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Welcome to der Riesenbaum, the official newsletter of the Porsche Club of America, Redwood Region, encompassing Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma Counties. This publication is intended to inform Club members about Club activities and other related matters of interest. The opinions expressed in der Riesenbaum are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Porsche Club of America, Redwood Region, its officers, or its members.


Written contributions and photos are welcome and should be emailed to the editor. The submission deadline for publication in der Riesenbaum is the 15th day of the month preceding the month of publication. Material received after the deadline will be considered for publication the following month. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit all material submitted for publication.


All written content and images in this publication are protected by copyright. Permission is granted to reprint any original content herein provided credit is given to the author, to der Riesenbaum, and to the Porsche Club of America, Redwood Region. 


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President's Message

greg maissen headshot 2011
by Greg Maissen, Redwood Region President

As many of you know, I am always doing some sort of upgrade to my 1985 928. Most recently, I completely removed the front suspension and replaced it with a 1987 front suspension. This swap got me better handling along with Brembo 4-piston calipers and bigger rotors for I am stopping right now performance.

Now having grown up in Mill Valley, where I lived ½-mile from the Mountain Home Inn (this is also where I learned how to drive a car), I have the utmost respect for good handling and great brakes. So it is only natural that after I do any type of work like this, I "test drive" the car on 
Highway 1.

After doing a few shakedown runs to bed in the brakes and inspect for any leaks or loose fittings, I follow Highway 101 south to Mill Valley and join Highway 1 to give the 928 a true test run. The road headed from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach is very tight, and as a kid we could always tell who were the tourists by the smell of overheated brakes from the white-knuckle drivers. I also enjoy this stretch of highway because it is similar to autocrossing: tight turns and sharp, quick braking points.

The next section is from Stinson Beach up the coast to Point Reyes. This section is mixed with some tight turns along with nice sweeping exits. Oh, and the speed limit is 55 mph, somewhat similar to a Driver's Education. The car handles and brakes fantastically, and I am reminded of when I was in my teens living up on "The Mountain". My Parents had a 1971 911 T and there were many times that I would sneak it out and "test-drive" it. I was really test-driving myself as I would push it a little further to see what it could do; in reality I was seeing just how far I could go as a young driver. The first time the rear end came around on me, I knew my eyes were bigger than saucer plates, but after that experience I just had to go back and master my technique. Fortunately, as determined as I was, I never wrecked the car and my parents never did find out.  

As I am finishing up the drive in the 928, I am suddenly reminded of the 2011 PCA Members-only Raffle: the winner receives a Porsche Factory-restored 1973 911 T (plus $10K cash). To win this car would be a dream down memory lane come true. I have the flyer sitting on my computer desk at home and as determined as I was in my youth to master my technique in the '71 911 T, I am just as determined to enter the drawing and win. I encourage you also to enter the Raffle, not just because it will help PCA but because if for some strange, unforeseeable reason I do not win, I will be sneaking the 911 T out of your garage to give it the Highway 1 test drive. 

OK, what do we have for the month of June?

If going down memory lane is of interest to you, there is the Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival this upcoming weekend, June 4-5, at nearby Infineon Raceway. Also on Sunday, June 5, is Loma Prieta Region's Zone 7 Swap Meet and Concours.

June 11 is our Porsche-Only Autocross. We have had quite a few requests for this and as you will see further down with Anita's wonderful write-up on autocrossing, if you have always wanted to autocross, come on out! We have loaner helmets and excellent instructors available.

The Sunday after our Autocross, June 12, is Sacramento Valley Region's Zone 7 Concours.

If an overnight tour is to your liking, there is the Benbow Inn Tour June 18-19 (please RSVP and reserve a room by June 4).

Another highly-anticipated Breakfast Run out to Dillon Beach is on June 25.

Visit our website for all of the details and contact information for each of these events. You can also use your iPhone's PCA app. and/or visit our Redwood Region Facebook page for up-to-date information.

I'll see you at the next event.


Upcoming Events

June 2011

6/4-6/5 Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival details (see flyer in this issue)
6/5 Loma Prieta Region Zone 7 Swap and Concours details (see flyer in this issue)
6/11 Redwood Region Porsche-only Autocross details (see flyer in this issue)
6/11 Golden Gate Region Autocross details
6/12 Golden Gate Region Porboy's Autocross School details
6/12 Sacramento Valley Region Zone 7 Concours details (see flyer in this issue)
6/18-6/19 Redwood Region Tour to Benbow details (see flyer in this issue)
6/18 Loma Prieta Region Autocross details
6/19 Sacramento Valley Region Autocross details
6/25 Redwood Region Breakfast Run to Dillon Beach details
6/26 Loma Prieta Region Porsches and Police details (see flyer in this issue)
6/28 Redwood Region Board Meeting details

July 2011

7/2 Redwood Region Eric Ross Wine Tour and Potluck details (see flyer in this issue)
7/8-7/9 Grand Am Rolex Sports Car Races at Laguna Seca details
7/9 Redwood Region Autocross details
7/9 Sacramento Valley Region Autocross details
7/9 Marin Yacht Club Classic Car and Yacht Show details (see flyer in this issue)
7/10 Monterey Bay Region Zone 7 Concours details registration
7/16 Redwood Region Tech Session at Dibble's details
7/17 Golden Gate Region Zone 7 Concours details (see flyer in this issue) 
7/23 Redwood Region Artisan Wine Tour details
7/23 Golden Gate Region Zone 7 Autocross details
7/24 Loma Prieta Region Zone 7 Autocross details
7/26 Redwood Region Board Meeting details
7/30 Redwood Region Wine Tour details
7/31 2011 Porsche Parade Begins details (see feature article in this issue)

August 2011

8/1-8/6 Porsche Parade in Savannah, GA details
8/6 Redwood Region Breakfast Run to Rancho Nicasio details
8/13 Redwood Region PCA-only Autocross details
8/14 Loma Prieta Region Autocross details
8/14 Sacramento Valley Region Autocross details
8/19 Zone 7 Legends of the Autobahn Concours details registration (see flyer in this issue)
8/20-8/21 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion details
8/20-8/21 Wings Over Wine Country Air Show details
8/27-8/28 Golden Gate Region Autocross details
8/28 Yosemite Region Zone 7 Concours details
8/30 Redwood Region Board Meeting details

Click here to view the full 2011 Redwood Region calendar online.

