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Welcome to St.Lucia - This way please...

Visitors to the island of St.Lucia must possess the following:

  • A valid passport
  • A return or onward ticket
  • Or should be joining a yacht in St.Lucia.

Citizens of North American, European Union, Commonwealth and CARICOM do not generally require visas to enter St.Lucia, however, local immigration regulations change according to Interpol alerts that occasionally red flag certain nations. Therefore, citizens of some countries need visas. These countries are divided into two groups:


  • those who must acquire a visa prior to arrivaland
  • those who may get a visa at the point of entry.


The list of nations concerned is available from the St.Lucian Immigration office . In countries where Saint Lucia has no representation, it is sometimes possible to obtain visas through the British High Commission.


Valid vaccination certificates are required for travellers who arrive from infectious areas.


Russian Nationals who are in transit or entering the state for the purpose of embarking on or joining yachts for cruising regional waters will be granted visas on arrival. All other nationals of the Russian federation would require visas prior to arrival.  


For more information on visa requirements for St.Lucia visit .


Also contact telephone:(758) 456-3825.


You seek out the very best yachting amenities and services when you take your guests and owners out on charter. We know that. This is why we have compiled a list of the best provisioning facilities available in St.Lucia, because we recognize your need for quality.


Marigourmet Supermarket

The Marina Village. Marigourmet has expanded its selection of items available to  include: Cheeses, wines, game meat, fresh fish fillets, USDA prime and choice beef, and unique items such as sushi products.


Super J's Supermarket Chain   This is the largest supermarket chain on the island. Super J has just opened a new store in Cul-de-Sac just minutes away from Marigot Bay. Yachts can access these facilities at any location on the island. Super J's also provides bulk purchasing options through Mega J's wholesale shopping center.


GL Foods

GL Foods have opened a new high-end supermarket in the Bay Walk Mall. This supermarket (Top Shelf)has been established to provide gourmet yacht provisioning island-wide.


Harmony Beach

Benny of Soufriere welcomes you to Harmony Beach in Soufriere. Famous for the Restaurant right under Petit Piton in Malgretout. Benny's also provides Provisioning services for super yachts. He can be reached at: or call: (758) 459-5050 or 287-4261.


Exotic bouquets, elegant gift baskets and the use of local accents such as Bamboo, coconut leaves, palm branches and other St. Lucian elements allows Untainted Blossoms to deliver to you the best possible Saint Lucian floral arrangements for all your needs. We take pride in creating beautiful floral artistry for yachts visiting the marina. Our trained florist, is more than happy to visit and recommend the right arrangement for distinct locations on your yacht.


Wedding arrangements, birthday and anniversary arrangements are all prepared to the highest possible standards and compliment any occasion and add elegance and natural flare to any décor, from office spaces, to lobby or waiting areas, living rooms, bedrooms and absolutely anywhere you could imagine. We have arrangements for any occasion.



For more information please contact Isler at (758) 718 - 9823.


 St.Lucia uses the Eastern Caribbean (EC) dollar which is pegged to the American (US) dollar, with fixed exchange rates at the bank.

Marigot Bay is home to St.Lucia's indigenous bank: 1st National Bank . 1st National Bank enables the Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA)transfers to our yachts to be that much easier.  


Banking hours are from 8am to 2pm, Monday through Thursday, and Friday 8am to 5pm. 1st National is open half days during the weekend and holidays. All ATM machines on the island distribute Eastern Caribbean dollars.


Most major credit cards are accepted in St.Lucia.


the exclusive superyacht marina

Happy New Year and welcome to the first edition of The Marina at Marigot Bay newsletter for 2011. We are geared up for a fantastic season and we would love for you to continue to be a part of it. Come join the gang here in Marigot Bay and enjoy the fantastic vacation experience that awaits you here in St.Lucia.


This month is dedicated to the high end super yacht facilities available at Marigot Bay to captains and owners chartering the waters of the Caribbean. We've also included a week long Cruise St.Lucia itinerary for you more ways to enjoy your vacation here.


No need to second guess your decision to come to our beautiful island, St.Lucia has recovered nicely from the effects of Hurricane Tomas and we are happy to report that all super yacht amenities are fully operational. There was no damage to yachts or facilities in Marigot Bay during the Hurricane, reaffirming that Marigot Bay is a hurricane hole in the Eastern Caribbean.


Look out for more information on our Hurricane Plan in subsequent issues.


Happy Reading!!!!!!

St. Lucia's unique geographical position in the Caribbean chain allows quick access to popular vacation destinations both north and south of the island. Coupled with convenient direct airlift from the US and the UK, facilities for private jet landing and excellent provisioning make the island, and the Marina at Marigot Bay in particular, the perfect charter pick-up point. 

