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              JULY 2012 

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On-line Patient Portal
Exercise of the Month
Neck Pain Graph
Facts About Soft Drinks
 July 4th Holiday    Hours   
The Clinic will be CLOSED on Tuesday, July 3rd, Wednesday, July 4th, and Thursday, July 5th.  Have a great holiday! 
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Welcome to the July issue of our monthly newsletter.  It's been a busy summer for us here at the clinic and we are looking forward to a well deserved July 4th holiday break.  Be sure to check the column on the left for our holiday hours during the first week of July.  Due to a very favorable response to our "Exercise of the Month" video segment we will continue it as a monthly article.  As always, we are here to enhance your health so feel free to email us at anytime if you have health concerns or questions.  Enjoy this month's issue.
On-line Patient Portal  
The switch to electronic health records (EHR) in the fall of last year continues to streamline our practice and allows us greater communication with patients and access to their medical records.  Most patients are unaware that our patients have secure on-line access to their health records though our patient portal system.  Through this system you can access your health information, make changes to personal information, update health insurance, update medications or medical testing data, and access clinical summaries of your care.  If you are interested in accessing your on-line records the staff will provide you the website information, your username, and your secure temporary password.  Your initial visit to the site will prompt you to change your temporary password to one of your choosing and then you can then access your records at anytime.           
Exercise of the Month - Rollouts
This month's exercise of the month features top trainer Eric Cressey demonstrating an excellent core exercise using an exercise ball.  This movement promotes great abdominal and core strength and is also safe for the spine.  Give it a try!
www.CresseyPerformance.com - Rollouts
www.CresseyPerformance.com - Rollouts
Neck Pain Can Strike at Any Age  
july 2012 graph
Facts about Soft Drink Consumption


Having a soda with your lunch or dinner? Here are some facts that should change your mind:

1. Adults who drink one or more soda each day are 27% more likely to be overweight or obese. 

2.  Just one 20 fl oz soda contains 17 teaspoons of sugar.

3.  Each additional daily serving of soda increases a child's obesity risk by 60%. 

4. Consumption of one 16 oz soda everyday for a calendar year will add 15 lbs of fat.

5. Soda contains high levels of high fructose corn syrup.  Fructose is a sugar that is processed in your liver like a toxin, creating inflammation and liver damage similar to the damage seen in chronic alcoholism.    

     There is little doubt that the high intake of soda has contributed to the obesity epidemic we are seeing in America. We highly recommend that you significantly limit or stop your consumption of all soft drinks and replace them with water or a low sugar option.             

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