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Its catching, its contagious and, from April 30th to May 16th 2010, it will captivate the Caribbean and the cricketing world! The third edition of ICC World Twenty20 - featuring the latest and most compelling version of international cricket - will unfold across the sun-kissed landscapes of Barbados, Guyana, St.Kitts and St.Lucia.
Showcasing some of the most talented personalities in the sport, ICC WT20 West Indies 2010 offers tickets to 42 matches, many of which will be premium viewing as Pakistan and England defend the men's and women's titles respectively. Add to that the sportainment which is synonymous with the evolution of Twenty20 and a healthy dash of West Indian flavour - horns, whistles,drums, conch shells and all manner of food and drink.
Yes, its a potent recipe for a memorable cricket party! Who will go home empty-handed and who will go home laden with the fruits of their exploits?Come See!!!

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The marina is committed to bringing you the best in high end amenities and services. It is in this spirit that we continue to recruit the very best in the industry and would like to introduce to you, the newest member of our team here at The Marina at Marigot Bay: Ms. Ursia Girard - Front Desk / Reservations Agent. 
Ms. Girard describes herself as "a gentle mixture of enthusiasm, charm, beautiful spirit and a very colorful personality to match. These have been my best assets for as long as I remember and have contributed to my success in most of my desired endeavours. Along with attributes such as hard work, flexibility, adapting to any environment easily,  I consider myself  to be  well-rounded as a result."
"Just about two and a half years ago I ventured on an exciting journey at Marigot Bay Hotel at the Front Office and moved to the Reservations Department. I give my guests every reason to believe that St. Lucia is exactly where they want to be every time they are planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway, "alone time", business events etc."
Enthusiastically Ms. Girard says, "I am now seated happily at the other end of the dock, taking it all in. The journey has only just begun and I am more than prepared to enjoy the best and even worst of it as it can only make me wiser and more educated. I look forward everyday to playing my part in steering our ship to more productive days ahead.


You too can enjoy the first class service and high end amenities of The Marina at Marigot Bay.
For reservations:
Or Call:
Office - 1 (758) 451-4275
Manager -1 (758) 285-4515 

Marigot Bay...The most exclusive yacht fueling destination in the Caribbean.
Welcome Captains  
Welcome to yet another edition of the marina newsletter, where you get the latest news on marina improvements, island events, weather and more. 
This month we kick-off our newsletter with great reviews from captains for the new charter season. Here is what our customers have to say: 
"Dear Bob, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing hospitality during our stay, yourself and your staff are extremely attentive helpful and accommodating, a very refreshing experience." MY Aquarius
"Thanks for your great service and facility at Marigot Bay.  I am sure that you are going to become one of the prime yachting facilities in the Windwards before you know it.  We had a fabulous meal at the Rainforest Hideaway Friday night...will definitely recommend that to others." SV Kristy
Captains you've heard the voice of fellow yachting community members, make Marigot Bay your destination of choice this charter season.  
The Marina at Marigot Bay is pleased to announce that it can now supply diesel fuel on a duty free basis to eligible yachts."
Larger yachts can fuel on their side-to berth directly in front of the 5-star Marigot Bay Hotel & Spa, for smaller yachts we have 2 further fuelling berths at the seaward end of the Marina. All of our fuel berths are ultimately capable of taking yachts up to 250ft (75 m) LOA and 16ft (5 m) Draft. The smaller berths have a beam restriction of 32 ft (10 m). Fuel is supplied through open trigger nozzles or sealed camlock fittings at speeds adjustable up to 3,500 GPH.
Current price is US$3.00 per US Gallon (US$0.80 per litre) although this will vary with the Caribbean oil price. We have established accounts with Yacht Fuel Services, Global Yacht Fuels and Femo Bunker.
To be eligible, yachts must be cleared for departure from Saint Lucia within 24 hours of the completion of fuelling. Duty free status is not restricted to "commercial" registered yachts but applies equally to "private" registry. Minimum eligible delivery is 500 US Gallons / 400 Imperial Gallons / 2,000 Litres.
Free Massage in the Marigot Bay Spa for Chief Engineers following acceptance of more than 25,000 litres of fuel."
Now you have yet another reason to place Marigot Bay on your itinerary this season
St.Lucia Celebrates 31 years of Independence
February 22nd 2010, marks the 31st anniversary of Independence as in 1979 St. Lucia was reborn as an independent state after being a colony of Great Britain.
This year's programme of events are being held under the theme "Tout Sent Lisyen Se' Yonn (All St. Lucians Are One)." A schedule of activities to commemorate this occasion is detailed below: 
Independence Parade 8:30 am - William Peter Boulevard
  • Independence Food, Folk and Comedy Festival (Che Campeche) 11:00 am - 6pm - Waterfront/ John Compton Highway
  • Day of Reflection - All Communities
  • Traditional/Fun Games, Cultural Activities
    Treats for Elderly, Senior Citizens and underprivileged- 11:00 am to 4:00 pm - Piaye and Reunion, Banse La Grace,Desruisseaux, Soufriere, Anse La Raye, Canaries
  • Sports and Awards Night - Dennery 
  • Community Fruit Planting & Clean-up Campaign - Riviere Mitan, Grande Riviere, La Fauillee 
  • St.Lucians will gather at Waterfront Castries, at midnight on Sunday 21st February,as a display of fireworks ushers in another year of independence. 
    We salute the people and Government of St.Lucia on the occasion of our nations' 31st anniversary of independence.
    Bay View
    Your safety comes first.......

    The marina is commited to ensuring the safety of our guests throughout their stay in Marigot Bay. We have invested much resources into ensuring their safety and security here in Marigot Bay. We know you've heard this before, but we believe that the more you read it, the better chance it has of staying with you.
    I have a little saying that goes - " a constant reminder makes it that much harder to forget."
    The Marina at Marigot Bay has a superb security record based on the following measures:   
    • 24-hour patrols by directly employed specialist security guards supported by the local police station close to the docks.
    • Continuous closed circuit television surveillance encompassing the docks and adjacent waters.
    • A harbour patrol boat used by local police, security and ports officers.
    • Strict but friendly control of dock access, single gate entry after dark.
    • An established and carefully managed policy of ensuring the greatest possible linkage between the marina and the local community.
    • Maximizing the availability of day-work to the immediate village population and an associated training programme.
    In Hurricane conditions, yachts have guaranteed safety within the confines of our bay. Here is why: 
    • Docks are designed to support the loads imposed by 120ft motor yachts in 100 knot winds and mooring chains attached to 8 and 16 ton weights imbedded in the silt bottom of Marigot Bay.
    • Marigot Bay has the best wind and sea shelter in the Eastern Caribbean.
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