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The climate is tropical, with temperatures ranging from the mid-seventies to mid-eighties (25 to 30 Celcius). During the hottest time of the year, from June to August, temperatures can reach the mid-nineties (32 Celsius). Things are kept pretty cool, however, by the constant tradewinds. Average rainfalll ranges from 60 inches in the coastal regions to 160 inches in the interior rain forests. The rainy season is from June to October.


All visitors must have valid passports and return or onward tickets, or should be joining a yacht in St.Lucia. As a general rule, North American, European Union, Commonwealth and CARICOM nationals do not require visas to enter St.Lucia. However, local immigration regulations change according to Interpol alerts that occasionally red flag certain nations. Therefore, citizens of some countries need visas. These countries are divided into two groups; those who must acquire a visa prior to arrival and those who may get a visa at the point of entry.The list of nations concerned is available from the St.Lucian Immigration office on. In countries where Saint Lucia has no representation, it is sometimes possible to obtain visas through the British High Commission. Valid vaccination certificates are required for travellers who arrive from infectious areas.
Russian Nationals who are in transit or entering the state for the purpose of embarking on or joining yachts for cruising regional waters will be granted visas on arrival. All other nationals of the Russian federation would require visas prior to arrival.
For more information on visa requirements for St.Lucia visit
Also contact telephone:(758) 456-3825


Megayacht customers, brokers and chefs expect the very best in provisioning. So for all your provisioning needs when in St.Lucia, the following facilities are available to you: 

Marigourmet Supermarket, The Marina Village. Marigourmet has expanded its selection of items available this year to  include: Cheeses, wines, game meat, fresh fish fillets, USDA prime and choice beef, and unique items such as sushi products.

Super J's Supermarket Chain  
This is the largest supermarket chain on the island. Yacht can access these facilities at any location on the island. Super J's also provides bulk purchasing options through Mega J's wholesale shopping center.

Ben's Yacht Services - Ben's yacht services is your helping hand in Soufriere. For all your provisioning needs Ben is there to help you find exactly what you're looking for. For more information email: or call: (758) 484 - 0708.

Harmony Beach
Benny and Marcelene of Soufriere welcome you to Harmony Beach in Soufriere. Famous fot the Restaurant right under Petit Piton in Malgretout. Benny's also provides Provisioning services for superyachts. He can be reached via email at: or call: (758) 459-5050 or 287-4261.


Untainted Blossoms will cater to you
Exotic bouquets, elegant gift baskets and the use of local accents such as Bamboo, coconut leaves, palm branches and other St. Lucian elements allows Untainted Blossoms to deliver to you the best possible Saint Lucian floral arrangements for all your needs.
We take pride in creating beautiful floral artistry for yachts visiting the marina. Our trained florist, is more than happy to visit your yacht and recommend the right arrangement for distinct locations on your yacht.
Wedding arrangements, birthday and anniversary arrangements are all prepared to the highest possible standards and compliment any occasion and add elegance and natural flare to any décor, from office spaces, to lobby or waiting areas, living rooms, bedrooms and absolutely anywhere you could imagine. We have arrangements for any occasion.

For more information please contact Isler at (758) 718 - 9823.
LETS TALK MONEY!!! .........

Banking made easy for you.....

St.Lucia's currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar. It is pegged to the American dollar and exchange rates at the bank are fixed. The Marina Village in Marigot bay houses one of the local banks: First National Bank on the island which makes Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA)transfers to our yachts that much easier.
Banking hours are from 8am to 2pm, Monday through Thursday, and Friday 8am to 5pm. First National are open half days during the weekend and holidays. All ATM machines on the island distribute Eastern Caribbean dollars. Most major credit cards are accepted in St.Lucia.


