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Welcome to der Riesenbaum, the official newsletter of the Porsche Club of America, Redwood Region, encompassing Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma Counties. This publication is intended to inform Club members about Club activities and other related matters of interest. The opinions expressed in der Riesenbaum are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Porsche Club of America, Redwood Region, its officers, or its members.


Written contributions and photos are welcome and should be emailed to the editor. The submission deadline for publication in der Riesenbaum is the 15th day of the month preceding the month of publication. Material received after the deadline will be considered for publication the following month. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit all material submitted for publication.


All written content and images in this publication are protected by copyright. Permission is granted to reprint any original content herein provided credit is given to the author, to der Riesenbaum, and to the Porsche Club of America, Redwood Region. 


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President's Message

greg maissen headshot 2011
by Greg Maissen, Redwood Region President

Spring is officially here.

How do I know this? Because it says so on the calendar. If you stick your head out of the window, you may not be convinced. 

That was certainly the case for our first autocross of the season. Unless you were prepping your amphibious car for some orange cone warfare, you had to sit this one out due to flooding. But a little monsoon does not discourage us from touring, as was the case for the Whale to Whale Tail Rallye on March 5. Bob Schoenherr and crew organized a fantastic drive that wound its way up the coast with some very picturesque stops and a little friendly competition amongst members.

And speaking of Bob Schoenherr, congratulations go out to Bob for being the big Redwood Region winner at the Zone 7 2010 Awards. Bob was the proud recipient of several awards: First in Concours Street-3 Class, Concours Street Division Winner, and Concours Rookie of the Year. Bob was also recognized with a special Dick Cottrell Spirit of the Concours Award. You may also recall that Bob got his mug shot in a recent issue of Panorama for winning more awards in last years Legends of the Autobahn, which will be returning to Monterey again this year on the weekend of August 19.

As for events for the month of April, we will be autocrossing on April 9; this will be a non-amphibious car event. The Hoppy Beer Tour is scheduled for April 17, and another crowd favorite, the Redwood Region Breakfast Run to Two Bird Cafe in San Geronimo, will be on April 23. Also, Sacramento Valley Region will be hosting another fantastic CRAB event throughout the weekend of April 29 - May 1. 

For more details, click the "details" links in the Upcoming Events section directly below or visit our website . You can also visit our Facebook page for event updates. 

Also, for iPhone users, there is a Porsche Club of America app available for purchase through Apple's App Store. Click here for details. 

Alright, that's it for me for now. I will see you at the next event.


Upcoming Events

April 2011

4/2-4/3 Sequoia Region Zone 7 Autocross details
4/9 Redwood Region Autocross details
4/9 Hearts for Children presented by CASA details (see flyer in this issue)
4/10 Sacramento Valley Region Beginner's Autocross School details
4/16 Loma Prieta Region Autocross details
4/17 Redwood Region Hoppy Easter Beer Tour details (see flyer in this issue)
4/23 Redwood Region Breakfast Run details
4/23 Golden Gate Region Autocross details
4/26 Redwood Region Board Meeting
4/29-5/1 CRAB 35 & Sacramento Valley Region Anniversary Party details (see article in this issue)

May 2011

5/1 Sacramento Valley Region Autocross details
5/7 Redwood Region Autocross details
5/14 Golden Gate Region Autocross details
5/14-5/15 Marin-Sonoma Concours details (see article and flyer in this issue)
5/21 Redwood Region Hole in the Wall Gang Tour (details to follow)
5/28 Sacramento Valley Region Zone 7 Autocross details (see flyer in this issue)
5/31 Redwood Region Board Meeting

June 2011

6/4-6/5 Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival details
6/5 Loma Prieta Region Z7 Swap and Concours details
6/11 Redwood Region Autocross details
6/11 Golden Gate Region Autocross details
6/12 Golden Gate Region Porboy's Autocross School details
6/18-6/19 Redwood Region Tour to Benbow (details to follow)
6/18 Loma Prieta Region Autocross details
6/19 Sacramento Valley Region Autocross details
6/25 Redwood Region Breakfast Run details
6/28 Redwood Region Board Meeting

Click here to view the full 2011 Redwood Region calendar online.

CASA Flyer

Hoppy Easter Flyer

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From the Editor

chris harrell headshot 2011
by Chris Harrell, der Riesenbaum Editor

I received several letters to the editor last month, but I did not receive any responses to the question I asked in the March issue: Which era of the Porsche 911 is your favorite, and why?


