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Welcome to der Riesenbaum, the official newsletter of the Porsche Club of America, Redwood Region, encompassing Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma Counties. This publication is intended to inform Club members about Club activities and other related matters of interest. The opinions expressed in der Riesenbaum are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Porsche Club of America, Redwood Region, its officers, or its members.


Written contributions and photos are welcome and should be emailed to the editor. The submission deadline for publication in der Riesenbaum is the 15th day of the month preceding the month of publication. Material received after the deadline will be considered for publication the following month. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit all material submitted for publication.


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President's Message

vern rogers headshot 2011
by Vern Rogers, Redwood Region President

It's midway into July, and we continue to have an activity packed calendar. Please see below for details on our Swap Meet (this next Saturday), the 7/21 Autocross, the Artisan Wine "Swing in the Vineyards" at Kachina, the August Brunch Run to Lake County, and other upcoming events.


We are a club with a vast array of event types and member participation. Several individuals, both on the Board and in the general membership, make this possible. I would like to personally acknowledge a few of these folks at this time.


David Bunch - This year's (once again) Autocross Director. David stepped up when we needed to fill the job. David is a Past President, Secretary, Goodie Store Director, and a past Autocross Director.


Tom, Wendy, and Alycia Strobel, as well as Andrew Snyder - These folks have been key to autocross course planning, registration, and timing, in addition to setup and takedown and whatever needs to get done. Tom in particular has been crucial, as David 's busy schedule has had him out of town for a few autocross events this year.


Mac and Becky Cranford - Tireless support of our autocrosses. Even when they do not run their car, they show up to support registration and course worker management.


Grady Carter, James Heisey, and Jim Winston - These guys, along with myself, have been the tech crew at each and every autocross. If you don't get "teched", you don't run. Having four of us has made the job oh-so-much easier.


Greg Maissen - Greg's car has had mechanical challenges most of the year, and yet he continues to show up at autocrosses and take on whatever task is needed.


Kurt Fischer - The man ("skinny white haired guy" - his words) at the gate. Kurt hasn't been running his car this year, but has always been there at 7:30 in the morning to welcome us and get the waivers handled.


Bob Schoenherr and Anita Benzing - Anita has been a great help in registration, and Bob has masterfully handled the job of instructor for autocross newbies.


Barbara McCrory and John Jackson - Thanks to Barbara and John, we have many, many of our autocross moments documented in video and still pictures. We have the spins, the wins, the slides, the one and sometimes two-wheel-up shots preserved for posterity, and sharing with our friends.


Redwood Region autocrosses would not happen without you! Many hands make for less work, and less work makes for more fun!


Besides autocross, there are the members behind events like:

  • Canepa Motorsports Tour with Yosemite Region, as well as most of our Brunch Runs, and this newsletter (Chris Harrell)
  • Porsches on the Plaza (Joe Burroughs, Kurt Fischer, David Bunch, Sharon Neidel)
  • Dinner run to Sonoma (Chris Harrell, Joe Burroughs, Mike Hinton)
  • Pech Merle Winery Tour (Cheryl and Bruce Lawton)
  • (This Saturday) Swap Meet at TRG (Andy Brian)
  • (Upcoming) Brunch Run to Lake County (Bob Schoenherr, Anita Benzing)
  • (Upcoming) Berryessa Tour and Dinner Run (Greg Matsumoto)
  • (Upcoming) Benbow Inn weekend (Rob and Mary Neidel)
  • (Upcoming) Northern Region Tour and Rally (Scott Downie)

Lastly, I would be remiss without giving additional thanks to our event man behind the scenes, Don Magdanz, this year's Event Director. Don's attention to detail, and his efforts in designing and implementing standard, repeatable and functional event procedures and forms, has enabled us to stop 'reinventing the wheel' for each event. The more I get to know Don, the more I appreciate him.


A GREAT BIG THANKS to all of you!


I have said it before, and will continue to say it: The Club is the members. I encourage you all to think about increasing your level of participation in the Redwood Region. If you have an idea for an event, or if you see a way that we can make things better, please do not hesitate to contact me or another Board Member.


That's all for now.  Down the road,


Upcoming Events

Click on the event name for a link to additional details, including contact and RSVP information.

July 2012

August 2012

Sat 8/18 - Sun 8/19 Wings Over Wine Country
Fri 8/24 - Sun 8/26 Indy® Grand Prix of Sonoma

September 2012

Click here for a single-page 2012 Redwood Region calendar in PDF format.

Click here to view the full 2012 Redwood Region calendar online.

2012 RR-TRG Swap flyer


2012 RR 7/21 AX Flyer


2012 Artisan Winery Tour flyer


From the Editor

chris harrell headshot
by Chris Harrell, der Riesenbaum Editor

We're halfway through the year. What a year it has been...and we haven't even hit the busiest part of our event schedule yet! As Vern mentioned, our upcoming calendar is filled with events; we have something scheduled pretty much every weekend for the next three months!


Speaking of upcoming events, Nancy Morais recently reminded me that the this year's event at Kachina Winery on July 28 effectively represents 2 years for Veronica and me as members of Redwood Region. The 2010 Kachina event was, in fact, our first event as members of this Region, and we had a great time and met some great friends. Although this year's Kachina event is a little earlier than in 2010, it's a reminder of how quickly these past two years have gone by...and how much fun we have had with our Redwood friends.


If you have not already signed up for this year's Kachina Event, Swing in the Vineyards, you must put it on your calendar and RSVP here today. Redwood Region members Greg and Nancy Chambers are great hosts, serving delicious food and wine amidst a great, rustic backdrop with Porsche friends. This year, the event will also feature live music by SwingSet, a jazz band featuring Club member Roland Tolosa on drums. This is definitely an event you don't want to miss!
Thank you for reading der Riesenbaum. I hope you enjoy this issue.

