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ITA e-Newsletter                                                                                 FALL 2008

Greetings and welcome to the inaugural edition of the ITA's e-Newsletter. (Almost certain to become a collector's item.)

It's our intention to escape you designating this as junk mail by providing a worth-your-read-in-60-seconds bulletin that answers that oft-heard question: NOW what's the ITA up to?

As the urgency of addressing labour shortages and the productivity gap through skills training increases, so does the need for the players in the industry training system to communicate with each other. This is our humble contribution.

Hopefully, the ITA e-Newsletter will eventually earn a place as a welcome addition to your Inbox.


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Program and Policy Updates
Introducing the Multiple Assessment Pathways (MAP) Project
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Continuing the ITA's innovation focus, the Multiple Assessment Pathways (MAP) project is being undertaken to develop alternative methods for assessing skilled individuals seeking certification in their trade. Currently assessments can be done only through written exams, which may present a barrier to some individuals reaching their full potential and earning credentials, even with the right skills and knowledge behind them. Other forms of assessment include practical exams, interviews, and self-assessment.  Generally, the approach is to combine a number of different forms of assessment to determine a person's competency.
Furthermore, in many cases a written assessment alone isn't sufficient to determine and individual's competency. By determining and implementing the best ways to assess individuals for the purpose of giving credit, industry will gain greater assurance that those they hire have the right skills to do the job.
The ITA has secured endorsement for the project from the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA), and secured the expertise of Australian consultants who have developed a similar approach for that country's apprenticeship system.  Read More. 
For more information on the MAP Project contact:
Jeff Nugent, Executive Lead - Strategy and Policy
Phone: (604) 214-8712.

Industry Leading the Way to Increased Certifications with New Modular Programs
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Two of BC's highest participation trades - Cook and Automotive Service Technician - are moving to modular, progressive credentialing models, based on extensive consultation with stakeholders and leadership from Industry Training Organizations (ITOs). In both cases, the changes are expected to benefit employers by better aligning training outcomes with workplace needs, and to improve apprenticeship completion rate and certifications, increasing opportunities for trainees.Read More.
Be Heard
We want to hear from you on a regular basis to ensure we're on track with our efforts. For this inaugural issue, we're hoping to get your feedback on our new e-newsletter. If you have a few free minutes, please click on the link to answer a couple of questions and know that your input will be read and considered for future newsletter issues.
Coming Next Quarter
  • Information on the 2009 Top in Trades Awards
  • An updated ITA's annual customer and stakeholder surveys
  • Industry Training Organization (ITO) developments
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Multiple Assessment Pathway Project
Modular Programs Update
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New Aboriginal Advisory Council
Did You Know?
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On October 29th, 2008, we celebrated the kick-off of ITA's new Aboriginal Advisory Council (ACC) with the group's inaugural meeting. Beyond the ITA's province-wide mandate to provide a skilled workforce for industry and career development opportunities for British Columbians, we have a newer, over-arching commitment to all Aboriginal people. Our ambitious goal is to double the number of Aboriginal apprentices within B.C. by 2010.
Read the Final Report.
For the past 14 months, Gary McDermott, Senior Lead on Aboriginal Initiatives for the ITA, has undertaken a comprehensive study of the Aboriginal community. Additionally, time was spent identifying the right Council members from this Aboriginal community and across industry, post-secondary institutions, and the government. The end result is a 14-member team chaired by the ITA that will meet each quarter and invite Aboriginal representatives - and other key partners in the training system - to provide input directly into a high-profile crown agency - all in the hopes of increasing Aboriginal participation in industry training across B.C.  
To learn more about this new Council and our Aboriginal initiatives overall, contact Gary
Phone: (604) 214-8720.
Did You Know?

The ITA is launching an updated website at the end of November, featuring improved design and navigation.  This is the first step towards offering ITA customers and partners direct online access to training information, which will be introduced early in 2009.

94% of BC apprentices who completed their training are either employed or self-employed. (Source: Statistics Canada's National Apprenticeship Survey, 2008)

The ITA's mobile training unit - Trade Routes - has so far been used for high school trades awareness presentations in 20 communities and for training delivery at seven sites. Courses offered have includedLevels C, B and A Welding, Level 1 Plumbing, Level 1 Electrical, exploratory trades training and orientation programs. The mobile classroom is currently in Fort Nelson, where it is being used by the local school district.