From the Editor

chris harrell headshot basic 2011
by Chris Harrell, der Riesenbaum Editor

Welcome to the June issue of der Riesenbaum. This is my 4th issue as Editor and I am very pleased with the "face-lifted" newsletter thus far. I hope all of you are too. This month, I want to focus on a couple of matters related to der Riesenbaum, both of which are intended to invoke participation from Club members. 


First, I would like to hear your continued input and feedback regarding der Riesenbum. The responses and feedback I have received to date have been very positive, including some good suggestions I am considering for future issues. If you have comments, criticisms, or suggestions about the content or arrangement of the publication, I'd like to hear them. You can email me or even just pull me aside at an event and we can chat. My goal is for der Riesenbaum to be the window to the Club and your input will help guide me in the right direction.


On a similar note, I am looking for more written contributions from Club members. Specifically, I am talking about write-ups of various events, but submissions could range from technical articles to anything else that would be of general interest to our Membership. One of the highlights of the last several issues has been the variety of writers/contributors of various articles, primarily write-ups of Club events. I'd really like to keep der Riesenbaum fresh with content from several different contributors, so if you have an idea for a great article (a "one-off" or even an ongoing column) or if you want to do a write-up for the next Breakfast Run, let me know. And don't be surprised when I come around looking for volunteers at our next event....


Before I finish, I want to extend my thanks and appreciation to the 2011 der Riesenbaum Newsletter Committee: Scott Downie, Barbara McCrory, and Vern Rogers. The three of them partner with me to proof and check dR before it is published each month, and they do it within a very condensed timeframe given our desire to include the most current calendars, event write-ups, and other information in each issue. Scott, Barbara, and Vern, I really appreciate you guys!


Letters to the Editor
Sonoma Historics
As a Redwood Region member I'd like to let you know I'm racing at the Sonoma Historics, not however in a Porsche. Come out to the Sonoma Historic Festival at Infineon Raceway June 3-5 and cheer us on in the famous Levi Garrett IMSA GTO No. 76 Camaro. We're running in Group 6B against 24 other fantastic cars from the Trans-Am IMSA era of 1982 to '91. Stop by and say hello if you are attending.


Revs up,


D. Randy Riggs
Vintage Motorsport
Novato, CA


Good luck, Randy! I'm sure there will be many other RR members there to cheer you on!--Ed.


Please email comments, questions, or anything else you would like to write about; letters will be included in the next issue. Editor reserves the right to edit for length or content.
Redwood Region Advertising Director Position Available

The Redwood Region Board of Directors is looking for an Advertising Director. Advertising is not the game it once was, and we are looking at updating how we do it, and what value-added services we provide for and receive from our sponsors. Your Club needs you. If you have experience in sales and/or advertising, a flexible work schedule, and a passion to get more involved in the Redwood Region, the Board wants to talk to you. Interested members should contact Vern Rogers by email or by phone at 510.501.9278. 
Results of May 7 Autocross Posted
It was another beautiful day in Santa Rosa on May 7, as Club members gathered with the ESCA crew for Redwood Region's second Autocross of 2011. The top time of the day was recorded by Guy Southern of ESCA in his 1999 Corvette. Sacramento Valley Region's Lisa Thomas took TTOD for ladies in her 1990 964 Cab. Golden Gate Region's Terry Zaccone was the fastest Porsche of the day in his 1968 911L Targa. See results, photos, and videos from all Redwood Region Autocross events here on the Redwood Region website.

Looking for Cars for Santa Rosa Air Show 
The Pacific Coast Air Museum is looking for a few cars for their Wings Over Wine Country air show on August 20-21, 2011. The cars must be old or classics, maybe exotic. Those who are chosen to bring their cars will receive two free tickets each day they show their car. Looking for unique vehicles that will WOW the crowd. Must be in show condition or close to it. If interested, please contact Steve Hoxie at 707.824.1122 or Contact Jerry Curry at 707.523.4488 or with questions.

corrected 2011 historics flyer

June 11 RR AX Flyer Updated

RR Benbow Tour Flyer

Eric Ross Tour Flyer

Hi Tec Ad 2011

Hole in the Wall Gang Tour - May 21, 2011
bob ron and glen
by Bob Schoenherr, Ron Breeze, and Glen Marks
Photos by Barbara McCrory

The Redwood Region Porsche Posse--notoriously known for bein' partial to driving twisty, winding roads, good food, good times, and wine tasting--joined up on a beautiful Saturday morning at The Owl Cafe in Cloverdale, where Butch "Bob" Cassidy and his lovely navigator Etta (Anita) led them on a search for the infamous "Hole in the Wall Gang" Hideout located somewhere in the California Coastal mountain range.

