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Tropical Aquaculture's monthly newsletter will give you timely and relevant information about our Vermont based company as well as our overseas facilities. Each month we will also share points from our Umbrella Policy that we currently practice - so keep your eyes open!

 First Lady Eats Our Blue Foot White Shrimp


michelle usda plate


The del Alma Restaurant & Bar in Corvallis, Oregon is a unique restaurant inspired by the flavors and cuisine of Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain. The restaurant was created with the vision of offering it's customers locally sourced and sustainable food - allowing our Blue Foot White Shrimp to become part of their menu! They recently had a surprise visit from First Lady Michelle Obama. The First Lady was in the area visiting relatives and chose del Alma, which translates "From the Soul" as the restaurant of choice for dinner. 


del Alma logo Chef Mitch Rosenbaum took a guess at what the First Lady would like and offered her our Blue Foot Fresh Ecuadorian White Shrimp sautéed with shallots, garlic, jalapenos, tequila, pine nuts and cream. While the waitstaff didn't hover around as the First Lady ate her meal, we're sure she enjoyed it greatly!


The First Lady has been a strong supporter of the seafood industry including most

recently her support of the new USDA "my plate" icon which has replaced the food pyramid. The USDA now recommends eating seafood twice per week as part of a healthy diet. Join healthy Americans by eating sustainable seafood today!


Tropical in the Media


discovery channel

Earlier this year we traveled to Ecuador with a film crew who was interested in capturing each step of our operations in order to create an educational segment on sustainable Aquaculture. Our segment will air at the end of the month as part of the program "Building A Sustainable Future".  The segment will air on the Discovery Channel on Monday August 29th at 7am EST, 7am Pacific Daylight time, 6am Central Daylight Time and 5am Mountain Daylight time. Please tune in!!



This month FishChoice chose us as their "Featured Supplier" on their website: www.FishChoice.com. FishChoice wrote about Tropical from the time it was created, to the sustainable production practices that set us apart in today's aquaculture industry. To read the story published on FishChoice's website please click here. Thank you FishChoice for featuring us on your site! 


NFI Future Leaders - Boston, MA

NFI Cooking Collage

Ingrid Wisell returned from her third trip with the NFI Future Leaders class last week.  They had a whirlwind trip in which they visited and toured a variety of facilities in the greater Boston area. The trip included a stop at Gorton's in Gloucester where they not only visited the production facility but they played the Beer Game which is an exercise developed at MIT to create a better understanding of the Supply Chain. Over lunch at Gorton's, Beth Grant of Limson Trading provided some of her expert opinions on the future of the industry. 


They also visited Lobster Trap, the Northeastern Inspection Branch of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), High Liner Foods, American Pride Seafoods and the New England Aquarium. One of the team building exercises that Gerrie Thomas of the NFI coordinated was "Create a Cook" in Newton Highlands. The group was divided into two teams and each was responsible for a certain component of the dinner. It was a fun way for the group to interact in a relaxed setting while learning to cook some delicious seafood recipes! Thanks NFI and all the companies visited for another great trip!


Staff Notes 
Greetings, Anniversaries, Birthdays and Farewell... 
Mike K


Please join us in welcoming Michael Klopchin to our team! Michael will be working in a sales capacity at Tropical. Prior to working at Tropical, he had a fifteen year career in the military, IT and in sales at various companies. He enjoys playing sports and follows New England professional teams. Welcome Aboard! 

There are a number of Tropical anniversaries in August! Meghan Chambers, Toby Alger and Shari Williams have all reached the 3-year mark; while long-timers Larissa Bassarab and Mike Howe reached the 7 and 8 year marks respectively! Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work!
birthday cake
Marty Notte, Farm Payables, celebrated his birthday for the 14th time at Tropical earlier this month and Roberto Cabrera, Logistics Coordinator, celebrated his cumpleaños this month as well. Happy Birthday to both!


We sadly say farewell to Jennifer Shannon at the end of this week. Jennifer has worked for three years in the logistics department, managing farm orders, shipments, deliveries and most importantly dealing with customs. She has decided to take on a position at a small oil delivery company in her hometown. She hopes to help them organize their business to allow for expansion. We thank Jennifer for her dedication to Tropical and wish her well in her next endeavor.  

Featured Recipe 

grapefruit tilapia REVGrapefruit-Tomato Compote with Oven-Steamed Tilapia  


THINKCITRUS! This recipe is refreshing and full of vitamin C - the grapefruit will help your digestion too! Click here for this recipe.


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Our land-based farms use very low densities (1-1.5 fish per cubic meter), as a result, the fish are less crowded and therefore less susceptible to diseases and other stress-related problems. For this reason, we do not use antibiotics during the grow-out phase of production for disease treatment.


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