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Tropical Aquaculture's monthly newsletter will give you timely and relevant information about our Vermont based company as well as our overseas facilities. Each month we will also share points from our Umbrella Policy that we currently practice - so keep your eyes open!

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Tropical is hosting a stop-over visit in Guayaquil Ecuador on the way to GOAL in 

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November. While in Ecuador, we invite you to visit our BAP Certified processing facility, Aquamar, as well as BAP Certified Aquamar Farm and Chanduy Shrimp Farm.


Experience first-hand the sustainable and socially responsible practices employed at our farms and discover the beauty of their surrounding environment.


There is limited capacity and only a few openings remain so please contact us to check on availability. Flights between Miami/Guayaquil/Santiago are all direct on a combination of LAN and American Airlines flights. With a minor incremental cost to stop in Guayaquil, it is sure to enhance your overall experience in South America. This is a great opportunity to see a top-notch operation. We hope to see you there!


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NFI Future Leaders - Seattle, WA


pool time2 Last week, Ingrid Wisell, Executive Coordinator represented Tropical as she joined the rest of her Future Leaders classmates on the west coast for their second group trip, this time to Seattle, WA. While in Seattle the group attended a 4-hour "Safety at Sea" training course with Mike Heryla of NPFVOA (National Pacific Fishing Vessels Owners Association). The training session included time at a local pool during which the class wore lifesuits while simulating real-life scenarios including how to get the attention of a helicopter flying overhead, how to chain-swim as a group and how to make a floating human raft for fellow 'seamen' to rest.


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After leaving the pool the group headed to Penn Cove Shellfish Company where they were welcomed by the staff at Penn Cove for a facility tour as well as a boat ride out to their farm. The class learned about farming techniques for mussels, clams and oysters and they were even invited to do a taste test of oysters on a half-shell straight out of Penn Cove Bay!


Pacific Seafood generously sponsored dinner at Ivar's restaurant at Mukilteo landing where the group ate fresh mussels from Penn Cove farm as well as other seafood delicacies.  Thank you Pacific Seafood!


The last day included a trip to Trident Seafood's Pier 91 facility where the class witnessed the making of Mahi burgers from start to finish (including yet another taste test at the end!). Ingrid greatly enjoyed her time on the west coast and thanks NFI for yet another amazing learning experience!


Staff Notes

Catherine Burke

Catherine Burke - Summer Intern  

We welcomed Catherine to the Tropical team this week! She will be working with us through August 22nd as a full-time intern. After that time she will be going into her senior year at Castleton State College in Castleton, Vermont. She will help across the board with any task that needs to be completed. Currently she is focusing on dock tickets, communication with trucks and BoLs. 


Birthdays This Month

This month we celebrated two birthdays at the office: Only July 4th, Matt Busko, Logistics Coordinator, celebrated his first birthday with us; Mike Howe, Sales Manager celebrated his golden birthday at Tropical on July 7th - we wish both a Happy Birthday! 


Featured Recipe

Lemon Basil shrimp skewer


Lemon, Garlic and Basil Shrimp Skewers 


THINKQUICKGRILLING! This dish cant get pulled together at the last minute! It's easy, it's delicious and it's on the grill! Click here for this recipe.


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Tropical History

Chanduy Shrimp Farms

This year marks Tropical's 5th year attending the GOAL conference.  For the first time GAA will be hosting this annual event in the Southern hemisphere!




Our Umbrella Policy  

Our land-based farms are Polyculture (tilapia and shrimp) systems, which are considered friendlier to the environment, not only for a more efficient use of space, but also contributing to a healthier environment within the ponds themselves.

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