With a "head 'em up, round 'em up, move 'em out!" 60 Posse members--including Redwood Region Presidents, Past Presidents, and even our Zone 7 Representative--and their 28 trusty German steeds from six counties made their way up Highway 101 and onto Highway 175, pausing on the Hopland grade to admire the beauty of Clear Lake, the oldest natural lake in North America. 
hole in the wall tour truck
We've all heard this one before...the Porsche is still in the shop...the meetup at the Owl Café
Still searching for the Hideout, the Posse stopped in Lakeport to look for clues at Library Park and to admire Clear Lake. After a thorough search and some picture takin', the restless, thirsty Posse, not finding the Hideout, decided to make a raid on Ceago Estates and Winery for a little liquid refreshment, more picture takin', general revelry, and a crash course in biodiverse farming from Jim Fetzer, the leader of The Ceago Gang.
hole in the wall tour group photo
Group shot at Clear Lake

After slaking their thirst and admiring the Ceago Tuscany architecture, the Posse was restless to move on in search of the Hole in the Wall Hideout, where they had been told awaited more revelry, more wine, food, gamblin', and some good-natured shootouts. Following Butch and Etta, the group headed their steeds through Clearlake Oaks, Lower Lake, and Spruce Valley. Finally, the trail got hot in Hidden Valley, just north of Middletown.


After some tricky maneuvers with their steeds through a "mini autocross" course, the Porsche Posse finally met up with Glen "Sundance" Cone Killer Kid at the entrance to the Hideout, where a password was needed to get inside to the festivities. Since the entrance to the Hideout was indeed a hole in the wall, everyone going in had to duck down to enter, thus "duck" was the password for entry.
hole in the wall tour open road photo
Porsches and an empty road...what could be better?

Once inside, the high-spirited Posse was treated to crawfish, mussels, shrimp, smoked pork, brisket, veggies, and Belgian Waffles with strawberries and whipped cream for dessert. Wine was poured by the Six Sigma Winery to wash down the savory fare. Once fed, the group turned its attention to gambling, with free poker chips for everyone, blackjack, roulette, craps, some target shootin' for the deadeyes, and some "friendly gunfights" outside in the corral area...pretty much everything a high-spirited Posse like this needed to have a good time. 


The Posse decided they'd like to visit the Hole in the Wall hideout every year, as everyone had a great time at this unique Redwood Region event. See y'all on the trail next year and, until then, "Happy trails to you until we meet again!"


Additional photos available here and here. Video available here and here.--Ed.
Redwoodies Take to the Track
david bunch headshot 2011
by David Bunch, Redwood Region Secretary
Photos courtesy of David Wong of Avatar Numedia

The last weekend of April saw over 130 drivers gather at Thunderhill Raceway, just outside of Willows California, for Golden Gate Region's first track event of 2011. The Diablo Region was co-hosting the three day event that would include Driver's Education, Time Trials, and PCA Club Races. Attending from Redwood Region were Club Racers Larry Robison and P.J. Tradelius. DE drivers included Mac & Becky Cranford, Dean Lyons, Grady Carter, Scott Reynolds, John Hollander, Paul Marty, and Eric Schmitt.


Friday morning arrived with the typical Thunderhill sunny blue skies but a wind coming from the north between 20 to 30 miles per hour, with even stronger gusts. The wind kept the temperatures in the 60's and helped to push the drivers as they were speeding down Thunderhill's long front straightway, but when going into the wind or the cross-winds, the cars were really affected. Not all the drivers attended on Friday so everyone got plenty of track time, with three DE run groups and a "Test & Tune" group for the racers.

thunderhill 2011 pace car
The Carrera GT pace car leads P. J. and the rest of the Porsches on their pace lap

Saturday arrived and the wind was still blowing in from the north, keeping the track and everyone cool; definitely not the usual weather for Thunderhill in April. The DE drivers got lots of track time and the racers had their first practice session, followed by a qualifying session. There were over 30 Club Racers in attendance, driving a range of cars including a GT3 RSR, GT3 Cups, modified 993's, 964's, 911's, "Spec" 911's, "Spec" Boxsters, 914's, and a 944, and running in 10 different PCA Club Race classes. P.J. in his 2000 GT3 RSR took the top spot with a lap of 1:52.465, almost a full second ahead of Bob Murillo in his 2003 GT3 Cup. Larry qualified his slightly-modified 1968 911 in the 7th position. Even with the variety of Porsches, the top ten spots were less than 10 seconds apart and 25 were within 20 seconds of the pole. After lunch, it was time for the racers to line up for their practice race which included three practice starts. EMC Auto Center, the series sponsor, provided a Carrera GT to be the Pace Car. Finally, late in the afternoon, it was time for the first Club Race of 15 laps and after some spirited racing between P.J. and Bob, Bob took the checkered flag. Larry came in 5th overall and first in his class. There was some really good close racing in both the "Spec" 911's class and in "Spec" Boxsters.

thunderhill 2011 larry
Larry Robison moving up

Sunday morning arrived and it was finally a typical Thunderhill day, with no more wind. The track warmed up and so did the times. In the second Club Race, Bob again took the checkered flag and Larry finished 3rd overall. Sunday afternoon, the three gentlemen from PCA National Club Race staff decided to make the third race a little more interesting by having a "lunacy" race. This time the racers were lined up slowest lap times to the fastest and then they were released from the pit lane one at a time based on how long it should take each to complete the 15 laps. Jerry Whitteridge in his 1986 944 was first on track and was finishing his 2nd lap as P.J. was released from pit lane. Of the 20 Porsches that were entered in the "Gold Rush", 17 finished on the same lap, including five Porsches that finished within a couple seconds of each other just behind Bill Pickering in his 1997 "Spec" Boxster for a close victory.

The final event for the weekend was the "Time Trials". For those that are not familiar with GGR's Time Trials, here is how it works: DE drivers keep track of their times during the weekend's track sessions and then Saturday night they "post" the best lap time they think they can drive. The Porsches are lined up by those times and then 5 Porsches are released, one at a time on track, separated by 25 seconds. Each driver is given a warm-up lap, two timed laps, and a cool-down lap to see how fast they can drive without any other cars around. Just like in autocross, the Porsches are divided into different classes based on model, engine and modifications and points are earned for the series.


Click here to see more of David Wong's photos from the event.

