The Advantages of Keeping Safety at the Forefront of your Next Event

In April alone, JCALPRO installed more than 400 Motors, 6,000 feet of truss, and countless lighting, speakers, video screens and décor fixtures over the heads of thousands of attendees between the Hynes Convention Center and the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center facilities, in Boston, Mass. As the exclusive rigging provider for the Mass Convention Center Authority, which operates both facilities (one of which is home to 100’ tall ceilings), nothing is more important to JCALPRO than safety for both our employees and clients. With safety at the forefront of all business decisions, we continuously strive to operate the best practices and procedures in the industry, knowing one mistake can have eternal ramifications.

“I know I do my job well, but this certification is recognition of that fact. For me, this is an important step in bettering our industry. Right now ETCP sets me apart, but I feel it may become the norm in the future, and I like having a head start.” - David Wilson, Lighting and Rental Manager, JCALPRO ETCP Certified Electrician and Arena Rigger
Therefore, we were enthusiastic to hear that the Entertainment, Services and Technology Association (ESTA) which now continues under the agis of the Professional Lighting and Sound Association (PLASA), created a standardized certification program. The Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) is the first-ever recognized in the Rigging and Entertainment Production industry, designed to help regulate and prove an individual’s abilities within the field both technically, and from a safety standpoint. As a company, we immediately saw the value in ensuring our staff becomes certified. As an exclusive vendor inside major venues—attendees, show managers, outside vendors, and the building staff put a lot of trust in us to get the job done efficiently, accurately and most importantly, safely. Embracing this new certification program, and PLASA’s safety guidelines, have been a big part of how we continue to earn trust.

In a recent survey of industry experts, 81% of industry leaders and venue operators believe the ETCP is an important certification in their hiring process.

As a result, this month, we are proud to congratulate John Brennan, David Wilson, Joshua Jones, Scott Robinson, and Russell Jones, each of whom passed The ETCP, and the latest JCALPRO employees to become ETCP Certified Arena Riggers.

However, we feel our customers have something to celebrate too! The more our riggers perfect their skills, the better service we can provide to you!

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Congratulations to our newest JCALPRO ETCP Certified Riggers!

John Brennan
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