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January 2012
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In early December I flew to our nation's capital to attend a training workshop. I arrived early to be a tourist for a day. As I took the metro from Virginia to Washington DC, I looked at all of the people on the full train car.


I surveyed the faces and bodies - young and old, of all sizes and shapes and ethnicities, some wore business suits and others casual Western dress. I could not tell Democrat from Republican. Who was Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or atheist? In that subway car that day, we were a train of humanity on our individual journeys.


A year and a half ago, my husband and I journeyed from the San Francisco Bay Area to Louisiana. I discovered from my new neighbors and coaching clients that no matter what our individual political, social or religious beliefs, we can connect with one another.


If we listen with an open heart, relax our tight grip on our beliefs and imagine living each other's lives, we will learn and grow from each other.


If in our individual journeys we pursue peace and openness, perhaps we can make a small dent in the universe*.


Would you like to join me in this pursuit as we begin 2012?


* "We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?" -Steve Jobs


Happy New Year!



Sue Schleifer


Peace hanging from Haiti
A hanging from Haiti I purchased from a vendor
on my trip to Washington DC.


Dad with orange tree
Me admiring a plum tree in bloom


On the left is my father admiring his orange trees, which I posted in last month's newsletter. On the right is me pointing out the blossoms on a plum tree. I found the later photo on the wall at my Dad's home recently. 



Here is a link to a wonderful article about taking time for quiet:    

The Joy of Quiet
by Pico Iyer from The New York Times Sunday Review.


Social Reform
A Washington DC restaurant's attempt to bring people together



Coaching Services  

Headshot Sue

Have you been thinking about working with a life/career coach? The new year is a wonderful time to begin working with a coach. 


Give me a call to schedule a complimentary coaching consultation.

Below are what some of my clients have said about the coaching experience.


"Since I first hired a coach I have been a happier person and a more successful businessman. My company has become much more successful, our employees have had the opportunity to grow to the fullest of their capabilities and everyone seems to enjoy each day of life much more than in the past."


"I was drawn to Sue based on her philosophy and background and knew I made the right decision when we 1st met.  She helped me work through ideas and thoughts and got me moving in the right direction.  

She even helped me re-connect with someone from my past that has now been instrumental in my current growth.  I am truly thankful!"   
Chief People Officer

"Sue truly cares about her clients' goals and brings that passion to her work as a life coach. With her fresh perspective and eye for possibility, she helps me find creative solutions to seemingly intractable problems.
Sue adds her wide array of skills and rich life experience to my own, expanding my box of problem-solving tools. She helps me set priorities, identify goals, and push toward fulfilling them---all while keeping me honest with myself.
Plenty of professional and creative people would benefit from working with Sue, and I particularly recommend her to anyone who needs to get 'unstuck'."
Medical Editor and Fabric Artist

"Doesn't everyone need a coach? From working with Sue, I'm convinced of it. I am spending more time on the activities that are most important to me and have set aside some old patterns (like worrying too much!) that got in my way. Sue is helping me achieve my interpersonal as well as career goals."
President, High Tech Management Consulting Firm
"Sue is an excellent listener and an astute observer. I sought her help at a time when I was dissatisfied with my business, had some vague idea that changes needed to be made, but couldn't see the way forward.  
In our coaching sessions, she provided tremendously useful feedback, helping me to uncover and understand the sources of my dissatisfaction, and guided me towards making many positive changes.  
If you want to make changes in your personal or professional life, and need coaching to help you find your way and follow through, then I would strongly recommend working with Sue." 
Small Business Owner
"Whether in my work or private life, Sue has an uncanny ability to see situations from many different angles. Her attention is complete; she really makes you feel like you matter. If I circumvent an issue, she brings me back to what is important.  

Sue has become one of my most important teammates. I can tell her anything, never feel judged and always feel supported. It doesn't get better than this!"
Co-Founder, Co-Director, Non-Profit Organization

I would love to be a resource to you too! Let's talk.


Sue Schleifer, M.A.


510.316.3319 - cell
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510.316.3319 - cell

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