Tilapia Tales - issue 15

Tropical Aquaculture's monthly newsletter will give you timely and relevant information about our Vermont based company as well as our overseas facilities. Each month we will also share points from our Umbrella Policy that we currently practice - so keep your eyes open!

IBSS - Tropical Aquaculture   


IBSS 2011 in Review

This week we caught the interest of industry players from around the world during the 2011 International Boston Seafood Show.

After 16 years of presenting eye-catching displays and keeping the secret to the unique taste of our tilapia undisclosed, we finally revealed our top secret at this weeks show: Naturally Infused Saltwater Tilapia. The natural saltwater infusion results in our unique tilapia with a sweet, mild flavor and firm texture - well distinguished from others.  


This year's displays included a historic 1930's Ford  "Model A Huckster" showcasing a fresh fish market at our booth and an outdoor display portraying our commitment to the use of sustainable resources by presenting our branded smart-vehicles and carrying the slogan "Saltwater Tilapia - Sweet. Mild. Firm".


Father and son duo Stanti and Daniel Schonbachler prepared delicious samples of our entire product line: Saltwater Tilapia, Steelhead Trout, Ecuadorian Shrimp and Organic Irish Salmon, cooked in many simple and healthy presentations (recipes to come shortly - stay tuned!).


Our displays exhibited our commitment to sustainable and reliable seafood from old ways to new as well as our willingness to continuously evolve over time.   For pictures from the event, visit us on Facebook.

Staff Notes

Nathan Henry Falasco

Lisa Falasco, Controller

On March 4th Lisa and her husband Henry welcomed Nathan Henry Falasco into their family at 2:25 pm. Nathan weighed 7lbs 12oz and was 19 1/2 inches long at birth.  Nathan is their first child and both he and Lisa are doing well and at home.  Congratulations to the Falasco family!



Office  Birthdays

This month we celebrated three birthdays in the office: Ingrid Wisell, Executive Coordinator on March 4th, Karen Cleary, Accounting on March 18th and Beatriz Gómez, Communications Coordinator on March 26th, Happy Birthday to all!  

Tilapia Po-Boy Sandwich with Remoulade & Watercress Salad 

Tilapia Po-Boy Sandwich with Remoulade & Watercress Salad


This southern inspired tilapia po' boy will bring you the traditional taste of the French Square!  Click here to watch the video.  


Take a Look at Our Journey to Sustainability 
Learn about our Umbrella Policy on our website where you can download or print a version of our Sustainability brochure.

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Tropical History

Since inception, we have brought the finest saltwater tilapia to the market. Just as with our tilapia, our new products can be trusted and relied upon - watch closely in the upcoming months as we continue to expand our exclusive product offering.



Tropical's Traceability 


Our products are 100% traceable.                  

Our system allows us to have complete knowledge and control over every single fish we produce. Processed and shipped under controlled lots enables us to track each individual fish's journey. We have incorporated transparency through the use of a third-party system, Trace Register.


Learn more about our practices. 


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