio show to forward to your friends or family who are wondering the in's and out's of your new disease!!!!

Lean Berets Radio Show with Jill Molchan

Go to for more!


Gluten-Free You

Pantry Must Have's 

For the past 3 months we have been compiling a 'must-have'pineapple pantry list of foods to help heal your digestive system by replenishing the vital nutrients that many gluten sensitive systems are lacking.
Are you feeling the benefits of these power-foods? Mother nature gave us these healing foods as a gift from the earth and the power of these foods is miraculous. Let's continue for one more month, to create a list of essential ingredients to keep in your pantry, including how you can start to incorporate them into your diet now! If you missed last month's list, you can now view past newsletters at 

Eggs: Egg yolks contain 300 micrograms of choline, an essential nutrient in helping to regulate brain and neural function. Eggs are also one of the only food sources of Vitamin D, essential in helping to build and rebuild bones. Add eggs to your morning routine to increase the satiety of your breakfast, hard boiled a snack or in a fritatta for dinner.
Containing a natural source of bromelain, a powerful digestive aid, pineapple's gut healing power is two-fold. Eat with meals to help digest the proteins found in your meal, or eat alone as a snack to help reap the anti-inflammatory benefits. Check out this month's 'You Only Better' section for a delicious smoothie recipe, or top baked chicken breast with a slice marinated in tamari and brown sugar.
Not sure where to begin here...Vitamin C, potassium and manganese to start with. B6 levels high enough to help with hormones, and dietary fiber that helps to release the rich carbohydrate fuel slowly for increased energy. Bake 3 or 4 at a time at 375 for 40 minutes. Keep in the fridge to slice on top of salads, as a pre-workout snack or heated with cinnamon to help curb any sugar craving! 
Not just for the birds! This power food has a sweet nutty flavor and is non-acid forming making it easy to digest. Packed with B-vitamins, fiber, potassium and iron. Simmer 1c millet in 2 1/2c water or stock for 35 minutes to use in place of rice or to add honey and cinnamon as a breakfast cereal.
Carob is best known for its use in helping treat diarrhea and other IBS type disorders, possibly due to its high calcium content. Add a Tbs to applesauce to treat loose stools. Carob can be used in place of chocolate in recipes and it contains no caffeine. As a hot beverage, carob can be combined with a dash of honey and hot water. Beware of many commercially made carob chip products, as they may contain malted barley extract.    


Food For Thought

Fresh Spring Nicoise Salad 


The mere thought of spring is inspiration enough to start eating lighter foods. Let's kick off the season with a salad that eats like a

Nicoise Salad

meal! Sliced potatoes, green beans, hard boiled eggs and tuna start it off, followed by my famous lemon/dill dressing.

Serves 4 



1 large head of Romaine lettuce, washed and chopped

4 medium gold or red potatoes. boiled and sliced 

4 hard boiled eggs, quartered 

1 sliced vine-ripened tomato

20 Kalamata olives, sliced in half

1/2 lb green beans, blanched

2 cans no-salt tuna fish, strained and flaked 


*Bring eggs to boil in cold water. Once boiling, remove from heat and cover, let sit for 15 minutes, then run under cold water. Wait 5 minutes before peeling.

*Boil potatoes 20 minutes. Set aside to cool.

*Boil green beans 3 minutes. Remove and drop in ice bath.


Jill's Famous Lemon Dill Dressing

1 lemon, well juiced                             1/4 tsp honey 

1 heaping tsp dijon mustard                1/2 tsp dried dill 

1/4c white balsamic vinegar                 1/8 tsp xanthum gum 

2 T olive oil

1/4 tsp salt 


*Combine all ingredients EXCEPT for xanthum gum. Sprinkle xanthum over top of dressing and whisk well to thicken. More may be added for desired consistency. 


Toss lettuce in dressing, reserving some to drizzle over top. Arrange all topping and finish with more dressing and frsh ground pepper. 

Move It and Lose It

Your Fitness Routine and Vacation?   