Ladies Who Just Want to Have Fun: Try Autocross

Anita Benzing AutoX
by Anita Benzing, Redwood Region Member
Article courtesy of El Portal, the Newsletter of the PCA, Yosemite Region


Hello, I'm Anita Benzing, an affiliate member of the Redwood Region. Some of you may know the name of my Partner in Porsche and boyfriend, Bob Schoenherr, Redwood Region Membership chair. This past year and a half, Bob and I have enjoyed participating in Concours, various rallies, tours, and, of course, wine tours in our region.


Bob, who has autocrossed for years, has encouraged me to try the sport. I have been content though to tour and assist preening his "Queenie" the 912E for Concours, play navigator for TS&D rallies, or simply tour in the Boxster. Last summer, Bob asked if I would be interested in videotaping an autocross at the 912 Rendezvous, a task he would normally perform. This particular day though, he had committed to various other tasks and would not have the time to be out in the center of the track with his Flip Video.


I had attended prior autocrosses and watched from the sidelines as he drove, but this time I had to be in the center of the track. As I watched these vehicles speeding by me, swerving to avoid the placed cones (sometimes not successfully) and maneuvering the ins and outs of the track, I suddenly became curious. Wouldn't it be fun to see if I could drive the course, dodging the cones and staying on the pavement? Just a thought in my head while I was observing. After all, even though most of the drivers were male, I did notice a handful of female drivers. When I talked with Bob about my "observer thoughts", he suggested that I ask Annie Roth, the Autocross chair for Loma Prieta Region, if I could ride with her on the autocross track. I figured my first time on the track should be with a female driver. After all, we sort of think alike, right? Annie quickly and gladly welcomed me to accompany her. From the moment I entered Annie's 1968 912, the energy level was a 12, on a scale of 1 to 10. What was I thinking when I was in the middle of that track considering daintily dodging cones and staying on the pavement? I had forgotten, oh yeah, there's SPEED involved! As we zoomed around the track, swerving in and out, I cannot possibly express the adrenaline rush I was experiencing! Saying that it was fun is an understatement!


When I got out of Annie's car, I was a changed woman! So much so that I asked Sharon Neidel, our Zone 7 Representative, to ride with her around the track. Again, as I was entering her 911C2, there was that Level 12 Energy!


Needless to say, I now wanted to actually drive on the! So, at the end of last summer, I had my chance. With Sharon as my instructor, I drove my first lap at lightning speed. Lightning speed for me, that is; when I received my time slip I realized that I had barely poked around the course. That's ok because I had felt that adrenaline rush!


After several more turns with Sharon, as well as Bob as my instructor, I was hooked!!! The heart-pounding, sweating palms, knowing that you're getting inside the car again for another attempt to drive the track better and faster "feeling"!


We are so fortunate to have a group of people in our zone that are happily willing to share, teach and assist us. I encourage anyone with even the slightest interest in autocrossing to give it a try.  The exhilaration will be worth it!
Anita Benzing AutoX
Anita Benzing at the RR Autcross on 4/9/11, photo by Barbara McCrory

2011 Marin Sonoma Concours d'Elegance "The Drive" - May 14, 2011

kurt fischer headshot
by Kurt Fischer, Redwood Region Past President
Photos by John Jackson and Chris Harrell

Dateline - 4:00am Saturday, May 14th. I awake with thoughts of driving my brother-in-law Phil Stolp's absolutely gorgeous 1964 XKE Roadster as the leader for the Marin Sonoma Concours Drive leading 98 beautiful cars on a 90-mile run through the back roads of Marin and Sonoma Counties on our way to a gourmet catered lunch at the wonderful grounds at Cline Cellars in Sonoma. I ready for this day?


I arrive at Phil's home in Kenwood at 5:30am and as I drive in, there is Phil in his garage. The Jaguar is looking great...all polished up...almost a full tank of gas. I transfer all my gear to the Jag and plug in my GPS (side note: all early Jags were positive-ground, but Phil had switched over all the electrics to negative ground years ago and my GPS is working fine).


Off I go in darkness and notice that the instrument lights are not working! Phil neglected to tell me that Jags have a separate toggle switch for instrument lighting! There are 6 toggle switches on this Jag that control all kinds of things! Luckily, the skies lighten and I can see the important gauges: oil pressure and temperature are looking good!  


I head down to Tiburon where the Drive is starting; roads are very clear at this time in the morning and the Jag purrs along with 265 HP and plenty of torque. My shift point is a very low 3500 RPM. This Jaguar is a Series 1, with 3.8 liters and a Moss Racing 4-speed gearbox with non-synchro 1st gear; one must be at a dead stop before engaging 1st gear! Quickly out of 1st as it sounds like the transmission is going to fall out and into 2nd and let the torque work. Shifts into 3rd and 4th are short throws and I am down the road quickly! The sound of the XKE is pure magic: twin upswept pipes that burble completely different than any Porsche!


As I arrive in Tiburon, volunteers have arrived and registration tables are being set up. The cars start showing up just after 7:00am. The attendees are excited; the day is showing some sunshine and perfect weather for drives in cars that really don't like heat. Phil's Jag has an aftermarket electric pancake fan strapped to the radiator, so he tells me it will run cool all day! I sure hope the rest of the British cars also have this feature for peace of mind!


What an eclectic collection we have, from a '27 Rolls Royce 6.5L LeMans Tourer to a 2011 Rolls Royce Corniche convertible. You want multi million dollar cars? How about a 1937 Delahaye 145 coupe which is one of six made and the 1938 LeMans winner! We had a Ferrari Daytona Spider and a lot of classic Rolls Royces too. Of special note, 12 Porsches were also in attendance: Speedsters, 356 Cabs and Coupes, and early 911's including our own Chris Harrell in his '73 911 aka "The Beast", Bob Hall and his Weissach, and many others!
the drive - delahaye
Photo by Chris Harrell
the drive - austin
Photo by Chris Harrell


I hold the driver's meeting for this group of almost 200 people, with special emphasis on safety, including using the turnouts on Highway 1, no passing except in designated areas, and a special admonishment on a blind right turn onto Fallon-Two Rock Road (more on this later). Again, I reinforce do not follow the car in front of you; use the detailed route instructions as most people have a navigator on board!


