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New Product: Irish Rock Crab 



We are excited to introduce the newest addition to our product line, just in time for summer: Ireland's finest Rock Crab


Shellfish Ireland, a family run company based on the Northwest tip of Europe on the rugged coast of Ireland, has access to some of the purest waters and freshest shellfish in the world. For the last 25 years, they have been fishing the waters of Bantry Bay, where they catch their award winning wild Rock Crab.


Shellfish Ireland has their own boats that fish out of the local harbor and land daily so they can process during the night and ship within 24 hours to ensure the freshest product possible. Available year-round, every crab is 100% traceable from catch to consumer.  


Their fleet of "day boats" are registered with the Irish Fisheries Board and are certified by Global Trust as part of their sustainable fisheries management program. They are also certified by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) with the Grade-A standard, which is the highest available standard. 


The crab is caught in traditional miniature Irish crab cages ("pots") and processed immediately, upon docking, at their proprietary state-of-the-art facility. Each crab is cooked in pure Irish waters, resulting in a sweet and tender, juicy meat - ideal for the North American market! The final product is free of hormones, antibiotics and other contaminants and is never treated with preservatives - it's guaranteed 100% natural.


This product is pasteurized and ready-to-eat (unless you want it frozen) and is available in the following packages: 


Crabmeat: 3.53 oz trays, 1Lb cups, 1Lb trays, 5 oz cups. 

Crab Claws: 2.8 oz trays,1Lb cups 


Call your customer service representative today to place your first order and experience Ireland's premium crab! (800)-277-3459

Certification Corner 


Want to understand more about the various certifications that are out there? We can help! Each month we will pose a frequently asked question as well as an answer. We will discuss certifications that Tropical currently carries.



Q: What is the Irish Sea Fisheries Board (B.I.M) Seafood Stewardship Program? 

A: BIMThis is a government led initiative at awarding environmentally and sustainably focused fishing companies with a high standard for best practice fishing methods. All of Shellfish Ireland's boats have been audited and accredited by Global Trust against the B.I.M Seafood Stewardship program standard.


To attain the standard, Shellfish Ireland implemented a "Management System" on board its fleet of vessels that supply their factory with daily catches of fresh fish and shellfish. This environmental management system ensures that their vessels operate with best environmental practices such as: (1) all the cages ("pots"), lines and hatches are biodegradable, (2) use smaller pots which leads to smaller catches which helps support sustainability, (3) fish in different regions at different times of the year to allow for stock replenishment and (4) increase the minimum size requirement for crabs caught which also helps support sustainability.


Staff Notes


John Schramm, President of Tropical, celebrated his birthday earlier this month. Make sure to wish him a Happy Belated Birthday! 


Chris Doane, Customer Service Representative, closed on his first house on the 31st of last month. Chris, along with his fiancé, purchased their new home in Rutland Town, Vermont. Congratulations!  


Kevin Harrington, Director of Sales, made a hole-in-one last week on the 4th hole at Olde Kinderhook Golf Club in New York. He used a 6 iron on the 192 yard hole. This is the 5th hole-in-one of Kevin's life. Way to go!

crab n' shrimp 
Crab & Shrimp Pasta
THINKSUMMERSHELLFISHPut a twist on the traditional macaroni & tuna salad and wow every at your next cookout! Click here for the recipe.

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