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Cooper's Hawk - Alan Murphy

"I set up this perch in the path of Raptor migration hoping to get something to land. I added the red vine to the perch for added interest and set up my gear under a throw over quick camo. It did not take long before this juvenile Cooper's Hawk landed in nice morning light."

Equipment Used: Nikon D2Xs, 600 MM lens, ISO 250, f7, 1/750, -0.3EV. October. Cape May, NJ.

Bosque del Apache Photography Series Update

With our second Bosque del Apache Event just a little over a month away time is running out to register.

Greg Downing, Tim Grey and Deb Sandidge will host 6 field workshops and present 6 classroom sessions during this two-day event. We have some space for the opening dinner and Keynote address with Tim Grey on Friday night, as well as the Saturday and Sunday "classroom" sessions but many of the field workshops are sold out and others with just one or two spaces. The after-event 3-day workshop with Greg Downing is also sold out. Check the main event page to see what's available!

If you miss us this year we are already planning for December 2011 with new workshops and instructors!

Other events are also in the works for 2011 and beyond - including some free regional outings. Are you interested in helping to arrange and event or free outing in your area? Contact us or post something in our regional forums >

  NatureScapes Certified Workshops UPDATE:  
  The NSN workshops are selling fast! Some have just a few openings remaining while others are sold out. We'll be adding new workshops for late 2011 and beyond before the end of the year.  
Featured Workshops:
  Tanzania, Africa - The Ultimate Africa Experience
March 1, 2011 - March 12, 2011

Last chance to sign up for the Ultimate Africa Experience in 2011! The cut off date for registration is coming quickly - if you're interested in attending sign up now. Questions? Contact us >
"What an amazing adventure for us! Thanks for making my dream come to reality!! Life is great, but I really miss Africa and everything about our adventure!"

-Bonnie Newman, Canada

Experience some of the richest wildlife areas in Tanzania during peak migration! Witness wildebeest calving, vast landscapes, zebra herds, big cats and more all while enjoying your own spacious row of seats in the ultimate modified safari vehicle.

With a maximum of 5 photographers and luxury hand-picked accommodations so sought after that they need to be reserved more than a year in advance, you also won't find a better value. Smaller groups often allow you to closer to wildlife, avoid fighting for the "best spot" and allow you to experience all that Tanzania has to offer in an intimate setting conducive to photography and low-pressure learning.

Nothing has been spared here - this IS the ULTIMATE Tanzania photo safari. Sign up now! Call or email us to reserve your spot!

Workshop Bonus:

Take home your own Skimmer, Quick Release, and Skimmer Sack combination when signing up for Tanzania - The Ultimate Africa Experience.

Sign up now!The best way to get the shot when on a Safari! Included FREE with the workshop - worth over $250!

  Kauai, Hawaii
Ultimate Kauai - from Land, Sea, and Air

May 24, 2011 - May 30, 2011

Join co-founders Greg Downing and E.J. Peiker on the ultimate photo tour of Kauai. During this week-long workshop we will explore this island like no other photo tour can. We will take you over the famous Na Pali Coastline by helicopter - flown without doors for the ultimate in aerial photography.

We will also sail the coast by private chartered catamaran, explore waterfalls, canyons and botanical gardens and photograph the islands bird life such as Red-footed Booby, Red-tailed Tropic Bird, Nene (Hawaiian Goose) and many other species in flight. If we are lucky and there is enough wind we might even capture the Layson Albatross coming in and out of it's protected nesting area in the refuge.

With the combined experience of Greg and E.J. in all genres of nature photography, you will be assured in coming home with once in a lifetime images of Hawaii's oldest and greenest major island.
  Due to chartered helicopters, and to provide the BEST experience,
this workshop is strictly limited to 7 photographers and is selling fast.
Sign up now!  
Other Upcoming Workshops:
Loons and More - NEW and selling fast!
Kamloops, British Columbia - Canada

June 10-14, 15-19, and/or 20-24, 2011
Instructor: Greg Downing
Hummingbirds & More Adventure
Costa Rica

March 21-31, 2011
Puffins & More Adventure
St. Paul Island, Alaska

August 5-12, 2011
Instructors: Greg Downing, Alan Murphy
Bosque del Apache
Socorro, New Mexico

December 6-8, 2010
Coming Soon: Florida, Iceland and more!
  Featured Articles  

The Florida Everglades
by Fabiola Forns

River of Grass: Once named the River of Grass by conservationist Marjorie Stoneman Douglas, the Florida Everglades is a place like no other in our world. The Everglades is a mosaic of sawgrass marshes, pine rockland forests, tropical hardwood hammocks, mangrove swamps and coastal estuaries. It is the largest wetlands in the Western Hemisphere, and offers an extensive variety of beautiful habitat that is both wet and dry, wild and developed.