Since I have been fortunate enough to own and drive 911's of various eras, I thought I'd share my opinions based on the two 911's currently in my stable: my '73 Coupe hot rod and my '04 GT3.


Let's start with the '73, which rolled off the assembly line as a very basic 911T. I purchased this car in January of 2010, with a simple vision: It would become an early narrow-bodied hot rod, with a rally-inspired (911 T/R) exterior and RS-inspired interior. No trims or moldings. No flared fenders. No ducktail. Just the essentials. Over the course of 2010, the car was transformed according to my vision, with extensive work on the engine and exhaust, suspension, brakes, tires, and interior (details here for those who are interested).


Every time I get into the '73, the first thing that hits me is the smell. I just love the way early cars--particularly Porsches (or VW's)--smell inside. Before I put the key in the ignition, I like to look at the dash, the gauges, and the seats, and marvel that a car approaching 40 years old still looks and drives so well. 


Some people don't like the cumbersome process of cold-starting an early 911, but I love the interplay between the pedal, fuel pump, and hand throttle, and I can't help but get a huge grin each time the engine growls to life. I'm not big on making noise for attention's sake, and I'm sure my neighbors don't appreciate the early-morning starts, but there's something about how this car announces itself to everyone around that makes me feel good.  


On the road, there is nothing that I don't love about driving the '73. And I use the word "love" because driving this car is not just a physical experience, but also one that connects with me emotionally. I love hearing the engine roar and feeling the rear end squat down when I stomp the accelerator. I love how light and willing the car feels, and how that engine roar turns into a scream as it revs past 5,000, then 6,000, to 7,000 RPM. I love how the car seems to read my mind on a windy road, anticipating and diving into turns before I even think to turn the wheel. And I love how it stays planted to the road, even though it's not wearing big, wide rear tires. This car begs to be driven hard, and every drive in the '73 gives me an adrenaline rush...even if I'm just cruising along. 


All of this would be great on its own, but what ties everything together is the simple, minimal, beautiful, iconic design of the early 911. Yes, I am biased, but I just don't think there is another car out there that is as beautiful as an early Porsche 911.


Now let's not write-off the GT3 just yet. Yes, I know it's "not a real Porsche" because it has radiators, it's too big, it has ugly headlights, etc. Trust me: I have heard it all. Trust me on this as well: it is an AMAZING car. If you love 911's but have never driven a GT3, you must find a way to get behind the wheel of one.


Although I prefer the simple lines of the early 911, the GT3 is striking in its own right. It looks much like any other narrow-bodied 996 model, but its large tail and slammed stance give it an aggressive, purposeful appearance. It's hard to look at this car and not smile.


Turning the ignition reminds me that this GT3 has the heart of a wild animal, and driving it is a blast. When I first bought the car last summer, I was admittedly intimidated by its stated "rawness", absence of electronic safety controls, etc., but with time behind the wheel, I have found it to be one of the easiest Porsches to adapt to, because it just does everything so well. From acceleration to handling to braking, Porsche really got it right with the GT3. The sound of the engine as it approaches 8,000 RPM raises the hairs on my neck. For me, the best way to compare it to driving the '73 is to say that the GT3 is the same car in spirit, only 31 years newer (and faster, and better).


So what does all this mean? Which one do I prefer? 


The honest answer is that I can't decide, and I hope I never have to. 
I hope you enjoy this issue of dR. See you soon....

Zone 7 2010 Awards - March 13, 2011

david bunch headshot 2011
by David Bunch, Secretary
Photos by David Bunch and Craig Kugler

Zone 7 held its 2010 awards ceremony on Sunday March 13, at the Pyramid Alehouse, Brewery & Restaurant in Walnut Creek. PCA members from many of Zone 7's regions made the trip to Walnut Creek to collect their awards for the Zone 7 Autocross, Concours, and Rally series.