Spring is high time for vacations. Does your fitness routineexerciser come with you on vacation, or do you convince yourself it's a great time to take a break? Unless you've been training like an Olympic athlete for the past series of months, chance are you may still want to keep your routine in place while on holiday. It's tough enough to transition back into our normal routine after being away. Keeping our fitness in check may help with the transition AND help to keep your immune system high. Follow these easy steps to help stay motivated.  

  1. Plan an active vacation: A day of biking along the beach or hiking in a nearby State Park. Research the opportunities your spot has to offer. Enjoy the scenery on your feet, not just from the car! 
  2. Consider the benefits to your vacation diet: You know you eat better when you're staying active!! With all the temptations around on vacation, you'll be more apt to keep your nutrition in check with daily exercise.
  3. Do it early and just do it!: Wake up and go. Grab your shoes and hit the road for a power walk or run. Locate a coffee shop 2 miles away and make it your morning reward. You'll be more likely to do it in the morning, and guaranteed you won't be disappointed you did.  
  4. Give yourself a vacation exercise goal: You don't necessarily have to stick with your exact routine, as something is better than nothing.  However, shoot for at least 50% of your normal routine. 
  5. Use vacation as an excuse to try something new: Have you always wanted to try hot yoga, but didn't have the time? Have you wanted to learn to surf, but don't have the ocean accessible? Vacation is the perfect time to cross off some bucket list items, and get some great exercise in the meantime.
  6. Book hotels with an exercise facility or a gym nearby: Do your research, then do your time. If you're vacationing with the family, trade off mornings with your spouse so each of you can enjoy some solo exercise time. Watch the news from the treadmill!  

You, Only Better!
Island Delight Shake                                     Utilizing a couple of our POWERHOUSE nutrients, this morning shake is bound to keepcoconut you satiated and light on your feet for a spring day ahead! Packed with protein, potassium, lauric acid and bromelain.

1 banana
2 pineapple rings or 4 medium chunks
3 T canned coconut milk
10 oz water
1 scoop vanilla protein powder

Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy and reward yourself for choosing a healthy breakfast!


What's New on

Are you ready to finally release the gluten that is holding you back?

What will it take for you to make 2011 your first COMPLETELY GLUTEN-FREE YEAR?
Having gone through the gluten free transition myself, I can tell you first hand that it's not always easy to commit and implement the changes necessary to go gluten free. I am here to help!

New Recipes on GoGlutenFreeGracefully!

Check out the season's new flavors! New recipes for Napa Cabbage Salad with Spicy Shrimp, Lemon Dill Salad Dressing, Pumpkin Lentil Soup and Southwestern Turkey Meatloaf. Quick Link to My Latest Creations   


All New Video Blog Section!!
So excited to welcome you into my kitchen and share with you my new video blogs! This month features 'Stocking a Gluten Free Pantry' and '7 Tastiest Gluten Free Grains'. They're fast and fun and loaded with information you won't want to miss! GoGlutenFreeGracefully VideoBlogs  


Blog, Blog, Blog and More Blog! 

Go to GoGlutenFreeGracefully BlogPage for my latest extended post on 'Water and Metabolism', 'Gluten-Free Cosmetics, Lotions and Hair Care' and 'Dining Out Gluten-Free'.  


Featured GGG products: Lifemax Mila and Isagenix Nutritionals!  

I'm not one for putting my name behind products. However when I see nutritionals that are being shown over and over for helping those around me(and myself), I have to share the bounty. For those of you looking to heal your digestive system, balance your hormones, insulin levels and stamina, Mila may be just what you need! For those of you looking for a proven nutritional cleansing system for your spring system reboot, Isagaenix has the BEST system I've ever encountered. Don't trust cleanses that omit all food! This one is different. Go to or for more information OR just grab the link from the website homepage. 
I'm available to answer any questions about these products, so feel free to contact me at 435-962-3010. is committed to creating awareness on issues surrounding gluten sensitivities. My information is designed not just for the affected individual, but also for their friends, family and co-workers in helping to understand this disease. Celiac's only cure is a dietary modification, and with proper modification health and wellness can be attained.  Please feel free to share my specially designed newsletter. 


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