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November, 2007
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Williamsburg Area Faith In Action - Volunteer Home Services Program -
Faith in Action's mission is to deliver non-medical services to house-bound elderly, disabled and chronically ill individuals in the Greater Williamsburg area without fees or eligibility requirements.  During this past fiscal year, 2006/2007, WFIA served 347 in need.  245 active volunteers donated 5,695 hours and logged in 49,868 miles in home visits, respite care, shopping, reassurance calls, chores and yard work, housekeeping, assistance with paperwork and other transportation needs.


Among those benefiting from these diligent caregivers is James, who is 50 years of age and has been diagnosed with cerebral atrophy.  (Cerebral atrophy is a common feature of many of the diseases that affect the brain. Atrophy of any tissue means loss of cells. Some diseases that cause cerebral atrophy include: stroke and traumatic brain injury; Alzheimer's disease; cerebral palsy, in which lesions (damaged areas) may impair motor coordination; Huntington's disease, and other gene-linked, hereditary diseases; multiple sclerosis; encephalitis, AIDS; and epilepsy, in which lesions cause abnormal electrochemical discharges that result in seizures.)  Twice a week, a WFIA volunteer transports James to the respite program run by one of the Williamsburg area churches, thereby providing relief for his mother who is his primary caregiver.  Such a service not only offers a break in the emotional strain James's mother experiences, but it also gives James the fellowship of another caring adult in his life who is compassionate and interested in his well-being. 


Another WFIA participant is Jane who has been bedridden due to paralysis from the neck down with MS for 10 years.  Volunteers deliver groceries from the Salvation Army on a regular basis.  Other volunteers at WFIA visit Jane frequently and read to her, provide companionship, and extend a spirit of friendship and a warm smile to a very grateful individual in need of reassurance.  Her positive attitude is a reflection of the care and concern that is offered to her and mirrors the special nature of these caregivers who generously and willingly donate their time. 


To measure their success, Williamsburg Area Faith In Action need only to look at James, Jane, and the over 300 other care receivers who have been helped as a direct result of their organization and the staff and volunteers who place faith, love of humanity, hope and optimism above all else.

Contact information: Phone:  258-5890  Web:  www.faithinactionwburg.org
Please note that names were changed to protect the privacy of the clients.
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Peninsula Agency on Aging - Adult Day Care Program supports the independence and quality of life of senior residents primarily 60 years of age and over by advocating, arranging or providing vital human services.  This past year, PAA's measurable results reported that 93% of caregivers responded that they had achieved decreased levels of stress and were better able to cope based on the assistance given by this agency.  74% of clients surveyed reported greater independence, while 93% reported they received help that maintained or improved the status of their health. 


One client, "Mary", an 88 year old widow who lives alone but has a son living in the area, began to suffer from depression after being released from the hospital.  The PAA social worker met with the family and determined that adult day care would benefit Mary with a change of scenery by getting her out of her house, socializing with others her age, and being involved in activities during the time her son and his wife are at work.  This senior citizen is below poverty level.  Over the course of the year, PAA subsidized over 120 hours of adult day care at Riverside.  Mary has improved greatly and still continues to attend the adult day care 1 to 2 days a week.  She was also referred for Meals on Wheels, which has increased her opportunity to see other new faces in her life regularly.  These volunteers offer more than just the nourishment of well balanced meals, they offer the healthy nourishment of friendship and support to someone who has responded beautifully to their attention.

Contact Information:Phone:  873-0541  Web:  www.paainc.org
Please note that names were changed to protect the privacy of the clients.
Arc Sandy and Troy

The ARC of Greater Williamsburg - Quality of Life Program mission focuses on teenagers and adults in an effort to enhance their personal development and assist them to become more productive members of the community.  A significant outcome of this program is the emotional and social development of the clients.  They continue to interact more appropriately with members of the community and their peers.  This program provides them an environment free of judgment and criticism which allows them to be themselves, excel at their own pace, develop friendships and build teamwork.  Averaging 75% - 80% success rate in their quest to have their clients apply their knowledge of a subject, use materials and communicate new skills, this Quality of Life Program has the highest attendance rate and enthusiastic participation of individuals, families and caregivers.  Changing a negative interpersonal relationship into one of care and concern is part of a noteworthy development that the staff could see with one particular client.  Two other clients have become enthusiastic "volunteers" by helping their friends who have greater limitations, thus creating a great sense of teamwork that has a positive outcome and effect.


"Bridging the gap" can be a difficult divide between parents and their child.  One new client this year, living outside of the parameters of this Program's transportation route, has been attending 5 to 6 activities a month.  Her parents, who provide the transportation, have expressed the value and worth of the time spent riding with their child to these activities.  They have indicated the "pure joy" this program provides for their daughter and that the ride offers a time for interaction and discussion with her about her participation.  Additionally, while she is engaged in her activities, the parents have an opportunity for a respite and can re-connect with one another on a diverse level.


From peer support and influence, teamwork, encouragement, instruction, social interaction and relationship building, The ARC of Greater Williamsburg is grooming a healthy community one person, one family, one case at a time.  Communication is key, positive reinforcement is exceptional.

Contact Information:  Phone:  229-3535  Web:  www.arcofva.org
Please note that names were changed to protect the privacy of the clients.


Color Senior with Piano2007 Campaign Update -
As you can see from the signs around town, we have reached 50% of our $1,999,999 goal.  We would like to thank all the employees, the companies and the individual donors who have supported the campaign so far.
We would also like to thank the James City County Schools.  The week after Day of Caring, they had their "project" - a change drive.  Each school was to organize their own change drive - collect the money, count the money and take it to the bank to convert the "change" into a check for United Way.  The funds from 9 schools totaled $3,025.30.  Participating schools were:
Lafayette High School
Jamestown High School
Warhill High School
James Blair Middle School
Matthew Whaley Elementary School
Stonehouse Elementary School
Norge Elementary School
Clara Byrd Baker Elementary School
Toano Middle School
Rawls Byrd Elementary School
A round of applause to all the students who helped organize the drives and the students who donated.
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