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Captain's Marina Survey


We need your opinion now!!! 

Dear Captains,


Dockwalk-The Essential Guide for Captains and Crew, is conducting research for an upcoming feature and would appreciate input from the experienced and knowledgeable captains on


Please answer the questionnaire in as much detail as possible by clicking on the link below. We've made it easy for you,by providing all the information you need to complete the survey. 


The Marina at Marigot Bay is and still remains "The most exclusicve yachting destination in the Caribbean." 


The Marina at Marigot Bay......


Which marina, worldwide, has the best location? Why?

The Marina at Marigot Bay. Sited directly in front of the Discovery at Marigot Bay in what James Mitchener described as "The most beautiful bay in the Caribbean". Marigot Bay is nature's Hurricane Hole in the Eastern Caribbean.



Which marina, worldwide, has the best amenities or facilities? Why? (Please elaborate on specific amenities) 

The Marina at Marigot Bay. A 5 Star Hotel , 2 Swimming Pools, 6 Restaurants, 5 Bars, 2 Spas, Fitness Centre, fast Wi-Fi, on-berth fuel and sewage pumpout.


Which marina, worldwide, has the best crew facilities and why? (Please elaborate on specific facilities)

The Marina at Marigot Bay: 3 Bar/Restaurants specializing in Crew entertainment, pool tables, sports TV, village night club, safe & secure for all.


Which marina, worldwide, is the most eco-friendly? Why? (i.e. ease of recycling, waste disposal, etc.)

The Marina at Marigot Bay: Within the limits of available recycling in the Eastern Caribbean, they maintain marina water so clean that seahorses breed in the mangroves fringing the docks.


 Which marina, worldwide, has the best design? Please specify reasons why you think so.

The Marina at Marigot Bay: Small, exclusive and a careful mixture of small and big boat berths with full facilities available at all berths.


 Which marina, worldwide, has the best service and why?

The Marina at Marigot Bay:  The best Marina Concierge in the business, the friendliest Dock Staff in the business, the only Marina to greet all arrivals with free Saint Lucian rum and flowers.


Which marina, worldwide, has the best provisioning opportunities and why?

The Marina at Marigot Bay:  Despite its rural location the Marina has a full dockside supermarket run  by a chef fully aware of the need for quality and reliable service. The marina has excellent relationships with local fishermen for fresh fish, seafood & lobster.


Which marina is your favorite overall to visit? Why?


The Marina at Marigot Bay: It is beautiful and secluded yet there is always some activity around the Bay and the feeling of safety & security is overwhelming thanks to the friendly Saint Lucians steeped in the history of yachting out of Marigot Bay.





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