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Happy Summer!

This week, I dropped my kids off at a rustic sleep-a-way camp in the high Sierras, where they will be for the next two weeks.

The drop-off didn't go very well.

When I was a kid, I begged and begged to go to sleep-a-way camp with my best friend Rory. I did extra chores to earn it, and I counted the days until I got there. I don't remember being homesick, or sad at the drop-off. I remember feeling wild and free. I loved the horses and the outdoors and ceramics. I got postcards from my teachers. It was awesome.

My kids have had mixed feelings about going to camp: they were excited, but also scared. "TWO WEEKS!?" my youngest cried when I told her what, to me, was great news: They were going to summer camp! "They have horses!" I said cheerfully, trying to drum up excitement. "And sailing! I've never been sailing myself," I mourned. "You'll get to do it before I do!"

I said this knowing full well that sailing is actually not on my daughters' bucket list. It's on mine.

To read the rest of my camp drop-off saga and all about why I'm sending my kids to camp this year, read this post.

Warmest regards,


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