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April 2009
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With the school year in the home stretch toward summer, it's the perfect time to talk to your child about drinking. As you'll see in our main article below, contrary to popular belief, most parents in our community do not want their children drinking at teen parties.

So before the proms, graduation celebrations and summer outings are in full swing, let your expectations be known and practice the monitoring skills you learned at our March parenting forum.

Cherylynne Crowther
Media Advocacy Workgroup Co-Chair

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 Most Parents Oppose Teen Drinking Parties

parentsPrevention Works in Seattle surveyed more than 400 parents to learn about our community's attitudes on teen drinking. Surprising to some, the results show that the majority of parents in Northeast Seattle oppose alcohol at teen parties.

As we've heard from law enforcement officers, teen drinking parties are a common occurrence. Right now, Seattle police are gearing up for the public park "kegger" season - events that can draw 200-300 middle and high school students.
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SPD Requests Liquor License Not Be Renewed
The Seattle Police Department (SPD) recently wrote this letter to the Washington State Liquor Control Board (LCB) asking that the liquor license for SP Mart not be renewed. SP Mart is located just five blocks from Eckstein Middle School. Cutting off access to alcohol at this location is just one part of the multiple prevention strategy in our community.

Research shows that combining multiple strategies increases the effectiveness of a community's prevention efforts. Limiting access to alcohol is a powerful strategy that has proven to reduce underage drinking. But when combined with school-based programs like our Guiding Good Choices seminars and parenting workshops, these strategies can reinforce and strengthen each other.

The coalition applauds the SPD for their efforts!

Learn more about multiple prevention strategies in Strategies to Reduce Underage Alcohol Use: Typology and Brief Overview and read our coalition's letter of support that we submitted to the LCB.
Parenting Forum a Success
calvinhobbscomicPrevention Works in Seattle would like to thank everyone who attended our March Parenting Forum at Eckstein Middle School.

It was a great success and we hope you learned skills to help you to effectively keep track of your teen.

See this blog post for more information and links to relevant presentations and resources.

                                                   David Hawkins and Ruth Herold address parents at the forum.