September, 2012 

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I'm writing to remind you about tonight's registration and sale.  If you already signed up for classes on-line, by mail, or in person, thank you!  See you the week of September 17 (or pop by to say hi and check out a few new things for sale).  

View the fall schedule here:  
Online registration, here:  
As well as registering for classes, you can be tempted by a number of items for sale, like our cute v-neck black t-shirts, featuring an elegant Wavelengths Yoga logo on the left side of the chest. (For men we have a crew neck version with a manly Wavelengths Yoga logo on the left side of the chest.) They'll go fast at $20.

We also have natural cotton canvas shopping bags.  They're excellent quality, and look great carrying your yoga gear. $15  One size fits all.

We have Joy-a-toes: You might wonder, what new product we sell that will make your toes joyful for $40 a pair.  Read the next story to find out.

We also have some books, CDs and a few other goodies (sorry, no mats or bolsters, but you can pre-order for delivery later in the fall).

Joy-a-Toes for Happy Feet

Joy-a-toes help spread your toes, comfortably, with their patented design and gel material.  They're designed and made in Canada!
I was first introduced to Joy-a-Toes this summer during the Bella Coola Hiking Trip and Yoga Retreat that I co-led with Sarah Manwaring-Jones of Squamish, B.C.  Sarah is a remarkable woman, and a beautifully sensitive yoga teacher.  While we were hanging around (and even sometimes when we were doing yoga), Sarah was often separating her toes with these squishy little gel things.  
I asked her about them.  She told me that they're made of a kind of gel that is soft enough to be comfortable, but firm enough to help re-align your feet. They're designed by her teacher, Gioia Irwin in B.C.  Sarah uses them with her students at her studio in Squamish, and they love how they make their feet feel. 
When I got home, I ordered 2 pairs for myself (they come in small and large and it's recommended you start with the small.  Some people will stay with small, but if you have size 11's like me, or wide feet, you might eventually graduate to the larger pair).  
I was so excited by how energized and alive my feet felt after wearing them off and on for a few hours, that I immediately ordered several pairs to sell at the studio.  
Since the Bella Coola hiking trip, I'd been noticing a wee bit of plantar fasciitis in my left foot, mostly in the mornings. After using Joy-a-Toes for one day, this has instantly gone away. I'm not going to make any guarantees, but I'm pretty happy with these little Joy-a-Toes!
Here's a picture of Sarah Manwaring-Jones, cooling off her happy feet in chilly Ptarmigan Lake.
  Sarah at Ptarmigan Lake
Here's what Joy-a-Toes can do for bunions:

Yoga for Children / Yoga for Teens

Calm, confidence, compassion, discipline, flexibility, and self-awaremess, are some of the many benefits of yoga for children and teens.


You're never too young to learn how to keep your body healthy, bring your mind to focus and relax in stressful situations.


These classes are geared to specific age groups (5-8, 9-12 and 13-18) so that techniques and tools are taught according to the appropriate stage of development.


 kids yoga



Teens: Mondays 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.

Ages 5-8: Saturdays 9:00 - 9:45 a.m.

Ages 9-12: Saturdays 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.


Starts mid-October. Register now to save your spot.  Stay tuned for another in-person registration date later in the fall, specifically for these classes.


See www.wavelengthsyoga.com/current_schedule.htm for all the details.  



Yoga Teacher Training

There is one spot left for the upcoming 200 hour Yoga Teacher training beginning on September 15.   


The Information Package is available at: www.wavelengthsyoga.com/teacher_training.htm.  

You'll also find the dates and application form on the same page. 


An advanced 300 hour course will be offered from September 2013 - December 2014.  The next 200 hour course will be offered beginning in September, 2015.  


teaching circle

See You Soon!

I look forward to welcoming you back to the studio this fall.