St.Lucia offers the facilities for private aircraft landing at its George F.L Charles airport. The St.Lucia Air and Seaport Authority(SLASPA) has established the following conditions upon which certain private flight operations above ICAO category 2 may be allowed to operate at George F.L. Charles Airport in Castries.
Private flight operations mean flights which are non-commercial (not engaged in the scheduled or non-scheduled operations of offering seats or space onboard an aircraft to individual passengers or groups of passengers, for hire) and are for the private use of the owners, lessee, staff, business associates and guests.
The following conditions apply for private flight operations:
·The proposed operator must agree to hold harmless or waive any rights to liability that SLASPA and or the government of St.Lucia may be subject to, arising out of the use of the George F.L Charles Airport designated an ICAO category 2 airport.
·The classification code for the private flight should be no higher than ICAO classification code category 3B, with an airplane reference field length of not more than 1748 metres and maximum takeoff weight should not  exceed 45,000 pounds (lbs)
·The information provided to the Airport manager on the proposed flight operation must specify the type and ICAO category of the Aircraft.
·The flight shall be operated during the hours of daylight, with the visibility at George F.L Charles Airport being no less than six (6) kilometers. For the purpose of this policy, daylight means the period of sunrise to sunset.
·Parking of the aircraft will be accommodated at George F.L.Charles airport subject to available space on the ramp and expected traffic. In circumstances when necessary, the aircraft shall be directed to proceed to Hewanorra International Airport for parking. All over night aircraft shall be directed to park at Hewanorra.
·Evidence of Third Party Insurance for the aircraft shall be forwarded to the Airport Manager George F.L. Charles Airport not less than 24 hours prior to the proposed operation.
·The information on the proposed flight operation must be received by the Airport Manager - George F.L. Charles Airport, no later than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the proposed operation.
·The Airport Manager shall respond to the proposal in respect of the flight operation, no later than twelve (12) hours after having received all the relevant information in respect of the twelve proposed flight operation.
SLASPA reserves the right to deny any application, if in its opinion, it is necessary to do so.

The following specific aircraft are permitted to operate at the George F.L. Charles Airport subject to all other requirements and conditions of the original policy:
1            -              C500
ISP         -              C501
II             -              C550     
IISP         -              C551
III             -              C650
V            -              C560
VI            -              650
VII           -              C650
X             -              C750
Basis:     Maximum takeoff weight in the Certificate of Airworthiness.
6, 000 lbs or less - $20.00 per landing
6, 001 - 50, 000 lbs - $3.50 per 1, 000 lbs or part thereof
50, 001 - 350, 000 lbs - $3.60 per 1, 000 lbs or part thereof
Above 350, 000 lbs - $1, 260.00 ($3.50 x $3.60) plus $2.90 for every 1, 000 lbs above 350, 000 lbs.
Whenever an aircraft is parked at an aerodrome period longer than two hours there must be paid in respect of the use of the apron a parking fee equivalent to 20% of the aircrafts' landing fee. The first two hours must be free; thereafter parking must be per twenty four hours or part thereof. The minimum parking fee in any event must be $10.00.
An extension fee equivalent to 50% of the landing fee must be paid by an aircraft operator for any extension not exceeding one hour to the operating hours of the airports. If in any case it exceeds one hour, the extension fee must be equivalent to the landing fee of the aircraft. In no case must the extension fee be less than three hundred dollars ($300.00). The operating hours for Vigie and Hewanorra Airports for the purpose of calculating the extension fee must be 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily.
12,500 lbs or less - $40.00 per landing
12,501 - 75, 000 lbs - $60.00 per landing
Over 75, 000 lbs - $150.00 per landing
A charge of $13.00 will be levied on every departing passenger.
A charge of $1.00 will be levied on every arriving passenger.
Rate of tax for destinations outside of St.Lucia - $68.00
Children under the age of twelve years are exempted from payment of Airport Service Charge
A permit fee of $100 will be levied for private jet operation. Other charges may include Customs Overtime EC $40.00 for any flight after 7.00 pm. This is also charged on holidays and Sundays.
Further information can be obtained from The Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority's website - The Indemnity Form is required to be completed prior to the operation. Please observe The Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority's Policy on Private Aircraft Operations into George F.L. Charles Airport.
George F.L. Charles Airport is designated an ICAO category 2 Airport.
Be cautioned of bird activity at George F.L. Charles Airport.
Notification of proposed operation must be forwarded the Manager George F.L. Charles Airport or Hewanorra International Airport whichever appropriate to the flight operation.

Merry Christmas 

 From The Management & Staff of The Marina at Marigot Bay
Seasons Greetings!!! Captains, Owners and Charter Brokers,

Welcome to another edition of The Marina at Marigot Bay monthly newsletter, where you are guaranteed to get the latest in news & developments, island events, weather and much more.....
We start with some good news -"The Marina at Marigot Bay set the standards very high for large yacht facilities throughout the world. Blend a world class resort and marina with a fantastic location in one of the most quintessentially Caribbean hurricane holes in the world and its absolute magic" - Yacht Essentials

As we usher in a new season and soon a new year we think of it as a time of new beginnings. Often we need to be reminded of the treasures we have encountered in our past.