Beware of Squirrels

mccrory squirrel and pine cone 

Normally I like squirrels. But if I could identify the one that did this, his days might be numbered. To add insult to injury, the 2 lb. pine cone not only broke the windshield but put a dent in the sheet metal below the glass. Hear that sound like little animals playing lumberjack in the tall pines? Don't park there!


Steve McCrory, Redwood Region Member

Hi Tec Ad 2011


Bob and Nancy's 991 Adventure

Story and photos by Redwood Region members Bob Sherwood and Nancy Abruzzini


Cross #1 off the bucket list: Autobahn at HIGH SPEED! On May 1, we participated in Fast Lane Travel's 100th Porsche Treffen. Owners Peter Sontag and Thomas Hoferlin have been doing this for 37 years, and the experience was orchestrated as if done by Porsche engineers.


Our choice of any Porsche model (except Turbo or GT2/3) was a 991 Cabriolet. A month or so before the trip, Peter informed us the Cabriolet was not yet available. So rather than a 997 Cabriolet, we said a 991 Coupe would have to do. However, when signing the car documents I noticed it said Cabriolet and I asked if it was a 997. Due to Peter's relationship with Porsche, he was able to secure for us the 991 Cabriolet with all of 62 kilometers on the odometer.

October 2011 Nameplate
991S Cabriolet awaits

After breakfast the next day, out on the parking area sits our metallic gray 991 Cabriolet with 20" wheels, sport exhaust, PDK and the icing on the cake...a Carrera S! After a briefing on the interior controls, we push a button and the top unlatches itself and disappears into the rear deck area. Push another button and a windscreen raises behind the seats. From then on, the top was only up when parked at night.


Turn the key and the 3.8 motor comes to life with the sound of the sport exhaust, and nirvana has begun. I never thought I would have a Porsche with an automatic transmission, but the 991 PDK is awesome. I drove in automatic for a while and then switched to manual mode with thumb and forefinger on either side of the wheel shifting, and it was split second shifts through the gears thereafter. Switch the sport exhaust from 'tame' to sport and the exhaust tone will compete with any V-8 or V-10, especially in tunnels and on narrow streets.


Porsche roads ahead!


On the unlimited speed zone, we got separated from our group by a slower car passing a truck and once it moved over...OPEN ROAD! Downshift to 4th, pedal down, up to 5th, up to 6th at 263 km/h, (approximately 164 mph), caught the group and Nancy's hair didn't even get messed! I discovered at subsequent high speed bursts that the first sport setting for the suspension felt more stable and the steering wheel more precise.


On day two, cruising at over 100 mph, we hit a heavy rainstorm for about 20 minutes. We had the top down and no one slowed so we could put the top up, but we didn't even get wet. After some reluctance on Nancy's part (I think she just didn't want to erase the constant smile from my face), I told her, "You have to drive this incredible car"!  Eventually she consented, drove as fast as 135 mph, and even succumbed to the magic of the manual shift mode. Her only disappointment was that the opportunity wasn't there to go faster! 

October 2011 Nameplate
Bob and Nancy pose in front of a dream background. Cross Porsche Treffen off the bucket list.

On a long winding downhill road, the sport plus suspension mode came into play and the road to steering wheel feedback was incredible. The scenery was reminiscent of the "Sound of Music", although we enjoyed the symphony of the 3.8 sport exhaust soundtrack instead.


All in all, the Treffen exceeded our expectations and we would recommend it be added to anyone's bucket list. The 991: There aren't enough words to describe this car...!

Va Va Vroom Pech Merle Winery Tour

Story and photos by Hanzo Neel


Saturday, June 16 was a perfect day to celebrate the seductive headlights and shapely rear ends of our beloved Porsches while driving through picturesque Sonoma County. Pech Merle Winery hosted their first annual Va Va Vroom, a wine tasting and potluck luncheon, to celebrate friendships, Porsches, and the harmonious pairing of food and wine.


Porsches decorate the Pech Merle grounds after a nice drive over Skaggs Springs Road


Forty-two voluptuous Porsches and 80+ enthusiastic members assembled at Kaffe Mocha for the start of a beautiful drive out River Road, then due north on Hwy 1. Magnificent Pacific Ocean views and a pit stop for refreshments at Stewart's Pt. General Store got the engines all revved up for Skaggs Springs Road. Two groups of Porsches filed through the mountainous area for 30 miles of tight turns and scenery, en route to the incomparable Dry Creek Valley. Membership Director Bob Schoenherr came in his "Porsche RAV4"; he was assigned as sweep on the 2nd group.

October 2011 Nameplate
Members escape the heat and enjoy some great food and wine under Pech Merle's 300+ year-old oak tree

Redwood Region members Bruce and Cheryl Lawton recently opened Pech Merle Winery in Dry Creek Valley, just north of Healdsburg. Their Va Va Vroom event took place under the 300+ year old Oak tree that created an enormous magical canopy over delicious wine tasting and tables laden with delectable foods. Tri-tip steak and chicken were grilled perfectly and served with a plethora of delicious potluck salads, side dishes, and desserts. Award-winning Pech Merle wines were available for purchase in their rustic tasting room, a historic building that once served as the utility shed for this long ago dairy farm.  

Members pose for a picture in the rustic tasting room

Congratulations to the Lawtons and the team at Pech Merle on their multi-medal finish at the prestigious 2012 San Francisco International Wine Competition. Their Ivy Rose' de Syrah won "Best of Show" as well as a Double Gold Medal.   

Bruce and Cheryl loved having all of the Porschefiles as guests and are already planning the 2013 Va Va Vroom.


We are definitely smitten.

