Tilapia Tales - issue 12

As the year fast approaches its end, I would like to say:  "Wow, what a year!"


With this issue of "Tilapia Tales", Beatriz, Ingrid and Lorena, have completed the 12th publication.  Each month they have found opportunities to recognize multiple areas of our organization and industry.  We hope that everyone who has received this monthly e-newsletter has found it to be informative and welcomed.  Past issues are archived in our new website.


I would like to thank Aquamar, Piscicola NY, Produmar, and Santa Priscilla group for wading through the very cluttered myriad of certifications. Thanks to the farms and plants, the Tropical brand now carries the BAP, GlobalG.A.P., ISO 14001, SQF and many customer specific certifications.  All are hopeful to achieve the ISRTA letter of compliance before year-end.  We would like to thank each of the standard holders and auditors for their efforts.


As many of you know, our two largest farms have experienced several production challenges this year, related in one way or another to recirculation. Produmar, Aquamar, Santa Priscilla and Modercorp are all well on their way to operating unique forms of recirculation that will bring them to a new level of Aquaculture Stewardship. Beyond environmental consciousness, these system modifications are hoped to bring a greater level of production stability to each system.  These improvements also make Ecuador a true leader in the Tilapia industry. 


The implementation of these systems have certainly been challenging for our producers, sales and logistics departments, freight forwarders and our very valued customers.  I would like to thank everyone for taking these partnerships to a new level.  Commitment and patience have certainly been stretched to their limits throughout these transitions.  I'm sure all will be happy to know, that with the coming of a new decade will also come the ability to bring production capacities to new highs.  


So, as the year comes to an end and the Holidays approach, I would like to extend warmest thanks.  We wish you all a safe and enjoyable remainder of the year with friends and family. 


Best Wishes and Happy New Year,



Ecuadorian Farms Bring Christmas Joy to Local Schools

Feliz Navidad

This week, Aquamar S.A. spread Christmas joy by sponsoring a Christmas celebration at a local school in Taura, Ecuador.  At the event, Aquamar's employees collaborated with the schoolteachers to serve delicious holiday treats, hand out gift bags and personalized Christmas presents to children ages 5 to 13.


Produmar S.A. gave many children in the neighboring community toys this holiday season with the help of the IESS Hospital.  The kids' ages ranged from less than one year to 8 years old.  Both events were full of smiles and Christmas cheer!


Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) Sustainability Summit


Last week Craig Appleyard and Ingrid Wisell traveled to Arlington, Virginia for the 2010 Sustainability Summit.  At the summit, Craig met with the Sustainable Seafood Working Group (SSWG), "It is very encouraging to see members of the environmental, retail and vendor community working together towards a shared goal: sustainability."  The conference emphasized that sustainability is not optional, but a necessity. 


Ingrid realized the importance of clearly communicating to our customers our sustainability efforts at the farm and plant levels so that they, in turn, can educate their seafood counter associates.  She came away enthusiastic and with many ideas for creating marketing materials to be used by customers.


Attendees of the summit included retailers, manufactures, government and advocacy groups with the common goal of practicing environmentally responsible business.

Aquaculture Based Workshop - Cartagena, Colombia

Workshop participants

Tropical, faithful to its principles for continuous improvement and education, sent Luis Andrade, Project Manager of Food Safety and Environmental Standards Assistant, as a delegate to the Aquaculture Based Workshops in Cartagena, Colombia last month, hosted by GlobalG.A.P.

Attendees learned about how the GLOBALG.A.P. certification system works, how to implement the standard requirements and the improvements made to the standard which will be in place in January 2011 as Version 4.

  Additionally, the workshop provided training regarding the International Standards for Responsible Tilapia Aquaculture (ISRTA) certification, which was developed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) earlier this year. Two of our farms will be audited against this standard at the end of the month in order to obtain a letter of compliance. When the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), the certifying body for this standard, is formed in the first part of 2011, the farms will receive this certification.

Andrade said that the training cleared up many doubts he had about the new ISRTA standard and the Global.G.A.P. version update. Certifications are a key element for the continuous improvement of the systems implemented at our tilapia farms.

 Vermont's Best Chefs Live

Tropical aat the PARAMOUNT THEATER

At the end of last month, we participated in Vermont's Best Chefs event at the Paramount Theater in Rutland, Vermont, where 3 of Vermont's finest chefs prepared a meal, live, on stage.  The aromas wafting from the stage left everyone hungry and eager to try the various vendor samples.


In the hour proceeding the event and during intermission, Mary Nagel, Director of Sales; Dana Zawacki, Sales Representative and Ingrid Wisell, Executive Coordinator had the opportunity to serve over 700 food lovers tilapia samples prepared by Best Moon Catering in two delicious presentations: Tandoori Marinated Tilapia with Mango Salsa and Tilapia with Chili Butter.   Although the evening was cold, the lobby of the theater was kept warm with hundreds of people trying new foods and sharing in their culinary interests.


"As always, our tilapia was received with delight by the audience", said Mary. "The new recipes really 'wowed ' the crowd, it was great!" We were pleased by the invitation to participate in this community event and hope to be part of many more.

Staff Notes


This month was full of birthdays at Tropical (which means that our stomachs were full of cake!). We celebrated the following co-workers' birthdays: Chuck Sebeth, Farm Payables; Marie "Breezy" Jackson, Staff Accountant and Lisa Falasco, Controller.  David Kearns, Director of Logistics, celebrated his birthday with Tropical for the first time in November. Happy Birthday to All! 

Tropical's Christmas Party

Tropical team

On December 4th, we had our official holiday kick-off with the 2010 Christmas party at a local German restaurant.  Although the weather wasn't very tropical, the night was full of fun, smiles and of course delicious food.  As is the Tropical tradition, everyone received a new winter hat!

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