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              SEPTEMBER 2012 

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Chiropractic at the Olympics
Exercise of the Month
Exercise Instead of Meds for Migraines
Chiropractic and Work Comp
Labor Day Holiday Hours  
The clinic will be CLOSED on Saturday, September 1st and Monday, September 3rd for the Labor Day holiday.  We will re-open on Tuesday, September
 4th at 7:00 a.m.  Enjoy the holiday!
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Welcome to the September issue of our monthly newsletter.  The summer was great for everybody here at the clinic and we are looking forward to a busy fall season.  Please remember we are closed for the first three days this month for the Labor Day holiday.  Enjoy this month's issue.
Chiropractic Shines at the Olympics
The 2012 Summer Olympics provided us with some great excitement but also again allowed the world to witness the benefits of chiropractic care for world class athletes.  The Olympic medical clinic was the temporary home for 28 chiropractors who were available to all the athletes at the games.  In addition, there were 27 other chiropractic specialists who traveled with their respective countries to provide athlete care during the 2 weeks of competition.  Popular with the athletes again this year was kinesiotaping (see picture above); the blue, pink, or black tape that runs in strips over the body to enhance movement or protect muscles.  Kinesiology taping has been very popular with chiropractors over the last ten years and particularly at the Olympics.  The doctors of Cohen & Haydu Chiropractic are the only chiropractic clinic in NEPA with two doctors certified (since 2002) in this excellent therapeutic taping technique.
Exercise of the Month - Dying Bug
This month's exercise of the month features our friend and mentor Dr. Craig Liebenson of Los Angeles, California showing a great core exercise that's safe for the spine. Try these at home and if you have questions about your technique let us know on your next office visit. Good luck!  
Dying Bug
Dying Bug

Exercise Instead of Medication for Migraines
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Chiropractic Treatment and Workers Compensation

The workers compensation system in America is a system that ensures the proper treatment for persons injured in the workplace.  Pennsylvania state law states that a person injured at work is required to be treated by a panel of doctors established by the company for the first 90 days of the injury.  This panel, by law, is required to have a chiropractor as one of the panel doctors and should be posted in your workplace.  If you get hurt, you have the right to choose any of those doctors on that panel, including the chiropractor, for your treatment and you can go there without a referral.  Your company (often the human resources department) cannot tell you which facility you must go to for your care or they are violating state law.  If your company has no chiropractor listed on the panel then you have the right to see any chiropractor you want.  If, after 90 days of treatment, you still have pain and limitations from your injury, you are allowed to see any other doctor you want, including those not listed on the panel.  If you have questions about a work injury, call the office at 283-1011 for additional guidance on this issue.            

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