Assistant Newsletter Editor(s) Needed

As we continue our commitment to improving der Riesenbaum, we are looking for members who are interested in learning about the newsletter and assisting with the process of building and publishing der Riesenbaum each month. This could be just an assistant role or could develop into something larger and longer-term. Please contact the Editor, Chris Harrell, at or 415.475.9591 if you are interested in learning more about the opportunity.

Semi-Annual Redwood Region Treasurer's Report

As of the end of the first half of this fiscal (calendar 2012) year, the Redwood Region's finances remain in excellent condition. Total assets of $32,223.25 include funds in the unrestricted checking account, autocross reserve fund, money market account, certificate of deposit and  Goodie Store inventory.


Total income for the first half of 2012 was $12,935.85 and expenses were $9,470.54; net profit was $3,465.31. Major sources of net profit were:

  • $1,437.15 from AutoCross
  • $3,648.00 from National Rebates

Please note that these financial figures are unaudited, but will be reviewed by the Redwood Region Financial Review Committee at the end of the year. Any questions, clarifications or requests for full financial statements, please contact Region Treasurer, Jerry Gladstone at

Redwood Region Member Survey


The Redwood Region Board of Directors is always looking for member input. We have created a survey to learn more about member interests and events in which members would like to participate. If you haven't completed the survey yet, please take a few minutes to give it a look at the link below. Thank you for sharing your feedback and ideas.


The Midfield Report: Observations from an Autocross Apprentice

mike hinton headshot 2011
by Mike Hinton, Redwood Region Secretary


After an invigorating event on May 19, the next autocross event on Redwood Region's (very) busy calendar was the Zone 7 event that was held on June 23 and 24. That's right, the Zone 7 events are two-day affairs. I have participated in a couple such events previously, but I've never attended both days of the event. Unfortunately, that trend continued this year, as I was only able to attend on Saturday.


In my experience, Zone 7 events tend to be a bit more competitive than our "normal" events. I'm sure that the added intensity results from the fact that Zone championship points are on the line, which means that the more serious (and faster) drivers tend to participate in the Zone events. Imagine my surprise on Saturday when many of the "usual suspects" were not in attendance! It appears that there was an unfortunate scheduling conflict with a couple of the other Zone 7 regions, which caused participation by the fast guys to lag. My chief rival, Chris, was also unable to attend, due to a demanding work and travel schedule. That left Barney and me to fly the midfield flag for the event.


Our Autocross Co-Chair, Tom Strobel, had laid out a course with an interesting design feature: no traditional slaloms! In all of my previous events, the course had always featured at least one, and sometimes two, slaloms, where the vehicles negotiate a series of left and right swerves around single cones. Instead, the course featured a few series of gates, which replicated the left-right swerve of the slalom, but with tighter spacing. Counterbalancing the slower part of the design were a couple of higher-speed sections (almost straight!), and our normal rollercoaster ride through the "go-kart" section of our course. That section had been repaired recently to fill in a gaping pothole, and the repair seemed to be holding up well. I had the distinct impression that the first "straightaway" would be too fast for me to negotiate in second gear, which would create issues....

June 2012 Redwood Region Zone 7 Autocross
June 2012 Redwood Region Zone 7 Autocross


As noted earlier, our total number of participants was low, meaning, once again, that everyone would have to work in the morning and afternoon, and would have to cover a station alone. Everyone was hoping that the drivers would be precise, in order to minimize cone shagging. At least the weather was cooperating, with mild temperatures and a refreshing breeze. After getting our worker assignments and instructions at the drivers' meeting, I climbed into Barney and prepared to do battle.


While waiting for my first run, I was checking out the times of others in my run group, and noticed that most times were in the high-50 second range. Those times indicated that the slow-appearing sections of the course were just that, and also that the course was a bit longer than usual. Finally, I was flagged off to start my first run, and I got lost! I misread the course and began slowing halfway through the long straight! Totally embarrassing, and not conducive to good times!  Fortunately, we would have 5 more runs in the morning to correct that mistake. I had mentioned last month that I always rediscover that my tires are grip-free on their first run, and that proved to be the case again. After much sliding around on the first and second runs, the tires finally felt good on the third run. All was well through the first set of swerves, then about halfway down the straight, there was the unmistakable "popping" of the engine hitting the rev limiter in second gear!  I decided to try and drive around that problem for the following three runs in the morning, but had little success in improving my times. A new approach would be needed for the afternoon....


After our morning runs, it was time to work. Fortunately, the drivers in the second group were relatively fastidious, as far as hitting cones was concerned, so there was not too much sprinting required to retrieve downed cones. We did get to witness a few spins and near-spins, but all of the participants and cars were able to continue without incident.  My worker station allowed me a good vantage point for one of the more critical sections of the course, and I was intrigued to see some different approaches that were taken at that point. I vowed to discuss that issue over lunch.


During lunch I decided that I would try the "third gear" approach to the straightaway. I had learned from the April event that shifting needs to be done in a straight line, so that meant early. Of course, using 3rd gear on the straight meant that I had to go back to 2nd for the rest of the course, and THAT meant the dreaded heel/toe downshift (braking while blipping the throttle to match engine and gearbox rpm). It's easy if you have 3 feet. Not my strongest point! I also decided to try a different approach to the back side of the course, after talking to a couple of the more talented pilots over lunch. 


As I approached the end of the straight the first time in 3rd, I was definitely going faster, but then came the shift back to 2nd gear, and it worked! The new approach to the back section didn't seem to be as successful, as I couldn't get the car to turn properly. Also, as the day warmed up, there seemed to be less grip, so I decided to reduce the air pressure in the tires, which improved matters. Finally, for the last two runs, I switched back to my "morning" approach to the back side of the course, and improved on both runs. All in all, a great learning experience!


