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Great Cost-Cutting Tips for Event Lighting & Design

Planning a great meeting or event doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some ways to cut down the cost without sacrificing lighting and design style:

Work with your vendor early to create a lighting design
Your vendor can help create the look you want most efficiently by concentrating on lower priced fixtures that won’t take too much time to set up.

Use Conventional Fixtures
Regular static lights, like lekos can be used with a rotator and colored gels to give a similar look to a moving light, for less. Also try using textured gobos or custom gobos with your logo or event design to dress up the space without having to purchase banners or spend more on décor elements.

Piggy Back with other shows

Work with the venue to see which shows are coming in directly before or after yours and see if there is a way to synch your sets so you can share equipment and save on reset labor.

Keep work on straight time
Know the labor regulations for the vendor(s) you are using and try to keep your schedules centered around straight time. Work with your vendor to monitor the crews onsite and be sure people aren’t being kept over your budgeted hours, and are breaking for meals on time to ensure you aren’t being billed for meal penalties.

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