So...I give the signal to fire up the engines and, typical of Type A drivers, they all start leaving...without me in the lead! These guys are not Porsche touring experts, so here I am stuck in the middle of the parking lot with at least 10-15 cars in front of me. I get the Jag into reverse and head out the wrong way in the parking lot to regain control of this unruly group! Luckily, Tiburon Blvd is two lanes and I blast up the left side trying to regain the lead at extra-legal speeds. By the time we get to 101, I'm still about 5 cars short of the lead!


Click here for a photo take on the start from Tiburon, from our resident Porsche photographer, John Jackson. I will let John show you the cars!


Finally, on Highway 1 there is a moving road block with a Caltrans truck getting us through a one lane section and I finally get into the lead...thanks to Steve Wanat (Alfa Steve) in his '65 Alfa Romeo Guilia Spyder, who lets me take the lead! Alfa Steve and I at the lead have a great run up to Tomales for our "pit stop"! The Jag is full of creaks and squeaks and, of course, the cyclists are out in full force so extra caution was needed. I'm double-clutching for each shift and the Jag with all its torque is working well!


We take up the majority of parking places in Tomales (all one block of it) and get to use the "facilities", stretch our legs, and tire kick the cars as car guys do. As I signal the start of the tour again, I take off and I am hoping the majority of cars will see the right turn onto Fallon-Two Rock Road, which is only 1.9 miles up the road! Well, as it turns out, I find out that at least 20-30 cars kept running on Highway 1, missing the turnoff! So much for reading route instructions!


I call our volunteers from a point about 5 miles from Cline to alert them that the British et al. are due soon! Our own Ron Breeze is a volunteer for The Drive, and the first person I see at Cline is Ron, with his cam set up to take video of our arrival. Facebook members can see the video here


Great video and music. Thanks, Ron!


After a great lunch at Cline, off we go to the optional wine and cheese party held in front of Il Davide on A Street in San Rafael, where we had A Street blocked off! More tire kicking and toasts to the great Drive with about 50 cars participating!


Wow! I am sure glad that we did not lose any cars to mishaps. We lost only one car due to mechanical failure: an XKE driver lost his clutch in a gas station and NOT stuck on the side of the road! Will I do this again? You bet...if I get the call next year! What a great day: vintage car overload all for Hospice by the Bay!

Z7 Swap Flyer

SVR Concours Flyer

Flyer LPR Porsches & Police

2011 marin yacht club flyer

GGR Concours Flyer

2011 parade ad

legends of the autobahn flyer

2011 Escape Banner

TRG ad


Membership Report

bob schoenherr headshot 2011
by Bob Schoenherr, Redwood Region Membership Director

I've enjoyed seeing everyone's faces at the Hole in the Wall Tour and the Autocross. Having fun with your cars and our great members is priority number ONE. I would like to make a small request of our membership: please remember to wear your name badge at events. We assume everyone knows us, but we have new and old members who only see each other 3 or 4 times a year and yes, it is embarrassing not to remember someone's name! Anita and I try to visit with everyone, but I'm terrible with names. Like many of us, I will remember a face and a car. The solution is for us to wear our name badges. That way, we of  "feeble name mind" won't be embarrassed all the time. See below if you need a badge or just email me and I'll get you started.


June is looking great for events, including the Sonoma Historic car races, Porsche-only Autocross, Benbow Tour, and Breakfast Run to Dillon Beach.  Can you do them all!????


Finally, as I mention each month, I want to stress how important it is for you to keep your contact information current on the PCA national website. We can't keep you in the loop about events and news if we can't contact you!

May 2011 Membership Summary

New Members 3
Transfers In 3
Transfers Out 2
Renewals 35
Non-Renewals 16
Dual Members 15 

Primary Members 488
Affiliate Members 354
Total Members 842

May 2011 New Members

James Demmert, Sausalito - 2002 996, 2008 997 White (transfer from GGR)
Mark Gaterud, Santa Rosa - 1995 992, 2001 Boxster Silver (transfer from AZR)
Peter Irlenborn, Novato - 1960 356B Super 90 Silver
Kevin Lawson and Ingrid Lawson, Pt. Reyes Station - 2000 Boxster S Green
Ron Matteson, Sonoma - 2006 997
Christopher Ostler, Santa Rosa - 2003 Boxster S Silver

Welcome to the Redwood Region! We hope to see you at an upcoming event....

