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Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Before
Booking an Event Space

Having the answers to these questions will allow you to foresee any cost-adding surprises and can ensure that your vendors are informed enough to provide accurate estimates

1. Is rigging or overhead hanging possible?

2. If so, are there per point charges and/or hourly labor minimums?

3. What is the existing lighting like?

4. What are the dimensions of the space you’re looking to decorate or light?

5. What services does the venue provide exclusively?

6. Are there any rules that you must follow or event permits you must obtain?

7. How do you load into the facility, and how large is that space?

8. How much power is available and where does it come from?

9. Is there storage available onsite for empty cases after equipment has been emptied and set?

10. When can you gain access to the space? And when do you need to be completely cleared out?

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