Our next event is the Ladies Day event on July 7, which will run prior to publication of the newsletter. So mark your calendars for July 21 for Round 7 of the season. I guarantee you'll learn new things about your driving and your car! See you out on the course!


Click here for detailed results from all Redwood Region autocross events.

TRG ad


Kurt's Korner

kurt fischer headshot
by Kurt Fischer, Redwood Region Past President


Porsches on the Plaza


Dateline - 7:00 a.m., Sunday, July 1, 2012. I am looking out my window and see all the pavement very wet and think to myself not today! No rain! This will be our 3rd time doing one of our best events that not only highlights the wonderfulness of Porsches, but also draws a number of new members and is a charity event for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates of Sonoma County).


I arrive at 7:36 to find Joe Burroughs, a Redwood Region member and the co-chairman of this event, parked in front of City Hall...wiping the mist off of his 997 Cabriolet. A bit of history: Joe works for the City of Sonoma and was responsible for suggesting that we do Porsches on the Plaza several years ago. What a great idea and a perfect venue for the Redwood Region. What could be better than a mini car show, a picnic on the beautiful park grounds, and general fun in the sun?!

POP 2012
A perfect day on the Sonoma Plaza, with Porsches of nearly every model and color (photo by John Jackson)

Next to arrive were the cars being trailered in: Bret Boutet with his Kremer 935, followed by Nanci Bishop with her 914-6 Jagermeister, and the star of our racecars section - the real TRG #66, courtesy of Kevin Buckler. This car won the 2003 Daytona 24 hours outright and was also the class winner at the 2004 LeMans 24 Hours! Derek from TRG fires up #66 to back it out of the trailer and the sounds echo around the Plaza on a Sunday morning. Birds take flight, etc. I love the smells of racing gasoline in the morning!


The rest of the field starts showing up at 8:00 and we slowly fill up the horseshoe in front of City Hall. You name it, it was there, from a 550 Spyder clone to the latest 991 courtesy of Sonnen Porsche! Every Porsche color in the rainbow and then some. I will let the pictures tell the story!

pop cars
Porsches line the east end of the Plaza (photo by Barbara McCrory)

Around lunchtime, the sun finally breaks through and the crowds file through to peruse our Porsches and talk to the owners. The best comment I heard was a father and young daughter combo and she said to him, "Dad, are you going to talk to every owner?" I laughed and told her, "Let your dad enjoy." I got the typical eyes rolling look from a 12 year-old! Dad was on his cell phone telling his Porsche friends about the show. I watched them and, yes, the dad talked to almost every owner with his reluctant daughter in tow!


We had a People's Choice Award with the following folks taking home bottles of wine:


Winner - Richard & Ana Flaherty from Glen Ellen, 2005 996

2nd - Mike Burns from Napa, 1979 930 Turbo

3rd - Constantine & Isabella Petros from Sonoma, 356 Speedster


We have so many people to thank for this great event: Deven Wailes of Hi Tec as our main sponsor, David Bunch and Sharon Neidel for the Goodie Store and registration table, Kevin Buckler from TRG for #66, Sonnen Porsche for the new 991, and all the Redwood Region members that assisted in every aspect of getting this show in place! This event takes a village to pull off and we have the people to do it!  With 47 cars on the Plaza, we must have had at least 130 members there with picnic lunches, enjoying the sights of beautiful downtown Sonoma, as well as hundreds of others checking out the cars.


Will we do this venue next year? You bet; it is always one of our most successful events of the year!




More pics of this event can be found here.

How to Wash and Shine your Beloved Porsche, Part 1: Scrub Down

bob schoenherr headshot 2011
by Bob Schoenherr, Redwood Region Membership Director and Zone Concours Champion


Cars get dirty even in the garage. There are more than just dirt and rain spots clinging to your car's paint, glass, and chrome finishes. Airborne industrial pollutants, acid rain, dead bugs, tree sap, and bird droppings will degrade your paint. Most modern Porsche car ­finishes are covered with a clear coat to protect the pigmented main layer, but what about our classics with no clear coat protection? It is important to keep your car clean and waxed to repel water and pollutants. 

Guest what? The same goes for your car's interior. That slimy patina of French fries, onion rings, Big Gulp spills, sweat, and dirt will eventu­ally turn your interior into a primordial swamp. Of course, I know we never eat in our Porsches! We'll talk about this in another article....


Before we go any further, take note: there is nothing under your kitchen sink that's appropriate for washing or cleaning your car! Leave the dish detergent for the dishes, and use a proper car-washing solution. I recommend Simple Green (which will remove the wax) for tough cleaning, and a car wash shampoo for the rest. The shampoo is more for getting the dirt off, but the real cleaner is WATER: if your car is really dirty, water is going to be the best way to clean it.


What you need:

  • a shady area to wash and dry your car
  • car shampoo (any brand is basically the same - I like Meguiar's just because it's easy to get)
  • microfiber washing cloth (micro fiber protects your paint - don't use a sponge)
  • a deep bucket (5-gallon paint buckets are great - put your sponges on the bottom to soak up the dirt you take off the car with the microfiber cloth)
  • water hose with a good adjustable nozzle
  • optional: beer or wine to keep yourself hydrated will working on the car (do not drive immediately after cleaning the car if you use this option)
  • lawn blower
  • microfiber towels
  • detail spray
  • carnauba wax



Step 1: Assemble all the items you need from the list above.


Step 2: Keep your Porsche in the shade while washing and waxing to prevent the heat of the sun from drying off the car and making water spots before you can dry them.


Step 3: Wet the surface beforehand to help dissolve the bug stains and loosen the dirt. If there is a lot of bug and tar grime, apply the car shampoo directly to the heavy areas and let it soak as you wash other parts of the car. For tar, I like to apply Simple Green directly to the tar and then scrub and wash off.