June 2011 Membership Anniversaries

Ray Fiore and Carmen Shaw, Geyserville - 31 years and 6 years
Kim Fiori and Robin See, Healdsburg - 30 years and 16 years
Jerry and Susan Curry, Santa Rosa - 28 years
Kevin and Debra Buckler, Petaluma - 25 years and 16 years
Lawrence Bennett, Mill Valley - 23 years
Brent Klopfer, Gualala - 19 years
Andrew Brian and Dana Fletcher, Santa Rosa - 16 years and 5 years
James and Maureen Bruce, Sonoma - 15 years and 2 years
Jose-maria Castro and Luciana Castro, Belvedere - 14 years
Bret Boutet, Novato - 11 years
Pansy Dea-Dair, Novato - 11 years
Paul Chrisman and Eric Chrisman, Burlingame - 10 years and 8 years
Kathy and Gerry Silverfield, Tiburon - 10 years
Brian and Nicole Vineys, Rohnert Park - 10 years
Rob Woollen, San Rafael - 9 years
Ron Felder and Robert Felder, Mill Valley - 7 years and 4 years
Howard Low, Mill Valley - 7 years
Jim McVicar, Santa Rosa - 7 years
Bruce and Cheryl Lawton, Rohnert Park - 6 years
Chris Vail and Debra Collins, Mill Valley - 6 years
John and Marlia Berg, Fairfax - 5 years 
Diane and David Einstein, Petaluma - 5 years
Gary Fellers and Craig Fellers, Novato - 5 years and 3 years
George Kellar, Sausalito - 5 years
Michael and Jacqueline Lamb, San Anselmo - 5 years
Charles and Kathryn Stotler, Eureka - 5 years 
Penny Wolin and Nancy Dotti, Sebastopol - 5 years and 1 year
Robert Coleman, Jr. and Joy Coleman, San Rafael - 4 years 
Martin and Lara Detels, Greenbrae - 4 years
Tom Strobel and Alycia Strobel, Novato - 4 years and 3 years
Penny Bair, Sonoma - 3 years
Jim and Jennifer Lewis, Petaluma - 3 years 
Glen and Amy Marks, Middletown - 3 years
Joan Robideaux, San Rafael - 3 years
Jim and Kathy Gehrs, Santa Rosa - 2 years and 1 year
Brannon Klopfer and Georgia Wells, Gualala - 1 year
Jonathan Kramer, Mill Valley - 1 year
John Loftus, Napa - 1 year


Thanks and Happy Anniversary to all of you!

Membership information is based on the Porsche Club of America National database. If you feel that any of the information included in this Membership Report is inaccurate, please contact the Editor or Membership Director.

Membership Questions and Name Badges

Please contact Bob Schoenherr, Membership Director for general information about club membership, name badges, changes of address and/or contact information, dual-membership inquiries, inter-region transfers, and membership referrals. 

rr badge example

Speaking of name badges, member name badges are now available in the new style, with a color logo on a white background. Those of you who attended any recent Redwood Region events may have noticed some of your fellow Club members wearing these.  The new style badges are now being sent to new members and members who request replacements. Badges are free to new members; replacements are only $12. Badges are also available with a magnetic clasp, instead of the standard pin-back clasp, for an additional $2 ($14 total).
Board Meeting Minutes
vern rogers headshot 2011
by Vern Rogers, Redwood Region Vice President (filling in for Secretary David Bunch)

May 2011 Board Meeting Minutes                                         


Tuesday May 31, 2011, Ghiringhelli Pizzeria Grill & Bar, Novato


President Greg Maissen called the meeting to order at 7:13pm


In attendance:  President Greg Maissen, Vice President Vern Rogers, Treasurer Jerry Gladstone, der Riesenbaum Editor Chris Harrell,  Membership Director Bob Schoenherr, Webmaster Barbara McCrory, Safety Director Mac Cranford, Autocross Chair Tom Strobel & members Alycia Strobel & Don Magdanz.


President's Report:


Submitted prior to Board Meeting:

·Holiday Party: We will need to discuss, where, having a live band, food, cost, door prizes & having a " Social Person" to handle the event.

·Finding a Advertising Director: We will need to look at recruiting someone for this position as we have not had any interest from our announcement of the open position.

·Social Director: We need to define this position in the Redwood Region as our events are diverse. We do need someone specifically for the Holiday Party.

·Financial Review Committee: Craig Steele is interested in this position. Earlier in the year Mike Hinton had approached me with interest in being the Treasurer right after Jerry was nominated. I had spoken to him about one of the open positions on the Financial review Committee and am following up on this with him.

·I have submitted to Sharon Neidel a Subsidy Request for $220.00 under " Hospitality Park" for the Sonoma Historics Motorsports Festival.

·We will not be having a Parking Corral at Infineon Raceway for the I.R.L. at this time. Mike D'addario said that there will be no corrals for any car clubs this year.

Additional Items discussed at  Board Meeting:

·All forms needing archiving by the President should be submitted to him at Board Meetings, not at events.

·Possible Holiday Party locations were discussed.  The Board did not want to return to the Flamingo, given the step up in venue location that we did in 2010.  It was decided that Bob Schoenherr would contact Glen Marks to investigate the possibility of having the party in a Wine Cave.  Also, Roland Tolosa's band was discussed as the live entertainment since they were so well received last year.

·Social Director position was discussed at length.  Currently most functions of this position are handled by either the VP or the leaders of individual events.  The exception to this is the Holiday Party.  Greg will inquire with Mary Neidel to see if she has interest in just this event.  Don Magdanz has also expressed interest in the position of Social/Event Director, but needs it to be more clearly defined.  Greg, Chris, Vern, David, Barbara and Don all to be included in continuing discussions to define the role better.

·The Board was encouraged to speak with members at events to find/enroll a member as Advertising Director.  Mac agreed to put some better definition to this position.


Vice President's Report:

Submitted prior to Board Meeting:

·Members have begun signing up for the Dillon Beach breakfast run.  This run will be on a new more Northerly route than previous times.  This route will have been sent out for review prior to the 5/31 board meeting.

·A great time was had by all on the Hole in the Wall tour, some of us even dressed up for the event as members of the gang.

·Thanks to John Jackson for an EXCELLENT video of the Hole in the Wall tour.

·I have been working with both Ron Breeze and Kurt Fischer on details for the Eric Ross Wine tour.

·Greg and I have had discussions regarding possible candidates for next year's Board positions and current openings.  Suggestions greatly appreciated... especially for VP 

·Due to prior commitments I will be missing both the SVR Zone 7 Ax at Infineon and the Historics weekend, also at Infineon.

·A draft of VP procedures/responsibilities will have been sent to the board by the 5/31 meeting.

·Discussions are under way for a caravan of Porsches to Escape 2011.  So far this includes Howard and Lavergne Thomas, Chris and Veronica Harrell, as well as Susan and myself.  We would love to increase the group. 

·Looking forward to the Benbow tour next month... 7 rooms are still being held for RRPCA members.  They will be released to the general public on or after June 4. 

