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Farms Receive ISRTA Letter of Compliance                         June 2011 Main Article   

This month Produmar and Aquamar farms located in Ecuador, received Letters of Compliance under the International Standards for Responsible Tilapia Aquaculture (ISRTA).  The standard was developed through a five-year initiative called the Tilapia Aquaculture Dialogue (TAD), organized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) will manage the implementation of this standard once its development phase is finalized.


The WWF initiated the dialogue, which was run by a six-person Steering Committee. More than 200 people from the production and commercial sectors, as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations also provided input during the creation of this standard. Tropical was involved in the development process through the collaboration of Alfonso Delfini Jr., owner of Aquamar and founding member of Tropical, who whole-heartedly supported this initiative as a member of the TAD Steering Committee.


The ISRTA is a rigorous standard that ranks aquaculture farms on seven environmental and social impact principles:  

  • Compliance with All National and Local Regulations 
  • Management of the Farm to Conserve Natural Habitat and Local Biodiversity 
  • Conservation of Water Resources
  • Conservation of Species Diversity and Wild Populations
  • Responsible Use of Resources
  • Fish Health and Welfare Management in an Environmentally Responsible Manner 
  • Social Responsibility  

These principles are designed to reduce the negative environmental and social impacts that can be associated with tilapia farming. Read More.


William B. Darden Distinguished Supplier Award

Darden logo 

Last month we were honored to receive the William B. Darden Distinguished Supplier Award. Each year, Darden recognizes a select group from more than 1,500 global suppliers who go "above and beyond" to contribute to the success of the company. Selected by Darden's culinary, purchasing, total quality and marketing teams, the following companies were this years award recipients: Colavita USA, Custom Prepared Foods, Majestic Fine Wines, Maines Paper & Food Service, Inc., Nestlé Professional, O.K. Foods, Inc., Pacific Supreme Company, The Neil Jones Food Co., Tropical Aquaculture Products Inc., Tyson Prepared Foods and Zonin U.S.A. Inc. (Complete Darden Press Release)


Receiving this award validates the relationship we have worked hard to build and maintain with Darden. It also demonstrates a mutual appreciation for our partnership which extends from production to plate.  We have supplied Darden for the last 12 years and greatly appreciate the support shown to us in being acknowledged in this way.   


We would also like to thank Dana Zawacki (Customer Service Rep. at Tropical) and all of the regional distributors for helping in achieving this award.  

FirstSource Retail Seafood - Las Vegas 

FirstSource June 2011 

John Schramm and Craig Appleyard attended the FirstSource Retail Seafood event in Las Vegas this month. This was a unique event bringing together a small group of suppliers and buyers to create a forum for over 300 meetings in two days. The keynote speaker was Peter Redmond from GAA. Peter discussed issues of sustainability and its implications for current and future supply.


The event was well received by both suppliers and buyers. "The event provided an opportunity for suppliers and buyers to learn about each others strengths, and identify opportunities in a new and refreshing format" responded John Schrammm.


For more information on the event, please visit www.firstsourceevents.com  


Staff Notes 
NFI Future Leaders


Ingrid Wisell, Executive Coordinator, traveled to the nation's capital last week for her first trip as part of the National Fisheries Institute's Future Leaders 2011 program. The future leaders program was established in 1998 with a vision to bring the next generation of the seafood industry into the NFI community. The program has also proven to be an excellent platform for meeting peers and acquiring a general understanding of various aspects of the industry (including lobbying!).  Ingrid is the 8th Tropical employee to participate in the program and all her predecessors spoke highly of their time as Future Leaders. 


This first of four trips allowed the Future Leaders to learn the importance of clear communication while taking those lessons to the Hill. Ingrid's group met with the offices of five different Representatives and asked them to urge the FDA to update their 2004 advisory regarding mercury.  The group explained the benefits of seafood consumption, particularly for pregnant women as the nutrients and vitamins found in seafood prevent heart disease and ensure optimal fetal and child development. Ingrid found the trip to be incredibly informative and looks forward to the next one in a couple weeks! 


(In photo from left to right: Belem Gomez, Carolyn Piscatelli, Ingrid Wisell, Tricia Gomez, Andrew Ward)

Featured Recipe

Asian Tilapia Salad

Asian Tilapia Salad


THINKASIAN! This dish is easy to prepare, low in fat and perfect for this summer-time heat!


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Tropical History

Chanduy Shrimp Farms

Ten years ago, our President John Schramm was the first from our office to participate in the NFI Future Leaders program. Tropical has seen professional growth in each of the employees who have graduated from the program and this year our 8th employee will be in the Future Leaders class of 2011.



Our Umbrella Policy  

We use very low amounts of fishmeal in our feed resulting in a fish in: fish out ratio of 0.13. This means that for every ton of wild whole fish caught, 7.69 tons of tilapia are produced. Our production actually makes a net contribution to global fish supplies.

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