Tilapia Tales - issue 16

Tropical Aquaculture's monthly newsletter will give you timely and relevant information about our Vermont based company as well as our overseas facilities. Each month we will also share points from our Umbrella Policy that we currently practice - so keep your eyes open!



Looking to More Sustainable Practices

At Tropical we know that sustainability in the seafood industry is a journey, with new challenges that present themselves daily. We continuously assess our practices in order to identify and address factors that could have an influence on the sustainability of our production systems. In May 2010, we set a goal to further reduce the fish in:fish out (FIFO) ratio in our formulated feed.  We modified the source of fishmeal used in our grow out feed, which roughly represents 88% of the total feed used during a production cycle.

After adopting this new practice in our formulated feed production, our FIFO level has been lowered to 0.06, well below the global average of 0.4 according to Tacon & Metian. This means that for every ton of whole fish caught, we produce 16.7 tons of Tilapia. Our production actually makes a net contribution to global fish supplies.

The Fish in to Fish out ratio is a means of estimating the amount of wild fish used to produce a unit of farmed fish. The calculation takes into account the yield of wild fish live weight compared to dry fishmeal weight, the efficiency of feed use
(feed conversion ratio or FCR), and the inclusion rates of fishmeal and fish oil in the feed. The FIFO ratio excludes meal and oil derived from fishery by-products, (such as trimmings, offal and their derivatives) and aquaculture by-products. The calculation is used to evaluate dependency on wild fish resources over time. Many certification schemes consider it to be an indicator for individual farm performances. Read more 


Blue Foot White ShrimpExpanding Shrimp Line l 

Our fresh shrimp line includes: Easy Peel, Head-On, Head-Off, and P&D shrimp. We also offer frozen shrimp available as: IQF, Custom Retail Bags and Block.  After the many requests for conveniently packaged shrimp during the International Boston Seafood Show last month; we are now in the process of developing the newest addition to our shrimp line, BLUE FOOT WHITE SHRIMP. This new product will be shipped to you head off, peeled, deveined and packed in 1-gallon (8 Lb) tubs.


Tropical shrimp are raised on the coast of Ecuador - directly adjacent to the sea. Their mouthwatering flavor and crisp texture is acquired from Pacific tidal currents that naturally replenish our ponds. Our shrimp farm produces its own post larvae from the healthiest stock to ensure a premium product and minimize our eco-footprint. The ample size of our farm allows us to raise shrimp in a low-density environment to avoid overcrowding and promote good health.


Tropical shrimp are free of additives, preservatives and growth enhancers. We harvest around the clock to constantly bring you the freshest, tastiest shrimp in the market.  All of our shrimp farms undergo an annual audit by the Institute for Marketecology (IMO) - one of the most renowned agencies for inspection, certification and quality assurance of eco-friendly products.  Please check in next month's newsletter for more details about our new product BLUE FOOT WHITE SHRIMP!


News Conference at European Seafood Exposition in Brussels

A Tropical representative will be present at the GLOBALG.A.P News Conference next week which is taking place at the European Seafood Exposition.  We were invited to discuss the joint training and auditing outcome for the WWF International Standards for Responsible Tilapia Aquaculture (ISRTA) that were carried out at our farms in Ecuador. 

Staff Notes


Larissa BassarabLarissa Bassarab, Logistics Coordinator 

After six and a half years at our office in Rutland, Vermont, Larissa is moving to Guayaquil, Ecuador for at least one year.  While there, she will help improve the efficiency of logistics between Ecuador and the United States. Her main focus will be to help further integrate the freight forwarder and increase speed to the US market. We wish Larissa well as she starts this new and exciting chapter.




Matt Busko

Matthew Busko, Logistics Coordinator
Matt is the newest Member to the Tropical Logistcs team. He graduated from Green Mountain College as a business major last year and his primary role at Tropical will be working weekends, managing all warehouses and inbound flights.  We welcome Matt aboard!

Tilapia Stuffed Portabella

Tilapia Stuffed Portabella 


Rich, cheesy and simply elegant - a dish that will leave your guests asking for more! Click here to watch the video.

Take a Look at Our Journey to Sustainability
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Tropical History

TAE in Brussels show 

In 2006, Tropical Europe officially opened. That same year we made our first appearance at the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels.    



Our Umbrella Policy  

Our farms conduct monitoring of effluents according to Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) water quality criteria. Learn more about our practices.  



European Seafood Show 

Visit us May 3rd-5th at the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels.  We can be found in Hall 6 - Stand 858.


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