Additional Items discussed at  Board Meeting:

·Draft of VP Responsibilities/Procedures sent to Board by email prior to meeting.  Board was encouraged to review and get back to Vern.

·Route for Dillon Beach BR was handed out at meeting and reviewed.  14 members have signed up so far.


Treasurer's Report:

Submitted prior to Board Meeting:

·Certificate of Deposit (CD) total investment currently is $10,121.55. 

·Money Market Account stands at $7,566.98 

·Checking account stands at $5,899.58 in total 

·$3,702.81 in unrestricted funds 

·$2,196.77 in funds restricted as the autocross reserve 

·Major income items for the period were: 

·$1,545.00 from Autocross #3 with $220.00 credited to the Autocross reserve. 

·$1,918.00 first quarter rebate from PCA National. 

·Major expense items for the period were: 

·$550.00 for AutoCross #3 track rental. 

·$101.00 for name badges. 

·Income for the "period" was $2,691.46 

·Income for 2011 is $2,532.25. 

·Redwood Region's total assets are valued at $26,020.58. 

·A first edition of the Region Treasurer's duties and responsibilities for the procedures manual was written and submitted. The document included a description of "Event Members" as discussed at last meeting. 


Secretary's Report:

Submitted prior to Board Meeting:

·Board vote  on approval of  "April's Meeting Minutes".

·Final results of the "By-Laws" ballots: 73 ballots returned- 67 voted Yes, 1 voted No, 3 ballots returned by Post Office "Undelivered", 2 returned without voting.

·Redwood Region's Procedure Manual status: Received Treasurer, Secretary, der Riesenbaum Editor & Webmaster. About halfway completed on the general area.


der Riesenbaum Editor's report:

Submitted prior to Board Meeting:


·The May issue of der Riesenbaum was sent on May 2 to 613 email addresses (this number includes family/affiliate members and non-RR members who are subscribed); 48.8% (273) opened as of 5/23/11. Our open rate will go up if/when we are able to clean up our database (see below).

·We still have 50+ invalid member email addresses, resulting in the newsletter being "bounced" when we attempt to send to the associated members.


·Our Whale to Whale Tail Rallye event made it into "From the Regions" in the May Pano (thanks to Ron Breeze for the original article-which I modified for Pano-plus the pic that was included in Pano with the write-up)!

·Updated our Constant Contact account to include email (newsletter) archiving capabilities so members can link to past newsletters in correct format online, via our RR website - additional charge of $5 per month for this service approved by Jerry

·Continuing to refine a working draft of Newsletter Procedure Manual

·Member feedback regarding the new dR continues to be positive.

·Continue to work on new newsletter layout (PDF/eMagazine style) - ETA TBD

Open Items:

·Need to address invalid emails for active members (see above)

·Schedule next email blast

·Need current ads fro S-Car-Go and Whitman's

Additional Items discussed at  Board Meeting:

·Upcoming events section will be focused on June 11 Ax. 

·Blast email announcing June 11 Ax will go out on Monday, June 5.

·Newsletter to be out this week.


Membership Director's Report:

Submitted prior to Board Meeting:

The April 2011 membership report ending April 31 (as published in the May issue of dR)

Additional Items discussed at  Board Meeting:

·Two persons still need to pay for Hole in the Wall Tour. 

·It was moved seconded, and passed unanimously to pay Glen Marks his actual costs for the Hole in the Wall event.  These were approximately $800.


Autocross Director's Report:

Submitted prior to Board Meeting:

·May 7th AX #3, 45 entries = $1,580 deposited

·June  11th AX is a PCA only event.

Points for Discussion:

·New gate cards and security requirements

·ESCA is now checking membership at the gate and at registration           

Additional Items discussed at  Board Meeting:

·Airport is requiring even more TSA Badges. It was moved seconded, and passed unanimously to pay for 10 additional Redwood members to have TSA "Badges" at $30 each, prior to July 1, 2011.

·Discussed the need to cover runway entrances with badged members, and to have a badged individual meet the United Site Services personnel at the gate to allow for Porta Potty cleaning on the Wednesday prior to an Ax.


Webmaster's Report:

Submitted prior to Board Meeting:

·During the month of May 2011, it is estmated that the visitor count will be approximately 3300 about the same as  last year.  Busiest days were after the autocross and the Hole in the Wall Tour.  

·There were 14 referrals from Facebook and 69 from PCA national this month.  Substantially all the visitors to the website come to it directly.  

·Search engines, Google and Yahoo referred 235 visitors.

Additional Items discussed at  Board Meeting:

·John Jackson's Ax promo video to be moved from the Ax page onto the homepage.  


Goodie Store Director's Report:

Submitted prior to Board Meeting:

·"Goodie Store" will be at the June AX & the Dillion Beach Breakfast Run.

·$40 in sales this month.


Concours Director's Report:

Items discussed at  Board Meeting:

·Date for Ledson Concours set.  Concours will be on September 25, 2011.


Advertising Director's Report:  

·None, position vacant.


Safety Director's Report:

·Nothing to report.



·Nothing to report.


Next meeting: June 28, 2011 at 7:00pm, at Ghiringhelli Pizzeria Grill & Bar, 1535 South Novato Blvd., Novato


Meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm.