This month we focus our attention on the upcoming  Caribbean charter season. This newsletter will detail to you all you need to know about The Marina at Marigot Bay and the first-class services & facilities available to you our valued customers here and in St.Lucia. We will take you on an imaginary tour through our beautiful island to experience the divine ambience that many who come here are privy too, as we tease your taste buds with the fun, excitement and adventure of the people, the food, the nightlife and much more that awaits you upon arrival.
Be sure to place St.Lucia and Marigot Bay on your itinerary this coming season as you venture through the Caribbean. This is the best place to stay or stop over as you voyage through the Caribbean.
In the mean time, join me as I take you through every corner of this island, where a new experience and adventure awaits............

Come to Marigot Bay this season....

Marigot Bay, "the most beautiful bay in the Caribbean" -James Mitchener, is home to The Marina at Marigot Bay: St.Lucia's premiere mega yacht marina.
Enjoy the high end amenities of this exclusive marina as you charter through the Caribbean with owners and guests. We have upgraded our concierge services and have recruited a hospitality industry professional to meet the growing demands of the yachting industry.
Your guests and owners can enjoy these high end amenities: 
  • Five star luxury resort and spa - Marigot Bay Hotel 
  • Six local restaurants and bars
  • Shop high-end retail at the Marina Village
First class amenities and services await you including: 
  • Yacht berthing capacity: 250ft / 76m LOA; 44ft / 13m beam; 16ft / 4.8m draft
  • Complimentary WiFi and high speed internet connection
  • Single and three phase electricity (50/60 Hz)
  • High-speed fuelling and on-berth fuelling - New!!!
  • Floral arrangements
  • Liquor and food provisioning
  • Business Centre: Bank, FedEx, car rental, travel agent
  • Customs and immigration clearance
  • CCTV surveillance and 24-hour security
  • Airport transfers
  • Blackwater pump out
The marina welcomes yacht owners, guests, captains and crew into a boating paradise distinct with calm waters and tranquility. The marina fronts the five-star Discovery at Marigot Bay luxury resort and spa where the captains, crews and guests can dine, relax around the pool, and arrange an overnight stay. The Bay is dotted with six restaurants and bars ranging from fine to casual dining, with most offering and assortment of evening entertainment.
Put St.Lucia on your itinerary this season and be part of the phenomenon that is Marigot Bay.
For reservations please call 1-758-451-4275 or 1-758-285-4515. Email requests to

  Here to serve you  
Would you like some extra help managing the many details of your charter? We are here to reduce the stress brought on by today's multiple demands and return time and energy to you. We can simplify your life and keep it running smoothly.
The dedicated staff of the marina handles time crunches, emergency situations and the short-term need for extra support. Our services include:
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Airport transfer - by land,sea or air
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Land taxi arrangements
  • Water taxi and water bus arrangements
  • Car rental services
  • Flight bookings
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Yacht charters and day sailing
  • Real estate agency
  • Flowers and floral arrangements
  • On-board entertainment organisation, band, specialty acts and more.

With a well-trained and professional crew to help with every detail, we are more than happy to ensure that your needs are met. If you're on your way to Marigot Bay and need something done before hand, please email or Also contact us at telephone number: (758) 451-4275.

