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Summer in Marigot Bay: A Business Perspective
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Summer in Marigot Bay
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The traditional Caribbean season runs from mid November to Easter or the end of April, Antigua Sailing Week is timed to form a natural finale to the season as yachts, both Power & Sail, prepare to head back to the Mediterranean or up to Florida and the East Coast




The usual answer is that there is charter income to be earned in the Mediterranean. True, but does this really cover the cost of 2 Atlantic crossings?


Probably. But does it also cover the cost of sitting in expensive Mediterranean or Florida marinas between charters?


Possibly. What if you could pick up a few weeks charter in the Caribbean? How many weeks' charter would be needed to cover any small change left in the above maths? Not many!


The period from mid-April to mid-June provides the quietest and most stable weather pattern of the entire Caribbean year. The risk of tropical systems is practically zero. The average wind speed is already down to 13 knots and the rainfall levels are similar to those in February & March. You can reasonably expect one, two or three weeks' charter in this period and in early November.


Suddenly the mathematics changes.

Some basic figures for a 40 metre motoryacht:


Berthing in Marigot: US$4,290 per month.


Berthing in Port Camille Rayon: US$14,794 per month.


Saving May - November: US$52,010


Fuel Cost 2 x Atlantic Crossings: US$NNN,NNN


Wear & tear / Servicing: US$NNN,NNN




Over the last 3 summers, 6 different large motor yachts have spent their summers in Marigot.


1 undertook a full generator refit, shore mains upgrade and partial teak deck replacement


1 had an entire hull respray and conversion to dual frequency electrical compatibility


1 undertook all repair, servicing and upgrades for change of flag & class approval


1 had extensive modifications & reinforcement to the transom platform to enable an increase in size of her towing tender.


2 enjoyed themselves!


With the exception of the generator refit all work was undertaken by Marigot Bay residents at labour charges a fraction of those found anywhere in the Mediterranean.




Summertime and the Sailing is Easy!!! 

Welcome to another edition of The Marina at Marigot Bay Newsletter.

This month we turn our focus to Summer Sailing in the Caribbean and shatter the myths surrounding it. This exciting article details all the myths long foretold of The Caribbean summer season and then it gives you the facts - and if you're like me, you will appreciate just that.


We also highlight the business and financial advantages of remaining in the Caribbean this summer.
This two part series of newsletters details all you need to know about sailing in the Caribbean. In the second part of this series we will tell you: Fun things to do, Exciting sites to visit..and more
If you have any queries on any material in this newsletter please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Until then, Happy Reading!!!!

The Marina at Marigot Bay......


continues to have an amazing season with visits from many old friends and new visitors discovering the joys of our Marina for the first time. All Marina guests are also guests of Discovery at Marigot Bay Hotel including:

  • The Lapli Spa
  • The Boudreau Restaurant
  • The Hurricane Hole Bar
  • Fitness Centre
  • Pools

And, in The Marina Village

  • Rowley's Caribbean Café & Baguet Shop
  • Marigourmet Provisioning
  • Marigothill Laundry
  • and a wide range of boutiques and gift shops.

This season we offer the following new services:

  • A full range of electronic, electrical and mechanicalengineering services through Henning Schneider Engineering Services.
  • Full on-site Customs & Immigration Services
  • Small local chandlery & fishing tackle shop
  • As well as our wonderful local day workers: varnishing, painting & diving services.

 New This Year: 

  • New deep water berth, max LOA 50 metres, max Beam 10 metres, max draft 6.5 metres.
  • On berth fuelling and serviced with 3 phase & single phase power, water, black water pumpout, Wi-Fi. At the western end the Marina so the best sunsets in the Caribbean.

Please come by during the rest of the season and enjoy the

"Most Beautiful Bay in the Caribbean."


Every year a few free thinking superyacht captains spend their summer in the Caribbean. Are they mad??


Hurricanes - Tropical Storms - Tropical Waves - Wind - Rain - Sea Monsters - Pirates - Johnny Depp


Let us lay a few of these crazy notions to rest.


Hurricanes:    Our natural fear of Hurricanes dates back to the pre-satellite era when nobody knew what was coming. Picture yourself in an idyllic Caribbean anchorage. The beginnings of a swell wakes you in the early hours of the morning and six hours later the wind has reversed and is setting you onto the rocks gusting at 40 knots and rising. How times have changed. For the last four or five days you have been receiving Invest reports, Tropical Depression Advisories, Tropical Storm Warnings and Hurricane Watches. You actually have more notice of a Hurricane arrival, on average once every 25 years in Saint Lucia, than you have of the onset of a Mistrale, Tramontana or Meltemi.... Re-check the chafe protection and settle down for another rum punch at the Hurricane Hole Bar.


If you want to see what Marigot Bay looks like in a Category 2 Hurricane then click on this link:


 No yacht in Marigot was damaged in Tomas or in Dean in 2007.


Wind:    Those used to the 25 knot "Christmas Winds" that dominate the Caribbean high season will be amazed by the balmy 10 - 15 knot trades that dominate the summer months. The seas go down, the swells disappear and the water clears improving diving conditions beyond recognition. With the exception of Hurricane Tomas, the maximum 3 hour sustained wind speed between May & November 2010 in the Saint Vincent Channel, the windiest place around here, was 22 knots. This compares with 25 knots off Palma and 39 knots in the Isles d'Hyeres.


Rain & Humidity:    Yes it rains, not much more than in January and the humidity and temperature are only a couple of points higher than in the winter. The rain is warm and so is the sea! The wonders of Liquid Sunshine, just get out the chamois.


Sea Monsters:    The sports fishing improves in leaps, bounds and tail spins as the summer progresses. Dorado / Mahi-Mahi can be caught using a bent pin in May, the (cetacean) dolphins migrate in June and the billfish pass by in September & October. The Saint Lucia record blue marlin was caught just 5 miles straight out of Marigot Bay in the canyon just North of the FAD.


Pirates:    The Southern Caribbean stays open all summer, our friendly restaurateurs are still here to meet and greet you as are the local yacht service providers and boat boys. Happy hours become happy days as prices come down and evenings get even more relaxed - is this possible?


Of the Caribbean:    There is little that can be done about Mr. Depp, you might even be lucky enough to bump into him making Pirates of the Caribbean 10 if the Black Pearl (aka the brig Unicorn) has not sunk by then.




Caribbean Charter, except maybe in the French Islands, will always be VAT Free, whatever the French, Italians and Spanish try to do in their own home waters.

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