Tilapia Tales - Issue 14

Every year since 1963, the president of the United States declares February to be American Heart Month in order to draw more attention to cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. At Tropical, we know that nutrients found in seafood are known to promote good heart health.  We hope you enjoy our heart-healthy tilapia recipe featured in this issue.  

Greenest Seafood 


At the start of this year, IntraFish created a new section in Seafood International magazine in which they report on the Greenest Seafood available on the market. Featured in the February issue (pg. 8), IntraFish wrote about some of our green practices and highlighted what sets us apart. Below is the story as published in this months issue:


Tropical Aquaculture Tilapia

Tropical's farms have more than 30 years experience in aquaculture with a foundation in low density, low impact farming. Tropical's Umbrella Policy describes [their] strict social and environmental practices at [their] 11 farms and five processing plants. Some components are: the use of low amounts of fishmeal in feed, resulting in a fish-in/fish-out ratio of 0.13 or less, producing at least 7.7 tons of tilapia per ton of wild whole fish utilized in their tilapia feed; an education program covers the cost of teachers and building maintenance in schools as well as providing weekly access to a staff physician; prevention of fish escapes to neighboring natural habitats by protecting and maintaining all inlets and outlets with reinforced screens; native tree-planting project which is an ongoing contribution to the preservation of local natural habitats; byproducts are used to produce fishmeal and fish oil.

  • Species name: Black tilapia -- Chitralada and Red tilapia-- Oreochromis
  • Water: Tropical's tilapia is grown in Ecuador (90%), Colombia and Brazil.
  • Farming method: Tropical uses land-based farms with low densities (1-1.5 fish per cubic meter), polyculture --raising tilapia and shrimp -- in closed recirculating farming systems.  

What sets them apart:

Tropical's fish are the only tilapia in the America's raised in saltwater employing low-density and polyculture systems. Read more

Tropical and Industry Events


Seafood Choices AllianceSeafood Choices Alliance Seafood Summit

Craig Appleyard, VP of Operations and Business Development, attended the 2011 Seafood Summit in Vancouver Canada, from January 31 to February 2. The theme of the conference was "Responsibility without Borders", and was well attended with more than 750 participants including non-profit, producer, retailer, supplier, and media representation. "It was exciting to see the recent successes in sustainability, and to discuss the challenges that lie ahead as the seafood industry moves towards sustainability," reported Appleyard. Seafood Sustainability will continue to be a driving force in the marketplace.



GlobalG.A.P. Compound Feed Manufacturing


On February 1st and 2nd Luis Andrade, Project Manager of Food Safety and Environmental Standards Assistant, attended the GlobalG.A.P. public workshop on Compound Feed Manufacturing (CFM) in Santiago, Chile.  The training covered the GlobalG.A.P. General Regulations, Control Points and Compliance to the GlobalG.A.P. CFM Version 2.0-1_Feb2011.  This new version of the standard will be obligatory starting February 2012. 


GlobalG.A.P. has developed standards for a variety of areas related to aquaculture: Feed, Hatchery, Farm-Harvest and Processing, their objective being:  Workers Welfare, Food Safety, Animal Welfare and Protection.  During the workshop many concerns about the GlobalG.A.P. CFM standard were clarified which will facilitate better understanding and implementation of these standards in the feed plants that supply our farms. 

International Boston Seafood Show

Come visit us at booth #333, March 20th-22nd and try some of the delicious recipes Swiss Chef Stanti Schonbachler will be preparing!  Here are two of the recipes we will be sampling:


·  Tilapia Fillets with Corn & Red Pepper Relish

·  Sweet Shrimp with Red Thai Curry Sauce & Organic Radish Sprouts


If you would like to schedule a meeting with anyone from our team please feel free to do so - we look forward to seeing all of you in Boston!

Staff Notes
Ingrid Wisell

Ingrid Wisell, Executive Coordinator

At the end of last month, Ingrid was accepted into the Future Leaders class of 2011, developed by the  National Fisheries Institute.  She will be the 8th Tropical employee to go through this program and is greatly looking forward to the opportunity as well as meeting some of her classmates in Boston.



Send a birthday card to your favorite Tropical employee!   

Birthday's celebrated this month were the following:

Chris Doane, Sales Representative

Rosie Barmann, Administrator A/R

Dana Zawacki, Sales Representative

Toby Alger, Logistics Coordinator


Healthy Tilapia! 

Lemon Garlic Tilapia 


Try this heart-healthy recipe in honor of "American Heart Month".Click here to see the recipe. 


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Tropical History



This year marks the 16th Boston Seafood Show we've attended.  In 1996 our booth was a simple 10x10 in the outside hallway with a French "chef" straight out of accounting.  That 'chef' is now our valued European sales manager, Laurent Metivier, our booth has moved inside and this year we will have delectable samples made by Swiss Culinary Master, Stanti Schonbachler.


Tropical and Social Responsibility


Our education program invests in the future of the local community by covering the cost of teachers and building maintenance in schools helping children to finish primary school each year.


Learn more about our practices. 


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March 20-22, 2011

Visit us in Booth # 333