Cruising Itineraries for St.Lucia from Marigot Bay


Day 1: Take a morning cruise to Pigeon Island. Anchor out and explore the Pigeon Island National Landmark. Take an early morning hike through this once naval station, with its well-laid trails among the military remnants, passing through attractive lawns and wooden areas to reveal captivating vistas and cozy coves.


Spend the rest of the day on the beach or enjoy an afternoon of golf at the St.Lucia Golf Club. Spend the night at Pigeon Island.   If it's a Friday night enjoy the tastes of fresh fish and local rum at Gros -Islet Friday Night festivities; go clubbing or enjoy the sounds of live bands in the Rodney Bay Village. You will have an exciting night.


Day 2:  Ready for more adventure? Well, try an ATV Tour. Explore 1000 acres of rainforests, beaches and rivers, stopping for fresh local juice along the way. This is a 4 hour activity that you can do in the morning or the afternoon - your choice.   Mountain biking is also on your list of things to do today. Bike St.Lucia offers a complete biking center with a beginner's circular trail and an expert's only mountain climb, all nestled within the pleasant setting of Anse Mamin. Enjoy the sunset as you sail back to Marigot Bay. Tonight savour the taste of local fine dining as you enjoy a relaxed evening at The Rainforest Hideaway restaurant.  


Day 3:  Head South from Marigot Bay to Anse Cochon, a little ways off the fishing village of Anse la Raye. In store for you is a day of snorkelling: plunge into a host of beautiful coral formations and schools of bright, tropical fishes. Enjoy lunch at the Ti Kaye Village - Kai Manje or Ti Manje restaurant. The style of cooking is a fusion of international dishes with Caribbean tastes and seasonings. Sail back to Marigot Bay in the sunset.  


Day 4:  Let's experience zip lining. Knowledgeable guides accompany you along the rainforest canopy in open-air gondolas. Zip lining through the rainforest canopy in a flash of lush greenness is a fast paced way to commune with nature.  




 Hike up the Millet Nature trail some 15 minutes from Marigot Bay. You can see St.Lucia endemics that make the Millet forest reserve their home including: the Amazona Versicolor, a vibrantly plumed parrot locally known as Jacquot; the rusty backed St.Lucia Pewee; the Oriole; the Warbler and the Antillean Blackfinch. The trail is moderate in difficulty and runs almost three kilometres. Bird watchers spend about three hours meandering through and stopping at designated points with high sighting rates.  


Return to Marigot Bay and enjoy a full body massage at the Marigot Bay Hotel - Lapli Spa or an afternoon on the beach horseback riding. Your night ends with a relaxing dinner at JJ's Plaza restaurant, on the Marigot Hill Top.


Day 5:  Set on an early morning sail to Soufriere and anchor near the Pitons. Take a taxi to the many attractions in the town of Soufriere. Your tour of Soufriere will take you to:   

  • The Diamond falls and mineral baths: amid the exotic flora, the cascading waterfall, the rejuvenating mineral baths, history unfolds the island's fabulous story with every step.
  • The Old Mill at the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens
  • The Sulphur Spring in the only drive-in volcano in the Caribbean.
  • The Pitons

Dine at Ladera resort or The Harmony Beach restaurant for lunch.


Set off on an afternoon dive near the Pitons. Spend the night on a mooring buoy in Soufriere. 

We at the marina are commited to ensuring the safety of our guests throughout their stay in Marigot Bay. For this reason, we have invested much resources into ensuring their safety and security here in Marigot Bay.

The Marina at Marigot Bay has a superb security record based on the following measures:
  • 24-hour patrols by directly employed specialist security guards supported by the local police station close to the docks.
  • Continuous closed circuit television surveillance encompassing the docks and adjacent waters.
  • A harbour patrol boat used by local police, security and ports officers.
  • Strict but friendly control of dock access, single gate entry after dark.
  • An established and carefully managed policy of ensuring the greatest possible linkage between the marina and the local community.
  • Maximizing the availability of day-work to the immediate village population and an associated training programme.

In Hurricane conditions, yachts have guaranteed safety within the confines of our bay. Here is why:

  • Docks are designed to support the loads imposed by 120ft motor yachts in 100 knot winds and mooring chains attached to 8 and 16 ton weights imbedded in the silt bottom of Marigot Bay.
  • Marigot Bay has the best wind and sea shelter in the Eastern Caribbean.

    Marigot Bay is nature's Hurricane Hole in the Caribbean.