Step 4: Hose the salt and mud off the wheel wells and undercarriage. 

Step 5: Clean the wheels first to keep all the slop from getting on the bodywork.


Step 6: Start on the top of the car and work down. Wash the car, spreading the suds with a lambs wool wash mitt or microfiber towels.


Step 7: Rinse thoroughly with light spray, not high-pressure spray.


Step 8: Drying the car can be what causes the most scratches in your clear coat! NEVER use diapers - they are too abrasive. Use a microfiber towel or, better yet, use your lawn blower (this will avoid causing any abrasions abrasions to the paint and will also dry the areas that are hard to reach, like on 356s and 911s).


Step 9: Go over the entire car with detail spray (see below).


Note: You are now ready to clean the glass (see below) if you are not going to wax the car.




Is your car just dusty, or does it have a small amount of dirt from the road? If so, then simply use detail spray and microfiber towels to clean its surface.


Step 1: Spray detail spray on about a 2x2 foot area and wipe gently with a microfiber towel until dry. Flip the towel over a couple of times while doing this. Repeat over the whole car. You may want to use more than one towel if the towel starts getting dirty. I like to apply and then polish with two separate towels.


Step 2: Polish with a microfiber towel and then stand back after 10 minutes to admire your work.




NEVER use Windex or any ammonia-based window cleaner. Use a window polish like Clear Glass or RainX. I have found that a good detail spray from Adam's or SmartWax works best and leaves no streaks (Concours tip).

Queenie, Bob Schoenherr and Anita Benzing's Concours-winning 912E (photo by Bob Schoenherr)

In Part 2, we will talk about waxes, clay bars, and the use of orbital polishers for you clean freaks who want the ultimate in show car finish.


Remember that dirt is what scratches the car's surfaces, so don't use a sponge that could grind the dirt into the paint surface. No household detergents. Use water, air, and microfiber to get a clean and scratch-free finish, and have as much fun as Anita and I do when prepping "Queenie" for a Concours.

RR Rob Roy Tour


Carlsen Concours Flyer


2012 LPR Swap and Concours Flyer


SVR 50th Anniversary Flyer


Yosemite Region Concours




2012 ledson flyer


Membership Information

Please contact Bob Schoenherr, Membership Director for general information about Club membership, including changes of address and/or contact information, dual-membership inquiries, inter-region transfers, membership referrals, and name badges.

Membership Report

bob schoenherr headshot 2011
by Bob Schoenherr, Redwood Region Membership Director

WOW - 40 years of PCA membership! Congratulations to Richard Mattos and David Merz! 


I also want to welcome this month's new members. This is the largest group to join the Redwood Region in a single month so far in 2012. 


It is great to see new and old members at our events as the summer continues. Anita and I just came back from the "Concours in Paradise" in Monterey, where Queenie, our 912E once again won her class, losing only 2 points. It was fun to see the Concours crew, and many new faces giving Concours a try. Check out the video that Anita posted to our Redwood Region Facebook site to see the cars involved in Monterey at the Zone 7 event. I sure wish we hadn't missed Porsches on the Plaza, so we could have once again shared some of the Concours skills we have picked up over the years. This event just gets better every year!  


Finally, I apologize that name badges will be getting out late this month due to a postage rate increase. I have to mail the badges again with more postage.


As always, please feel free to email me at or call me at 707.995.5082 with any questions.




June 2012 Membership Summary

New Members 9
Transfers In 3
Transfers Out 1
Renewals 34
Non-Renewals 10
Dual Members 16

Primary Members 483
Affiliate Members 358
Total Members 841

June 2012 New Members

Theodore Bell, Sausalito - 1997 993 C4, 2009 997 (transfer from Connecticut Valley Region)
Jay Bernarding and Chyna Wright-Bernarding, Crockett - 2006 997S Silver
Lyle Bonn and Christine Donohue, Novato - 1980 911SC Red
John and Lisa Davoren, Larkspur - 2007 Boxster Blue
Jorge Filho, Sausalito - 2007 997 Black
Frederick Giarrusso and Bruna Nieri, Napa - 1999 996 Red
Graham Gillies, San Anselmo - 1989 944, 2003 996 Silver (transfer from Golden Gate Region)
Ronald Guest, Sonoma - 1963 356 Black
Rebecca and Raymond Linkous, Petaluma - 2007 Cayman White
Siobhan MacDermott, Novato - 2005 997 Silver
Mark Richard, Santa Rosa - 2003 996 Turbo Silver
Scott Zaret, Larkspur - 2001 996 Silver

Welcome to the Redwood Region! We hope to see you at an upcoming event....

