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January 2011
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What do the following have in common?
  • Sam Broussard at Barnes and Noble Booksellers  (live guitar playing, singing, and original lyrics extraordinaire)  
  • Camps  (Many Louisiana families have a second home, cottage or cabin near water about one hour away from their primary home where they go to relax, fish, hunt and party with family and friends. I am looking forward to being invited to a camp.)
  • Miss Sue (What people call me.)
  • Yes maam  (How people answer me.)
  • Feufollet at the Medicine Show  (We have heard Feufollet at many venues including at the amazing Medicine Show benefit concert that had an awesome line-up.) 
  • Petroleum Club and the Oil Center  (I would not have imagined that I would be spending time at places with these names.)   
  • Hot and humid  (I have never spent so much time indoors during the summer.)
  • Music Voyager - Made in Louisiana at Acadiana Center for the Arts  (An amazing concert at the beautiful new center for the arts in downtown Lafayette where we have spent a lot of time since we moved to Lafayette.)  
  • Thunder and lightning, pounding rain and flooded streets  (This is why homes are built on stilts.)
  • Blooming camellias in December  (Bring color to the neighborhood even in the winter.)
These are just some of the experiences* and words that capture the past six months of living and learning in Louisiana.

If you haven't moved to a new part of the state, country or world in a while, you might consider it. It is a wonderful way to open your eyes and heart to new ways of living and being. 

One of the best parts for me has been discovering so many amazing Louisiana musicians. They bring so much joy and delight!

And, I now have a whole new coaching and consulting client base here in the South in addition to my West Coast (and now East Coast) clients. Moving is a great way to expand one's contacts when you make an effort to get out and meet new people.

For some, making a move may be a bit extreme. How can you have the experience of moving without the packing, uprooting, unpacking and all the stress that goes with making new friends, starting new work, setting up a household, finding a new doctor, vet, dentist, grocery store and more?

Here are some ideas for bringing in new experiences in the New Year:
  • Create a "fun" box where you put ideas for new things to do and see, small and bigger. Pick out one new experience to try each week.
  • Walk or drive a new route to work.
  • Try a new way to move your body - take a dance class or try aikido, join a softball league or a bowling team, for example.
  • Eliminate one food from your diet and add one new food. For example, eliminate potato chips and start eating carrot sticks for lunch.
  • Make a new friend or colleague. Is there someone that you have wanted to meet? Call and invite the person for coffee.
  • Go to a new place to hear music or go out to hear a new band.
  • Check out a park, museum, library, or festival that you have never been to before.
New experiences will spice up your life in 2011. Have fun and let me know what discoveries you make about yourself along the way.

* To see the entire, though not complete list, please visit the Oak Communications blog.

Happy New Year!

Sue Schleifer
Working with a Life and Career Coach

Headshot Sue
Have you been thinking about working with a life coach? Learn how you can jump start your life and career in the new year. Contact me for a complimentary coaching consultation.

Below are what some of my clients have said about the coaching experience.

"Doesn't everyone need a coach? From working with Sue, I'm convinced of it. I am spending more time on the activities that are most important to me and have set aside some old patterns (like worrying too much!) that got in my way. Sue is helping me achieve my interpersonal as well as career goals."
President, High Tech Management Consulting Firm

"Sue is the best!  Her insightful questions and analysis have been immensely helpful and enlightening.  I was admittedly skeptical at first, but the practical exercises and structure of the conversations helped me clarify my goals and made the individual steps significantly more manageable.  I am so grateful to Sue, and would strongly recommend working with her to anyone who is ready to take it to the next level."

Video Game Executive

"Working with Sue has helped me to clarify my goals and put energy into the most important aspects of my life. I feel there is a real working flow to my days, and I'm more confident and feel happier as a result. I wholeheartedly recommend her approach!"
Artist and Teacher

"Sue is an excellent listener and an astute observer. I sought her help at a time when I was dissatisfied with my business, had some vague idea that changes needed to be made, but couldn't see the way forward. In our coaching sessions, she provided tremendously useful feedback, helping me to uncover and understand the sources of my dissatisfaction, and guided me towards making many positive changes. If you want to make changes in your personal or professional life, and need coaching to help you find your way and follow through, then I would strongly recommend working with Sue.
Small Business Owner

"Whether in my work or private life, Sue has an uncanny ability to see situations from many different angles. Her attention is complete; she really makes you feel like you matter. If I circumvent an issue, she brings me back to what is important. Sue has become one of my most important teammates. I can tell her anything, never feel judged and always feel supported. It doesn't get better than this!"
Co-Founder, Co-Director, Non-Profit Organization

I would love to talk with you about how I can be your resource in building a satisfying life and career. Call me for a complimentary half hour telephone coaching consultation.

Whether via telephone or in person, Coaching is extremely effective in helping you to pursue what matters in your life. Let's talk.

Sue Schleifer
510.316.3319 - cell
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