Redwood Region & Zone 7 Contacts
2011 Redwood Region Board of Directors


Zone 7 Representative

der Marktplatz


marvin goss 928s4

1987 Porsche 928 S4. Excellent condition inside and out, 125,000 Mi., Marine Blue/Silver Gray leather. 5 speed limited slip diff, new steering rack, Devek radiator, adjustable Konis, sport & regular control arms at 121K, exhaust, K&N filter, Sony XR-c6120/Alpine 41312 pwr amp (3553), 8 Speaker stereo system. Clutch/flywheel at 90K, alt/reg at 96K, timing belt/tensioner at 100K, belts at 123K. Heated sport seats, HD A/C, extra set of chrome wheels, custom car cover. Always garaged. All maintenance records since new. Original window sticker & owners manual, etc. Price reduced to $8,000 OBO. Contact Marvin Goss at 707.839.3310. McKinleyville.

downie targa

1983 911SC Targa. Quartz Grey Metallic, burgundy interior. Factory leather Recaro sport seats. 95% Michelin PS, new top, new brakes w/steel lines, Bilsteins, tensioners, test pipe. Porsche COA. 145K miles. $12,900. 707.725.6110;

don cameron 911
1983 911SC Cabriolet. Low miles: less than 95,000. 3.0 liter, 5 speed, with factory short shift kit. Turbo lower valve covers, pop-off valve, hydraulic chain tensioner upgrade, clutch upgrade. 16 X 7"-8" BBS wheels with Toyo 888 tires, still have 1/2 tread. Porsche turbo tea tray tail, 935 style front valance. IO Port roll bar, Corbeau racing seats and 5-point harnesses. Strut bar, TRG front and rear adjustable sway bars, Bilstein rear shocks and Bilstein front inserts. Monoball cartridges on front struts, bump-steer kit. Turbo- tie rods.  Adjustable rear spring plates, polyurethane bushings on spring plates and front A-arms.  22mm front torsion bars, 28mm rear torsion bars. Stock rebuilt brake calipers, cross drilled rotors, front brakes have custom carbon fiber brake cooling ducts. Bursch muffler and stainless test pipe. Power windows, power locks, AM/FM/CD player, cruise control, power mirrors. Air conditioning removed (never worked anyway). All upgrades have been done in the last 5 years/15,000 miles. Always garaged. Extras included. New Price $17,500 OBO. Contact Don at 707.718.0678 or email me at

ad-branson 944

1983 944 Porsche Track Car. Rebuilt engine w/cross-drilled journals, lightened and balanced crankshaft, re-conditioned rods; Momo hub adapter w/Sparco quick release steering adapter and GT3 steering wheel, fire suppression system, coil-over front suspension, solid engine mount, new clutch w/lightened flywheel, new Schnell short shift kit, new tires and one set of spare wheels and tires, two racing seats w/complete restraint system; has Unichip and recent maintenance at professional Porsche shop w/receipts available. Less than 3 hours on the car since rebuild. Hans device, racing suit, gloves, shoes, helmet also available for sale. Autocross and driver education class use only. READY TO GO! Price reduced to $3,995. MUST SELL! Contact Mitch at 707.696.5790 or


Lemoine 914 Classifieds

1973 914 2.0. Purported to have originally been sold by Beverly Hills Porsche. This car is seriously/mostly unaltered and unrestored (re-painted). Currently running great and registered. I just drove it to the office - 46 miles of twisting country roads! Has: Everything original as far as I can see. Some very minor rust - no major areas found. Interior really nice. Exterior as well with minor blemishes. Trunks are great. Top very nice. Most controls seem to work - not sure on the heater/defrost. Aftermarket exhaust and front airdam. Aftermarket springs - maybe dampers also. Needs: I have the following parts for installation: alternator, SS fuel lines, rear pads, shift bushing kit. I searched for over a year to find this car. It would be a great restoration project and could easily be made presentation-ready with minimal effort and expense. Born on date 15 395 66 = April 3, 1972 66th unit; paint code L13M Saturn Yellow; VIN 473 290 1281 matches door jamb, windshield, headlight bucket, RF fender; trans 914.301.101.00; engine GA000764

More photos available. Asking $11,500.


Chasen 911T

1971 911T Coupe, Dark Green. Original owner. 40 years' service records. Original window stickers and owners manual. Needs rugs and header and minor detailing. New Porsche batteries and fuel pump being installed. Safety inspection and servicing under way. @70,000 miles on engine re-engineered at 142,000 by European Motors (San Rafael). Insured by The Hartford for $60K.  Always a California car.  Serious offers will be considered. Stanley & Jeanie Chasen 707.894.5223 or

One unopened case (24qts) of Swepco 306 15W-40 motor oil $50.00. One 15"x7" Cookie Cutter wheel; looks good but it is bent $20.00. Call Andy at 707.494.0100.


Porsche books for sale: Porsche Cayenne S/Cayenne Turbo 2004 Service Information Technik; Porsche Service information Technical Bulletins Jan 2002 / Dec 2002, Book S, Porsche Special Tools April 2001, $20.00 each or all 3 books for $50.00. The books are used at work so they are not in perfect condition. Original Turbo Emblem Part #955 559 038 01 4W, brand new $20.00. Used Porsche License Plate Frame, $15.00. Call Simone at 415.299.7563 or

Classified ads for Porsches and Porsche-related parts or accessories are available at no charge to PCA members and may be submitted to the editor via email by the 15th of each month to be included in the next month's issue of der Riesenbaum. Ads will run for three months, space permitting, unless canceled by the seller. Classified ads are also included in the der Marktplatz section on our Club website. Editor may modify ad copy as needed based on space constraints, and is not responsible for content, errors or omissions. Commercial ads are not accepted. Please contact the editor for commercial advertising information and rates.  

BA Travel New Ad

Letters to the editor, feedback, questions, and suggestions about der Riesenbaum and the Redwood Region in general are welcome. We also encourage members to submit photos and/or write-ups about Club events or related activities.

Members are also welcome and encouraged to attend monthly Redwood Region Board Meetings, held on the last Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm. The location for future Board Meetings may change, so be sure to contact any member of the Board for details if you would like to attend.

Remember, this Club belongs to all of us; your ideas, energy, and participation will help create the best possible experience for all members.


Thank you all for supporting your Club!


Chris Harrell, der Riesenbaum Editor

Porsche Club of America, Redwood Region

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