July 2012 Membership Anniversaries

Richard Mattos, Penngrove - 40 years
David Merz and Dan Merz, Penngrove - 40 years and 3 years
Donald and Beth Canardo, Sebastopol - 34 years and 31 years
Kit Kersch and Pam Williams, Santa Rosa - 29 years and 5 years
Bela Thury, San Francisco - 28 years
Peter and Diane Kane, Pleasant Hill - 27 years and 25 years
Jeffrey Civian, Healdsburg - 25 years
James and Kelly Polisson, Greenbrae - 21 years
Michael A. Ross and Danielle Botros, San Rafael - 18 years and 9 years
William and Renata Ravina, Novato - 15 years and 10 years
Paul and Kathleen Simmons, San Rafael - 15 years
Sylvia Ross and David Ross, Tiburon - 13 years and 2 years
Roger and Linda Sampson, Penngrove - 12 years
John Baldwin and Clay Baldwin, San Geronimo - 11 years
David Bunch, Petaluma - 11 years
Daniel and Marcia Madagan, Santa Rosa - 11 years
William Thomas and Joe Thomas, Novato - 11 years and 7 years
Mike and Ann Depaoli, Windsor - 10 years
Howard and Lorraine McKinley, San Francisco - 10 years
David and Margaret Blatchford, Mill Valley - 9 years and 1 year
Thomas and Janet Griesel, Mill Valley - 9 years
Tim and Julia Hensel, Rohnert Park - 9 years and 3 years
Russell Zink and Sean Callaway, Sausalito - 9 years
Joaquin Horton, San Rafael - 8 years
Jim and Marilyn Hybiske, Sonoma - 8 years
Eric and Melissa Schmitt, Yountville - 8 years and 3 years
Tony Taylor and Lafie Taylor, San Francisco - 8 years and 7 years
Michael Elliot-Jones, Santa Rosa - 7 years
Paul and Betsy Alber, San Rafael - 6 years
Kenneth and Deborah Dewey, Key Largo, FL - 5 years
Jess and Cathryn Ghannam, Fairfax - 5 years and 4 years
David and Judy Montero, Novato - 5 years
Jason and Candace Washing, Belvedere - 5 years
Matt and Liz Babich, Arcata - 4 years
Stephanie Stewart and Gary Miller, Novato - 4 years and 2 years
Gary Wyatt, Fortuna - 4 years
Jim Carruthers, The Sea Ranch - 3 years
Peter Hamel, Sebastopol - 3 years
Martin Lauber and Peter Lauber, Belvedere - 3 years
Paul and Jeanine Nadel, Ukiah - 3 years
George Steed and Vicky Hedstrand, Sebastopol - 3 years
Robert Zimmerman, Mill Valley - 3 years
Mike and Lynn Dowling, Greenbrae - 2 years and 1 year
Galen Myers, Stinson Beach - 2 years
Tom and Wick Schoeneman, Redwood Valley - 2 years and 1 year
Fred Stout and Eileen Murray, Greenbrae - 2 years
Dana Aftab, San Rafael - 1 year
Bruce Eggert and Juliana Rahman, Santa Rosa - 1 year
Barbara Gorder and Timothy Farley, Santa Rosa - 1 year
Kevin and Jodi Holbrook, Santa Rosa - 1 year
Scot and Michele Johnson, Napa - 1 year
Paul Pierson, Sebastopol - 1 year
Bo Williams, Glen Ellen - 1 year

Thanks and Happy Anniversary to all of you!

Membership information is based on the Porsche Club of America National database. If you feel that any of the information included in this Membership Report is inaccurate, please contact the Editor or Membership Director.
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Board Meeting Minutes
mike hinton headshot 2011
by Mike Hinton, Redwood Region Secretary

Redwood Region Board Meeting Minutes - June 26, 2012

 In attendance:  President Vern Rogers, Vice-President/Newsletter Editor Chris Harrell, Secretary Mike Hinton, Treasurer Jerry Gladstone, Event Director Don Magdanz, Autocross Director and Goodie Store David Bunch, Webmaster Barbara McCrory, Past President Greg Maissen, Concours Director James Heisey, Sponsorship Director Simone Kopitzki, Safety Director Mac Cranford, and members Grady Carter and Thorsten Kopitzki.


Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m. by President Vern Rogers at Ghiringhelli Pizzeria Grill & Bar, Novato.


President's Report: stands as submitted.


Submitted prior to Board Meeting:

  • In discussion w/Andrew Ratto @ Sonnen regarding Club invite to 981 Release. Date not yet set.
  • Met w/Jerry and other EC members to discuss Bylaws revisions.
  • Decision made w/EC to use electronic voting for 2012 Board Elections and Bylaws change.
    • These two to be combined into one election. 
    • Chris to put together a test of the process.
  • Filed for and received Charity Subsidy (Porsches on the Plaza for CASA) from National.
  • Submitted Insurance request for Porsches on the Plaza. This requires a special endorsement that is different than the standard certificate.
  • Took the '83 SC to HiTec for new Bilsteins and to get it lowered. Really looking forward to Zone 7 AX...
  • Received and distributed (to badge holders) revised AOA badge rules/regulations from Lidia @ Sonoma County Airport.
  • Enrolled Ray Fiore (at last month's AX) to coordinate group of RRPCA folks heading to Parade.
  • Revised AX Course Template for use in 7/7 Ladies Day AX (my first course design).
  • Had a GREAT time driving on the Pech Merle run!
  • Please remember to read last month's minutes so that we can approve them.

Items discussed at meeting:

  • Motion to approve May meeting minutes was passed.
  • Release date for the 981 is Friday, June 30.

Vice President's Report: stands as submitted.


Submitted prior to Board Meeting:

  • Highlights
    • Shared 7/28 Kachina Tour flyer with all Regions in Z7; requested Z7 Rep Sharon Neidel's help to get the word out to the other regions, which she has done
    • Reviewed Electronic Data Storage policy with President Vern Rogers and Event Director Don Magdanz
    • Submitted RR's 2012 AX t-shirt for this year's PCA Parade Art competition; designated AX Director David Bunch to be our Region's contact for said competition in SLC in July
    • Provided feedback and possible dates (10/13) for Lunch Run to Lake Berryessa, suggested by member Greg Matsumoto
    • Created flyers for all RR AX for the remainder of 2012
    • Finalized venue and route for 6/30 Dinner Run with member Joe Burroughs
    • Pre-ran 6/30 Dinner Run route twice (once with Veronica, once with Secretary Mike Hinton); made a few adjustments
    • Attended 6/16 Pech Merle Winery Tour
    • Met with Bylaws Review Committee on 6/19
  • Open Items
    • Finalize locations for October and November Brunch Runs (Oct is also RR Annual Members' Meeting)

Treasurer's Report: stands as submitted.


