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July 2009
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As our last newsletter of the summer, we hope you find our article below on social norming both inspirational and informative.

Have a wonderful August and we'll be in touch at the start of the new school year!

Cherylynne Crowther
Media Advocacy Workgroup Co-Chair
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  • Prevent underage drinking with concrete ideas such as "Love as a parent, not as friend" and "Never buy alcohol for kids because you think it's safer." These tips and much more from the Face Project are incredibly helpful. View this worksheet for the full list.
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Changing behaviors with social norming

social norms"If all your friends jumped off the bridge, would you do it too?"

In many cases, the answer is yes.

From Facebook to the Harry Potter craze, we all catch on to what others are doing, seeing, watching and even reading. And not because any of us are necessarily weak or unoriginal. But because deep down, to some extent, we all want to fit in and be 'normal.'

"We're all influenced by what we think is 'normal' among our peers, especially when it comes to behaviors like drinking and drugs," says Dr. Lauri Turkovsky, technical assistance consultant for SPF-SIG and Washington's Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse.

Research has shown that our attitudes and perceptions of what's normal directly correlate to our behavior. It's called social norming, and it's a strategy being adopted by colleges and communities around the country, particularly to help curb binge drinking (having five or more drinks in a row). More>>
Calling all parents and community members

Prevention WINS is a great community-based coalition that we hope you will agree, needs to continue! Parents play a significant role in keeping our children drug and alcohol free and as we enter into a new school year, we need parents and community members to help keep the coalition relevant and connected. Whether you join a workgroup or attend a few coalition meetings, there are a number of ways to get involved.

In the coming year, Prevention WINS will better accommodate the busy work schedules of our volunteers and hold evening meetings and workgroup gatherings.

For more information, contact Inga Manskopf at 206-396-0919 or
Sign up or a GGC class today!

Tell a friend about Guiding Good Choices (GGC)!  Prevention Works in Seattle is holding numerous GGC classes throughout October and we'd love for you and/or your friends to join us. The SPF-SIG grant, which funds Guiding Good Choices, ends after the 2009-10 school year so this may be the last year you can take this class for free! Our fall classes are filling up quick so be sure to sign up asap!

Visit the calendar of events page on our website for more information.