The Everglades includes four million acres, extending from Lake Okeechobee to Florida Bay and spanning the east and west coasts of the state. It contains several National Parks, Everglades National Park being the most popular. For many, it is the natural diversity of this beautiful land that is so appealing.

The history and development of the Everglades is well documented and can be easily found online by visiting the park's website, but spectacular beauty of the land must be seen to be truly appreciated. Here you will find immense grass prairies that paint a sea of yellow in the wind, red sunsets and dwarf forests, foggy chilly winter mornings, and the moon peeking from behind a thin cloud in a midnight-blue sky pierced with stars. Wildlife is abundant. Alligators move smoothly in the sloughs, undulating their bodies slowly, only their eyes visible above the surface of the water, as turtles sun themselves on partially submerged logs covered in algae. Long-winged Zebra butterflies flutter incessantly, Ospreys call, and Anhinga chicks chirp. Read full article >


Long Lens Landscapes
by Bret Edge

Pick up most any coffee table book featuring landscape photography and you'll likely be confronted with image after image of sweeping vistas and vast panoramas. Most of the images are probably photographed using a wide angle to moderate focal length lens. What you won't see are a bunch of photos created with a telephoto lens. Read full article >


Clik Elite Camera Capsule Product Review
by Kari Post

Any seasoned backcountry enthusiast knows that a well organized pack is key to a successful trip into the wilderness. Backpackers organize gear into stuff sacks, pouches, and pockets to make packing a precise process and items easier to find as they are needed. It seems that Clik Elite, the company that makes performance packs for adventure photographers, took this tip from the backpacking world... Read full article >


Unsharp Mask Unveiled
by Tim Grey

What is Sharpening? When defining what sharpening is, I think it might be even more important to define what it isn't. Sharpening your images won't make up for an image that was captured out of focus or was blurred by camera or subject movement during the exposure. Sure, you can help mitigate such problems, but the results will never be as good as capturing a tack-sharp image in the first place. Read full article >

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  Featured Forum Topics  

Deer Vehicle Crash and Grill Guards
"Photographers often travel by vehicle in the predawn hours to reach a destination to catch the morning light. Similarly, hours are often spent driving back from a shoot after dusk. Both of these periods are prime windows for wildlife movement, particularly deer. Add low visibility at dawn and dusk and the stage is set for a meeting with: steering wheel airbag, local police, your insurance agent, body repair shops, insurance company adjuster, etc. I became..." Read topic >


Nikon 500 or 600mmVR?
"I am close to pulling the trigger on a super tele lens. I shoot a range of wildlife, including birds, using a D300. My longest lens currently is a 200-400mmVR, and I often find myself adding a TC to this lens. I am trying to decide between a 500VR and 600VR. The size and weight of the 600 are a little concerning, but I don't ever see owning both so I need to make a choice. My bias is to go with the 600, since I see a lot of folks end up shooting the 600 with a..." Read topic >


Wacom Tablets
"For those who use them do you feel they are worth the investment and if so what size do you find best? Any tips?"
Read topic >

  Images of the Week  

With all that we have going on at NSN these days we got busy and let ourselves get behind on the Images of the Week selections - you'll find them up to date now! Below are the images of the week for just last week. See all images of the week here and see if your image has been featured! >

  Vespa Tropica - Flora & Macro Gallery
Vespa Tropica

Flora & Macro Gallery
Red Moon - Landscapes Gallery
Red Moon

Landscapes Gallery
Beaver Pair - Wildlife Gallery
Beaver Pair

Wildlife Gallery
  Night Flight - Photo & Digital Art Gallery
Night Flight

Photo & Digital Art Gallery
Motif: Got to Eat Your Greens, Junior - Birds Gallery
Motif: Got to Eat Your
Greens Junior

Birds Gallery
Collide - Travel & Culture Gallery

Travel & Culture Gallery
  Remember - the images of the year for 2010 will be announced in February!  
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