Submitted prior to Board Meeting:


This report covers the period from May 25, 2012 to June 22, 2012:

  • Certificate of Deposit (CD) total investment stand at $10,162.58.Money Market Account stands at $7,571.70.
  • Checking account stands at $10,584.21 in total.
    • $6,551.45 in unrestricted funds.
    • $4,032.76 in funds restricted as the autocross reserve.
  • There are $14.00 in undeposited funds (badge fee)
  • The major income items for the period were:
    • $385.00 charity support from PCA National for Porsches on the Plaza.
    • $30.00 from Goodie Store sales.
  • Major expense items for the period were:
    • $1,196.64 for AutoCross #4 (two day track rental and wine for prizes).
    • $349.00 for permit for Porsches on the Plaza
    • $206.96 for meeting dinners.
    • $162.75 for a new banner.
    • $90.00 for reserved parking permits for the Sonoma Dinner Run.
  • Net income (loss) for the "period" was ($1,769.57).
  • Net income for 2012 is $2,264.23.
  • Redwood Region's total assets are valued at $31,022.17.
  • Notes & Questions
    • The first Bylaws review committee meeting was held. The first round of revisions to the existing Bylaws were agreed upon and are being drafted into the 2012 Bylaws.
    • There is a link on the website to Coastal Driving School. Is this an endorsement or what?
  • Attachments
    • Balance Sheet as of June 22, 2012
    • Profit & Loss Statement for the period May 25, 2012 through June 22, 2012
    • Profit & Loss Statement for 2012 through June 22, 2012
    • 2012 Sponsors/Advertisers Log through June 22, 2012 

Items discussed at meeting:

  • The Coastal Driving School is a Loma Prieta Region event.

Secretary's Report: stands as submitted.


Submitted prior to Board Meeting:

  • Created Event folders containing waivers, event reports and maps for May and June events.
  • Distributed remaining business cards from second order at Board Meeting.
  • Attended Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival, and assisted with Paddock setup.
  • Attended Pech Merle Winery tour on 6/16.
  • Drove the major portion of the proposed 6/30 Dinner Run with Chris, and proposed revisions to the route.
  • Attended first meeting of the Bylaws Review Committee on 6/19.

Past-President's Report: 


Nothing to report this month.


der Riesenbaum Editor's report:


Submitted prior to Board Meeting:


The June issue of der Riesenbaum was sent on 6/5/12 to 633 email addresses; 320 (50.6%) opened as of 6/21/12.

  • Highlights
    • Sent event reminder (aka "email blast") on 6/13, focusing on 6/16 Pech Merle Winery Tour, 6/23-6/24 RRZ7 AX, 6/30 Dinner Run, 7/1 Porsches on the Plaza
  • Open Items
    • Need to begin succession planning for Newsletter Editor position 2013 forward
    • 2012 sponsor ads needed (Whitman, updated ad from Sonnen)
    • Transpose interviews with Pete Stout and Kevin Buckler for future issues of dR
    • Create sample electronic ballot for Board review

Item discussed at meeting:

  • Chris will coordinate the search and transition for the next der Riesenbaum editor.

Membership Director's Report: stands as submitted.        


(full report included in Membership section of June der Riesenbaum)


Autocross Director's Report:


Information to be provided at Board Meeting.


Items discussed at meeting:

  • There were 29 drivers participating in the May autocross.
  • There was discussion concerning level of participation in PCA-only autocross events. If participation declines, the Board will consider options to increase the car count.

Webmaster's Report: stands as submitted.

Submitted prior to Board Meeting:

  • In June PCA National migrated the Redwood Region website along with all the others hosted to a new server with more capacity and speed.  With the assistance of National staff, the log files were reestablished.
  • During the month of June 2012 it is estimated that the visitor count will be approximately 4300.  There were 1300 unique IP's that accessed the site.  
  • Busiest week was June 10 through 16 with 1068 visitor.  
  • Concours and Autocross were the most popular pages.  The most popular flyer was Pech Merle followed by Porsches on the Plaza.
  • Daily country activity was led by the United States, China, Ukraine,  Japan and Germany accounting for 88% of the visitors.  
  • ipads, iphones and androids continue to access the site, 232 this month.  Top browsers are IE and Firefox.

Goodie  Store Director's Report: 


Nothing to report this month.


Event Director's Report: 


Submitted prior to Board Meeting:

  • The EC approved the updated Event Electronic Storage Policy. I will implement this as soon as I have time. Presently, we are using my Dropbox account.
  • Normally we start our Events with a Driving Tour at either Chevy's @ Rowland Plaza in Novato or Kaffe Mocha near Charles Schultz Airport. I have thought that RR wanted to have consistent locations so that participants don't have to "find" a new location to start an Event. Obviously, these locations don't work or we have something before the Driving Tour at another location (i.e. free breakfast @ Sonnen in Mill Valley). Feelings from the Directors?
  • 6-16-12 Winery Tour Pech Merle. Great event, except the heat drove us away right after lunch. We had 40 cars and split into 2 groups, each with a Tour Leader and Sweep. If we have more than 25 cars, we plan to split them into 2 groups. We are talking about a Dinner Run, selling wine by the glass after tasting, etc.
  • 6-30-12 Dinner Run Plaza Bistro, Sonoma: Attached are the Event Leader Instructions, the Driving Tour Map, and Itinerary. Joe Burroughs secured a parking area in the State Park parking lot near the restaurant. This Event requires Board approval.
  • 7-1-12 Porsches on the Plaza: Attached are the Event Leader Instructions and the flyer. 
  • 7-14-12 Swap Meet TRG: Attached are the Event Leader Instructions and the flyer. Andy Brian attended the Swap Meet at Parts Heaven in June. He has a plan for setting up the parking lot for sellers. I plan to help him that morning; we need a couple more volunteers. I invited Andy to the Board meeting; he is returning from vacation and wasn't sure that he could make it.
  • 7-28-12 Winery Tour Kachina: Attached are the Event Leader Instructions and the flyer. Ralph Thomas has volunteered to help with creating a Driving Tour; I asked him to send me some ideas and talk to Greg Chambers. The Event requires Board approval.
  • 8-4-12 Brunch Run Lake County: I put together the Driving Tour Map and Itinerary based on Bob Schoenherr's route; after he reviews them, I'll send them to Mac for approval. I'll send them to the Board along with the Event Leader Instructions for the Board Meeting on TU, 7/31.
  • 10-13-12 Brunch Run Lake Berryessa: Although not officially on the Calendar, I am talking to Greg Matsumoto about having a potluck at a park.
  • 12-1-12 Holiday Party Seghesio: I haven't talked to Dana @ Seghesio; probably won't until August. I did ask Ray Kalisky about his capacity at Nourish; he can have a band and about 100 people for an Event. Sounds like we have a future option, and a fallback this year in case Seghesio doesn't work out. 