St.Lucia offers the facilities for private aircraft landing at its George F.L Charles airport. The St.Lucia Air and Seaport Authority (SLASPA) has established the following conditions upon which certain private flight operations above ICAO category 2 may be allowed to operate at George F.L. Charles Airport in Castries.  


Private flight operations mean flights which are non-commercial (not engaged in the scheduled or non-scheduled operations of offering seats or space onboard an aircraft to individual passengers or groups of passengers, for hire) and are for the private use of the owners, lessee, staff, business associates and guests.  


The following conditions apply for private flight operations:

  • The proposed operator must agree to hold harmless or waive any rights to liability that SLASPA and or the government of St.Lucia may be subject to, arising out of the use of the George F.L Charles Airport designated an ICAO category 2 airport.
  • The classification code for the private flight should be no higher than ICAO classification code category 3B, with an airplane reference field length of not more than 1748 metres and maximum takeoff weight should not  exceed 45,000 pounds (lbs)
  • The information provided to the Airport manager on the proposed flight operation must specify the type and ICAO category of the Aircraft.
  • The flight shall be operated during the hours of daylight, with the visibility at George F.L Charles Airport being no less than six (6) kilometers. For the purpose of this policy, daylight means the period of sunrise to sunset.
  • Parking of the aircraft will be accommodated at George F.L.Charles airport subject to available space on the ramp and expected traffic. In circumstances when necessary, the aircraft shall be directed to proceed to Hewanorra International Airport for parking. All over night aircraft shall be directed to park at Hewanorra.  


  • Evidence of Third Party Insurance for the aircraft shall be forwarded to the Airport Manager George F.L. Charles Airport not less than 24 hours prior to the proposed operation.  



  • The information on the proposed flight operation must be received by the Airport Manager - George F.L. Charles Airport, no later than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the proposed operation.
  • The Airport Manager shall respond to the proposal in respect of the flight operation, no later than twelve (12) hours after having received all the relevant information in respect of the twelve proposed flight operation.   SLASPA reserves the right to deny any application, if in its opinion, it is necessary to do so.



The following specific aircraft are permitted to operate at the George F.L. Charles Airport subject to all other requirements and conditions of the original policy:  



















1        -  C500

ISP  -  C501

II      -  C550 

IISP    -  C551

III   -  C650

V    -  C560

VI   -  650

VII   -  C650

X     -   C750    





Basis: Maximum takeoff weight in the Certificate of Airworthiness. 6, 000 lbs or less - US $8.00 per landing 6, 001 - 50, 000 lbs - US$1.30 per 1, 000 lbs or part thereof 50, 001 - 350, 000 lbs - US$1.40 per 1, 000 lbs or part thereof Above 350, 000 lbs - US$ 467.00 ($1.30 x $1.40) plus US$ 1.10 for every 1, 000 lbs above 350, 000 lbs.  



Whenever an aircraft is parked at an aerodrome period longer than two hours there must be paid in respect of the use of the apron a parking fee equivalent to 20% of the aircrafts' landing fee. The first two hours must be free; thereafter parking must be per twenty four hours or part thereof. The minimum parking fee in any event must be US$4.00.



An extension fee equivalent to 50% of the landing fee must be paid by an aircraft operator for any extension not exceeding one hour to the operating hours of the airports. If in any case it exceeds one hour, the extension fee must be equivalent to the landing fee of the aircraft. In no case must the extension fee be less than three hundred dollars (US$111.00). The operating hours for Vigie and Hewanorra Airports for the purpose of calculating the extension fee must be 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily.  



12,500 lbs or less - US$15.00 per landing

12,501 - 75, 000 lbs - US$23.00 per landing

 Over 75, 000 lbs - US$56.00 per landing  



A charge of US$5.00 will be levied on every departing passenger.



A charge of $1.00 will be levied on every arriving passenger.  



 Rate of tax for destinations outside of St.Lucia - US$25.00 Children under the age of twelve years are exempted from payment of Airport Service Charge  



A permit fee of US$37.00 will be levied for private jet operation. Other charges may include Customs Overtime US$15.00 for any flight after 7.00 pm. This is also charged on holidays and Sundays.




Further information can be obtained from The Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority's website -

The Indemnity Form is required to be completed prior to the operation. Please observe The Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority's Policy on Private Aircraft Operations into George F.L. Charles Airport. George F.L. Charles Airport is designated an ICAO category 2 Airport. Be cautioned of bird activity at George F.L. Charles Airport.  


Notification of proposed operation must be forwarded the Manager George F.L. Charles Airport or Hewanorra International Airport whichever appropriate to the flight operation.

For reservations contact the Marina Manager at 758-451-4275 or 758-285-4515 or
For more infomation visit our website at 
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