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June 2012
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Last week I emailed a few of my former coaching clients to say hello and to reconnect. I am so happy that I did. Several wrote back to share descriptions of what and how they are doing at this point in their lives. 


One client emailed links to two of her Google photo albums - one of family including photos of her nine-month and four-year old children and the other album of a recent work trip to Africa. She is feeling engaged in her family life and delighted with her recent work promotion.  


She wrote, "This year for me is about transitioning from doing to managing others. Great growth opportunity. Thank you for beginning a cycle of positive change for me!"


Another client told me about planning for her upcoming wedding, about taking on new responsibilities at work and how much she enjoys working with a team. These are significant developments since we last worked together in December of 2010.


And another client has made it official that she is retiring. "The board and staff are planning a retirement party and I am even looking forward to it."  


When we worked together, she was just beginning to consider retirement. We talked about succession planning and how to make it a smooth process for the non-profit organization. We also explored the emotional side for her. How would she know when she was ready? What did she want to have in place for both herself and the organization?


These short email interactions mean so much to me. Whether we worked together for four months or ten months, I feel a connection with these clients who committed time and energy to explore, ask questions, grow, and make changes in their personal and work lives. 


Another way that I am making connections in my life now is through Pilates class. Twice a week, I head to Wise Body Pilates. Over the course of the hour three women and I stretch, twist, and strengthen our bodies.  


Our teachers, Alyce and Dottie, use a variety of tools to help us connect with our bodies: the "reformer" Pilates machine, the Pilates chair, bands, exercise balls, our breath, and more.  


These teachers and their tools help me to feel the connections between my body and mind, between all parts of my body, and between my breath and movement. I am stretching in new ways and feeling more flexible not only in my spine. 


  • How and when do you feel connected?
  • To what and with whom do you feel a connection?
  • What contributes to that connection?


Feel free to share your reflections with me personally or on the Oak Communications Coaching and Consulting Facebook page.  


Happy summer,     


Sue Schleifer

bed of succulants
Below are three examples of how others make or encourage connections.

David Griffin, Director of Photography for National Geographic, illustrates in this TED talk about how photography can help us connect to our world.

Sherry Turkle describes in her Ted talk entitled, Connected, but alone? about how, while we embrace technology, we must also take time for solitude, reflection and conversation.

In the movie, The Way, an unlikely group of travelers slowly connect with each other as they reconnect with themselves as they walk the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route.


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"Sue truly cares about her clients' goals and brings that passion to her work as a life coach. With her fresh perspective and eye for possibility, she helps me find creative solutions to seemingly intractable problems.
Plenty of professional and creative people would benefit from working with Sue, and I particularly recommend her to anyone who needs to get 'unstuck'."
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