St. Lucia's unique geographical position in the Caribbean chain allows quick access to popular vacation destinations both north and south of the island. Coupled with convenient direct airlift from the US and the UK, facilities for private jet landing and excellent provisioning make the island, and the Marina at Marigot Bay in particular, the perfect charter pick-up point.
Cruising Itineraries for St.Lucia from Marigot Bay
Day 1
: Morning Cruise to Pigeon Island. Anchor out and visit the Pigeon Island National Landmark. Take an early morning hike through this once naval station, with its well-laid trails among the military remnants, passing through attractive lawns and wooden areas to reveal captivating vistas and cozy coves.        
Spend the rest of the day on the beach or enjoy an afternoon of golf at the St.Lucia Golf Club. Drop anchor and spend the night at Pigeon Island.
Day 2:  ATV Tours are the thing for you. Splash through rivers into a 1000-acre plantation exploring the rainforest and beach areas via the thrill of all-terrain-vehicles, stopping for fresh local juice along the way. This is a 4 hour activity that you can do in the morning or the afternoon - your choice.
Also on your list of things to do is Mountain biking. This is available at all levels. Bike St.Lucia offers a complete biking center with a beginner's circular trail and an expert's only mountain climb, all nestled within the pleasant setting of Anse Mamin.
Sail back to Marigot Bay to unwind, savour the taste of local fine dining as you enjoy a relaxed evening at The Rainforest Hideaway restaurant.
Day 3:  Head South from Marigot Bay to Anse Cochon, a little ways off the fishing village of Anse la Raye. In store for you is a day of snorkelling: plunge into a host of beautiful coral formations and schools of bright, tropical fishes.
Enjoy lunch at the Ti Kaye Village - Kai Manje or Ti Manje restaurant. The style of cooking is a fusion of international dishes with Caribbean tastes and seasonings.
Sail back to Marigot Bay in the sunset.
Day 4:  Today we leave the yacht in the harbour and set off on a zip lining excursion. Rainforest Sky rides creates a tranquil and enriching experience, skimming along the rainforest canopy in open-air gondolas, accompanied by knowledgeable guides. Zip lining through the rainforest canopy in a flash of lush greenness is a fast paced way to commune with nature.
Hike up the Millet Nature trail some 15 minutes from Marigot Bay. Among the St.Lucia endemics that make the Millet forest reserve their home is the Amazona Versicolor, a vibrantly plumed parrot locally known as Jacquot. Also catch a glimpse of the rusty backed St.Lucia Pewee, the Oriole, the Warbler and the Antillean Blackfinch. The trail is moderate in difficulty and runs almost three kilometres. Bird watchers spend about three hours meandering through and stopping at designated points with high sighting rates.
Return to Marigot Bay and enjoy a full body massage at the Marigot Bay Hotel or an afternoon on the beach horseback riding.
Your night ends with a relaxing dinner at JJ's Plaza restaurant, on the Marigot Hill Top.
Day 5:  Set on an early morning sail to Soufriere and anchor near the Pitons. Take a taxi to the many attractions in the town of Soufriere. Your tour of Soufriere will take you to: 
·The Diamond falls and mineral baths: amid the exotic flora, the cascading waterfall, the rejuvenating mineral baths, history unfolds the island's fabulous story with every step.
·The Old Mill at the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens
·The Sulphur Spring in the only drive-in volcano in the Caribbean.
·The Pitons
Dine at Ladera resort or The Hummingbird restaurant for lunch.
Set off on an afternoon dive near the Pitons. Spend the night on a mooring buoy in Soufriere.

We at the marina are commited to ensuring the safety of our guests throughout their stay in Marigot Bay. For this reason, we have invested much resources into ensuring their safety and security here in Marigot Bay.
The Marina at Marigot Bay has a superb security record based on the following measures:
  • 24-hour patrols by directly employed specialist security guards supported by the local police station close to the docks.
  • Continuous closed circuit television surveillance encompassing the docks and adjacent waters.
  • A harbour patrol boat used by local police, security and ports officers.
  • Strict but friendly control of dock access, single gate entry after dark.
  • An established and carefully managed policy of ensuring the greatest possible linkage between the marina and the local community.
  • Maximizing the availability of day-work to the immediate village population and an associated training programme.
In Hurricane conditions, yachts have guaranteed safety within the confines of our bay. Here is why:
  • Docks are designed to support the loads imposed by 120ft motor yachts in 100 knot winds and mooring chains attached to 8 and 16 ton weights imbedded in the silt bottom of Marigot Bay.
  • Marigot Bay has the best wind and sea shelter in the Eastern Caribbean.
Its catching, its contagious and, for 15 days next year, it will captivate the Caribbean and the cricketing world! The third edition of ICC World Twenty20 - featuring the latest and most compelling version of international cricket - will unfold across the sun-kissed landscapes of Barbados, Guyana, St.Kitts and St.Lucia from April 30 to May 16,2010.
Showcasing some of the most talented personalities in the sport, ICC WT20 West Indies 2010 offers tickets to 42 matches, many of which will be premium viewing as Pakistan and England defend the men's and women's titles respectively. Add to that the sportainment which is synonymous with the evolution of Twenty20 and a healthy dash of West Indian flavour - horns, whistles,drums, conch shells and all manner of food and drink.
Yes, its a potent recipe for a memorable cricket party!
Who will go home empty-handed and who will go home laden with the fruits of their exploits?
Come See!!!

