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Bailee Madison

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Darrian Smith

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Darrian Smith
 Success Story

A Children In Film interview with Bailee Madison and Power Parent, Patricia Riley

Bailee Madison is probably best known for her role as Maybelle in Disney's Bridge to Terabithia, but her mother Patricia Riley will be the first to tell you that it definitely wasn't her "start."

"I guess you could call it a big break," commented Patricia , "because the film did so well.  I thought, 'oh my god, wait till this comes out,' but it was at least another five months before she landed another role."

Miss Madison, with the help of her devoted mother, has been pursuing a career in entertainment since before she was even old enough to realize it. She had her first role in an Office Depot commercial when she was only two weeks old.

"When she was three she started unhooking herself from her stroller so she could get out and socialize, " Patricia noted. "She's very outgoing."

Though her first roles may have come mainly from her mother's interest in pursuing her daughters social nature, Bailee's passion for entertainment is now truly her own.  She has been in numerous roles in movies like Lonely Hearts, Phoebe in Wonderland, and Brothers.  Through it all, though, Bailee remains grounded.

"She's a good girl," explaind Patricia.  "She has a good heart...but I'm all over it."  Patricia jokingly hinted at an iron clasp on her child's upbringing and explained that being a strong parent can't change, even when your child is working.

Patricia and Bailee are both clearly team players and enjoy the process.

"We know it's not about us," commented Bailee.  "I'm not doing this to be 'about us.'"

Patricia went on to explain that the hardest part about being a parent to a child star is making sacrafices.

"It is a sacrafice and a committment," she said. "And it is a full time job.  When Bailee has huge meetings, I have to be there.  Balancing school and work is stressful too, but I really value education.  I even hired an extra tutor in addition to her studio teachers.  The whole thing is a process."

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