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Our 5 Favorite Holiday Party Tips and Ideas

Regardless of whether you celebrate a specific holiday, or just the season itself, all of us industry professionals pride ourselves on putting on some great events! This year, more often than not however, budgets are coming into play. So here are our five favorite holiday party ideas and tips that won’t break the bank!

1. Custom Wine Glass Tags
Pick up an instant camera such as an iZone (around $30 or less) and snap mini pictures of attendees as they arrive. Hole punch the photo and then use a ribbon to tie it to the stem of their glass.

2. Quick and Easy, Neutral Décor
To stay holiday neutral, we like to stick with a winter theme. Use colors like blue, silver, white and accents of brown. A quick and easy way to set a festive mood without blowing the budget is to pick up some tall pillar candles and place on unframed mirrors around the room.

3. Cost Effective Alternative to Open Bar
Instead of paying to host a full open bar, consider offering a couple of signature cocktails or having a holiday punch bowl instead.

4. Free Entertainment
Get attendees involved and keep them entertained without having to hire anyone. Grab an iPod and some speakers for some background music, then for some interactive gaming ideas, try “Name That Tune.” Just split the group in two and give each team a bell. Whichever team can name the tune first rings the bell and gets a point if they’re right. Wrong answers give the other team a chance to try for a point.

5. Remember to Give Back
Holidays are a great time to remember there are those out there less fortunate. Try incorporating a charity to your event, like Toys For Tots. Have guests bring a new, unwrapped toy, valued at $20 or under, to your event for donation later.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, JCALPRO, Inc. wants to wish you a happy and safe holiday season, and an exciting and prosperous New Year!!

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