Industry Insider: Winter 2010

How to Be Full Service: Capitalize on Every
Job Opportunity

As we enter into this holiday season, everyone is anticipating the New Year bringing about new business. However, with the economy still not back to where we would all like, we think the best way to keep growing is to capitalize on every existing job opportunity by becoming a one-stop-shop to our clients! Here are some tips we live by:

Use your Sphere of Influence
Think about some of the services outside of your own area that your clients most often need. Form partnerships with vendors whose inventory compliments your own. Sometimes the time you can save your client in securing these value-add products and services outweighs the additional cost for them to subcontract through you.

Sell the Idea of Everything on One Estimate
Make it easy for your clients to say "yes," by selling the idea of everything on one estimate. Demonstrate how you are saving them time and money by packaging all their products and services into one bundle, with one single point of contact for the entire job, and only one invoice at the end!

Be Honest When You Need to Markup an Item
Make sure that you are honest with your clients about when you need to markup an item, versus when your discounts might help them to break even.

Earn the First Right of Refusal
Once your clients know that you are full service they will think to come to you first, to meet all of their business needs. Even if you choose not to provide the product or service, you are still at an advantage because they came to you first.

More Interactions = Relationship Building Opportunities
While becoming full service may involve a bit more time and planning, the advantages are typically worth it. The more your clients start to depend on you, the more they will want you to be part of all of their events and refer you to others!

Cautionary Reminder
Don’t promise if you can’t deliver! It’s always better to say no in the planning stages than at the last minute, causing your clients to scramble for another solution!

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