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Tropical Aquaculture's monthly newsletter will give you timely and relevant information about our Vermont based company as well as our overseas facilities. Each month we will also share points from our Umbrella Policy that we currently practice - so keep your eyes open!

Greetings to all!   


As we are about to end 2011 and Tropical's 16th year of operation, I would like to send this short note of thanks and updates. I hope to cover everyone!


Tropical would like to thank each of our customers for enduring the minor cavitation's associated with growth and expansion. The implementation of our new accounting and distribution system has certainly tested the patience of staff and customers alike. 


We have made necessary expansions and improvements to possibly every area of our business, likely too many to recognize in this note, but all in the effort to continuously expand and improve our commitment to our customers. 


Farms and Processing Plants have expanded production and improved practices, while either becoming certified or re-certifying for sustainability and food safety/quality audits including BAP, ISRTA, GlobalG.A.P., IMO and SQF. 


The entire staff at Tropical would like to thank both Levittown Fish (Handling) and Carty's Logistics for providing first-rate services in the area of JFK distribution. Both companies have facilitated a nearly flawless transition. Both companies clearly understand Tropical's customer service commitment to its customers and have been instrumental in raising this bar. Many Thanks. We also thank the teams at Rank, Tidewater, Araho, Eassons, and A1, Alpha and Flegenheimer for their continued efforts - We truly believe you are all key drivers in our success. If we haven't said thanks enough throughout the year...Thanks for all you do. 


Special appreciation to our customers. You have endured the major and minor hiccups with every improvement listed above in one-way or another. In an effort to better serve you, it was necessary to reposition our Customer Service Reps...Many of you wrote some very compelling notes in support of keeping your former Reps; while these notes were some of the most supportive I've ever read, thanks for working through the transitions. I also thank each of Tropical's CSR's for their continued support and commitment...as a team, you are among the best. 


In a business that receives little thanks and appreciation throughout the year I would like to Thank You All...Production, Processing (Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Ireland), Logistics (domestic and foreign), Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Customers, Truckers, Customs Brokers, Warehouses, Diversified, Trade Publications, NGO's, My Partners, My Wife Lorena and my daughters, Samantha and Sophia...for a year of commitment, patience, support, understanding and simple smiles.


Best wishes and many thanks to Marty Notte. As many of you know, Marty has been with Tropical for 14 years and has decided to take up a new career focused on leisure and "grandparenthood". Thanks for your years of dedication, wit and humor. 


Hoping you have all had a Wonderful Holiday Season. We look forward to 2012 and working with each of you.


Best wishes,



Ecuadorian Farms Attain BAP Re-Certification 


This month, we are proud to announce the BAP re-certification of Tropical's largest partner farms, Produmar and Aquamar. Both farms now carry BAP certification until December 22nd, 2012; the processing plant Tropack is also certified until September 15th, 2012. 


Attaining BAP recertification at our farms validates Tropical Aquaculture's commitment to responsible and sustainable aquaculture practices. The certification validates our efforts to minimize environmental impacts, be socially responsible, and carry on food safety and animal welfare.


Carrying BAP certification, allows us to meet the marketplace demand for responsibly produced seafood as it exemplifies our commitment and willingness to invest in sustainable aquaculture.

Staff Notes


Tina&KenPlease join us in welcoming Ken Martin and Tina Poppleton to our team!

Ken has almost 20 years experience in warehousing, distribution, logistics and facility management. His hobbies include snowboarding and things related to classic cars.

Prior to working with us, Tina worked as a bookkeeper and skiing instructor - she is definitely the most experienced skier at Tropical! Her hobbies include skiing, hiking, and gardening. 

Ken and Tina have taken a new challenge and will be working in the logistics department at Tropical. As part of the logistics team, they will work to ensure you get your product in the fastest, most precise way possible! Welcome on board! 


This month was full of birthdays at Tropical and kept our stomachs full of cake!

We celebrated four co-worker birthdays in the office: Chuck Sebeth, Farm Payables on Dec 5th; Michael Klopchin, Sales Representative on Dec 18th; Marie "Breezy" Jackson, Staff Accountant on Dec 21st and Lisa Falasco, Controller on Dec 23rd. Happy Birthday to All!


We sadly said FAREWELL and HAPPY RETIRMENT to Marty Notte, Farm Payables, at the end of this week. For the past 14 years, Marty served the accounting department by processing farm wires and verifying their accuracy. In his 14 years at Tropical, Marty "watched its amazing growth" and is "proud to have been a small part of it", he said. Marty will be greatly missed and we wish him the best in his new journey. Congratulations!


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Tilapia Stuffed Portabella

Tilapia Stuffed Portabella


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