Dont miss out on all the action.St.Lucia is home to outrageous festivals, annual activities and spectacular sporting events.
J      A      N      U      A      R      Y
Food and Rum Festival
The Food & Rum Festival is a gastronomic event which attracts some of the best chefs, rum connoisseurs, food critiques and gourmands from not only the Caribbean, but internationally.The Festival aims to teach participants about the diversity of Caribbean food and the excellence of Caribbean rum.The Festival is used to promote regionally and internationally renowned chefs, Caribbean rums and Caribbean food which is fast becoming an international delicacy.The Festival will be a combination of dinners featuring menus from our invited chefs, lectures on rum, chef demonstrations, rum tastings of over 40 rums from across the region and concerts held on Saturday and Sunday night.This year, we have a truly star studded culinary team which will allow this festival to rival some of the best culinary festivals in the world. 
Nobel Laureate week: 19th - 24th
St.Lucia has two Nobel laureates, more per capita than any other country in the world.The late Sir Arthur Lewis won the Economics prize in 1979 and Dereck Walcott the literature prize in 1992. To honour their accomplishments, a week of events id organised around their birth date inthe last week of January. For more information see
F      E      B     R     U     A     R     Y
Independence Day: 22
St.Lucia became independent on the 22 February 1979. There are official parades to mark the occasion. The former colonial powers, Great Britain and France, send military contingents to participate in the celebrations. Concerts and other special activities are held to mark the occasion. 
A      P      R      I      L 
Heinekin Kalalu World Music Festival
 Kalalu Festiva;
"I'd swear you'd think you were in Abidjam or Brazil," said one revue of the Kalalu World Music Festival. Now into its third year, Kalalu showcases artistes from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. The evening shows will be held at Samaans Park in Choc Bay. For more information, see
International Earth Day: 22 
Earth day begins with a Soleil Leve (sunrise) ceremony an dends with the Soleil Couche (sunset) ceremony. Call the St.Lucia National Trust at (758) 452-5005 to be part of this activity.
St.Lucia Golf Open  
The two-day golf tournament is held at the S.Lucia Golf and Country club. It is open to all amateurs. Players come from all over the Caribbean to participate. This event takes place on the first weekend after Easter. 
M      A      Y
St.Lucia Jazz
With big names like Wynton Marsalis and Santana, John Legend, George Benson, and Stanley Jordan, the St.Lucia Jazz festival has become one of the premier musical events in the world. Spread over a ten-day period, concerts are eld day and night around the island. The St.Lucia Jazz Festival culminates with open-air, centre stage performance at the Pigeon Island National Landmark. Log on to for more information.
J      U      N     E      /      J      U      L      Y
Carnival is the biggest show on the island's calendar. Activities span a whole month and culminates in early July with calypso and soca monarch competitions, a carnival queen show, Panorama the steel pan competition and two days of "jump up". Costumed bands take to the streets for the carnival pageant. For more information visit
A      U      G      U      S      T
Coca-Cola Junior International Tennis Federation
The junior tennis competition is part of the ITF annual calendar of events, It attracts nearly 200 players from all over the world including North America, Europe and Asia. Tournament winners receive up to 25 world-ranking points. The competition is held at the St.Lucia Racquet Club at CAp Estate. For more information consult
Emancipation Day and National Heros Day 
Internationally August 1st, is Labour Day. However, in St.Lucia it is celebrated as Emancipation and National Heros Day in remembrance of the abolition of slavery in 1834, and in recognition of notable St.Lucians who have helped to shape the country's development.
Market Feast 
Held at the Castries Market, the produce vendors celebrate their special day. There is musical entertainment and plenty of food and drinks.
S      E      P      T     E      M      B      E      R
St.Lucia Bill Fishing Tournament
A five-day competition that attracts anglers from all over the Caribbean. The Blue Marlin is the most sought-after catch and everyone is out trying to hook the biggest fish. For more information, visit
O      C      T     O      B     E      R
Creole  Heritage Month 
A series of events is organised throughout the month of Cotober to mark the celebration of our Creole Culture. Several communities are chosen to host events. Creole Heritage month culminates with International Creole Day or Jounen Kweyol, a worldwide celebration by all countries that speak the Creole language.
N      O      V      E     M      B    E     R
Rotary Club of Gros-Islet Golf Tournament 
A one-day tournament held to raise money for Rotary Club projects. To find out more about participating in this event, contact the Rotary Club of Gros-Isletr or Mrs. Hermiston (758) 452-8756. Held the first Sunday in November.
D      E      C      E      M      B      E      R
Festival of Lights 
On December 13th, the Christmas lights are turned on and there is a lantern making competition.
ARC- Atlantic Rally for Cruisers  
St.Lucia welcomes the world's largest transoceanic race, the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, better known as the ARC. Over 200 boats leave Gran Canaria the first week in November, cross the Atlantic and finish in Rodney Bay, St.Lucia. The first yacht usually completes the crossing by the first week of December. Boats fill up the Marina and there are concerts and special events to welcome the participants. To take part in the ARC consult their website:
For reservations contact the Marina Manager at 758-451-4275 or 758-285-4515 or
For more infomation visit our website at 
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