Items discussed at meeting:

  • The Board approved the 6-30-12 and 7-28-12 events.
Concours Director's Report:

Nothing to report this month.


Sponsorship Director's Report:


Simone just returned from Germany. No report this month.


Safety Director Report:


No incidents to report.


Charity/CASA Report:  


Nothing to report this month.


Redwood Region Procedure Manual (David Bunch): 


1. Submitted updated RPM to EC on 4/26/2012 for their review.

2. Completed Chris's and Jerry's changes.

3. Awaiting Vern's & Michael's changes.

4. Once those are completed the RPM will be distributed to entire Board.


Social Media Report:


As of today, we have 344 friends.  Most of the articles are being read by between 20-30% of our friends.  I have looked for other pertinent stats from Facebook on average readership of posted articles...but to no avail...this is a hidden Facebook fact!


Some of our weekly stats that are interesting...


We are being seen by 126,000 + people (friends of our friends)

This last week we are up 164% on readership

This last week we are up 158% on total reach!


I would say that our Facebook page is working quite well...compared to other PCA regions that have Facebook pages! I am still working on the specific app that will allow us to add a "sponsors" page.  It is quite detailed and requires knowledge of FB apps!


Meeting adjourned at 9:04 P.M.


Our next Board Meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on July 31, 2012, at Ghiringhelli Pizzeria Grill & Bar, 1535 South Novato Blvd., Novato.

Redwood Region Contacts
2012 Redwood Region Board of Directors

Executive Council


Appointed Directors



der Marktplatz
Wanted: Interior linings for a 1985 911 Targa. Must be in brown leather and in very good condition. Looking for door panels, grab handles, door pocket lids, upper door panel molding, and rear seats. Contact Rod Moore at 415.459.2754 or


Carter 951

1986 944 Turbo (951) Sell or Trade - Guards Red over Black Leather. Excellent condition with 205,000 miles (about 7600 miles/yr). Exceptional example with great paint, great leather, clear title. Always garaged California car. All services done regularly with complete history and service records. Needs a few minor things (I'll tell you exactly in detail) but this is truly exotic car performance at economy car expense. Chip and a few minor performance mods but very civilized and happy to putter around town, but when you want it this car is seriously quick. Essentially the way it left Germany in 1986, even down to the original Phone Dial alloys. Needs nothing to drive it daily.


Will consider trades for later year Honda Element EX or other utility or van type vehicles in excellent condition. Asking price is the Agreed Value on my Hagerty policy, which is $11900 but MAKE AN OFFER! Let's talk.


I'm in Santa Rosa. Call for more details, more pics, any questions, test drive. Text or leave message with your contact info. Thanks for looking. Chris Carter, or 707.322.5514.


downie targa
1983 911SC Targa. Quartz Grey Metallic, burgundy interior. Factory leather Recaro sport seats. 95% Michelin PS, new top, new brakes w/steel lines, Bilsteins,tensioners, test pipe. Porsche COA. 145K miles. $12,900. 707.725.6110;









October 2011 Nameplate
I have a front headlight in excellent condition from a 2006 Carrera S (997). It came off my car when I had my front fender repaired after some guy backed into my car. Surprisingly, the insurance company approved replacement based on a 1/4-inch scratch on the very edge. You have to look hard to find the scratch. This headlight assembly is nearly $1,500 new; I'm willing to sell this one for $400. Contact Joe at 707.484.7895 or









Original black leather steering wheel (two horizontal bars) from my early 1989 911 Targa. Was exchanged for Momo wheel shortly after purchase. As new. $200. Contact Martin at















Classified ads for Porsches and Porsche-related parts or accessories are available at no charge to PCA members and may be submitted to the editor via email by the 15th of each month to be included in the next month's issue of der Riesenbaum. Ads will run for three months, space permitting, unless canceled by the seller. Classified ads are also included in the der Marktplatz section on our Club website. Editor may modify ad copy as needed based on space constraints, and is not responsible for content, errors or omissions. Commercial ads are not accepted. Please contact Sponsorship Director Simone Kopitzki at 415.299.7563 for sponsorship information and rates.   
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BA Travel New Ad

Letters to the editor, feedback, questions, and suggestions about der Riesenbaum and the Redwood Region in general are welcome. We also encourage members to submit photos and/or write-ups about Club events or related activities.

Members are also welcome and encouraged to attend monthly Redwood Region Board Meetings, held on the last Tuesday of each month (except December) at 7:00 p.m. at Ghiringhelli Pizzeria Grill & Bar, 1535 South Novato Blvd., Novato.

Remember, this Club belongs to all of us; your ideas, energy, and participation will help create the best possible experience for all members.


Thank you all for supporting your Club!


Chris Harrell, der Riesenbaum Editor

Porsche Club of America, Redwood Region


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