Autocross awards were given to 13 class winners, including Redwood Region members Glen Marks for first place in AX9, Sharon Neidel for first in SS02L, and yours truly for first in Showroom Stock class SS02. Sharon also took home the Ladies "PAX Award" for 2010.
Sharon Z7 Awards
Sharon Neidel and Zone 7 Autocross Chair Larry Adams (Photo by Craig Kugler)
David Z7 Awards
David Bunch and Zone 7 Autocross Chair Larry Adams (Photo by Craig Kugler)

Bob Schoenherr was the big winner from Redwood. Bob took first place in his Concours Class (Street-3) for the year, and he also took first place overall in the Street Division. Bob had entered his 1976 912E, known as "Queenie", in most of the Zone Concours events thru-out the year, finishing with the fifth-highest total points. Bob traveled to the SVR Concours at Neillo Porsche in Auburn, MBR Concours in Carmel, GGR Concours at Carlsen Porsche in Redwood City, and, of course, Redwood's event at Ledson Winery. Bob also entered Queenie in the "Legends of the Autobahn" Concours in Carmel Valley, taking second place to Joe Schumacher's 1967 911S, which won "Best Porsche" and "Best in Show" over the BMW & Mercedes winners. Bob's efforts were noticed by both Zone Representative Sharon Neidel and Zone 7 Concours Chair Mark Gersh. They awarded Bob the Concours "Rookie of the Year Award" and also the "Dick Cottrell Spirit of the Concours Award".  When Bob was called up to accept this award, he was accompanied by Anita Benzing, who helped Bob in prepping his car. Congratulations, Bob and Anita!

Bob S Z7 Awards
Bob, Anita, and Sharon showing off Bob's and Anita's awards (Photo by David Bunch)

A very special award was given to Susan Fleming for Tim Fleming, who has been inducted onto the "Zone 7 Wall of Fame" posthumously. In 2003, when he was the Zone 7 Rep, Tim developed the idea of the "Wall of Fame" as a way to honor those individuals showing a long-time passion towards the marque, displaying that passion, and distinguishing themselves in some visible manner for a significant time. Tim had served on the SVR board as President, had been the CRAB event Chair numerous times, and had served as the Zone 7 Rep for 4 years and then the Zone 11 Rep for another 4 years. He also served PCA twice as the Nominating Chair and had just been elected PCA National Treasurer when he passed away suddenly. Tim will be missed.

Several other significant Zone 7 awards were handed out. Sequoia Region was awarded "Event of the Year" for their Zone Autocross & Oktoberfest. The "Autocross Tenacity Award" was given to SNR's Craig Kugler for making the effort to attend every Zone 7 autocross (traveling from the Reno area). The "Autocross Rookie of the Year Award" was bestowed upon SVR's Scott Lines, who didn't even own a Porsche at this time last year but started autocrossing and caught the "AX fever" really bad. GGR's Terry Zaccone took home the "Overall PAX Award". The Zone 7 "Enthusiast of the Year Award" went to GGR's Mark Gersh, not only for his work as the Zone 7 Concours Chair, but also the work prepping his own Porsche for all the Concours events. Additionally, Mark served as the "Head Judge" for both the Marin Sonoma Concours, where Porsche was the featured marque, and the "Legends of the Autobahn" event. Mark also took home the very large trophy for having the high score for the year in Full Concours.


Afterwards, while talking with Bob and Anita, Bob mentioned how special it was to receive the "Dick Cottrell Spirit of the Concours Award", so I asked Bob to please share his story:


"When I first joined the Redwood PCA in summer 1982, I met Dick at a Porsche Club benefit Concours in Novato. Dick really encouraged me to get involved in Concours. That day, I ran around doing whatever was needed for judging, cleaning, etc. At the time, I had a rust-bucket 912, which I bought knowing it would never be much of a Concours car. Dick got me to sign up to go see the Monterey Historics that year. I was a fish out of water at that event, but Dick filled me in on what happened and told me all the places to go. What a great time; I still have the photo of Jackie Stewart shaking my hand at Pebble Beach! I always wanted to have a car nice enough to show and then Queenie came along. After attending multiple Sacramento Valley Region Concour schools, I finally took the time and built up the nerve to give it a try. Seeing how I have been a member of the 912 Registry for years but had never attended any events (most are in SoCal), and hearing that the 912 Rendezvous was in Santa Rosa and that SVR was featuring 912s at the first Zone Concours, I said let's try it, and Anita was game. She had never been to a Concours event, so I did all the prepping, as she didn't want to mess anything up. I was happy when she jumped in to lend a hand, and the rest of the summer she took charge of the interior as we both learned what we needed to do throughout the summer. And what a summer it was! Anita and I attended all zone 7 Concours, we made it to three Zone 7 Autocrosses with Queenie (Top AX16 at those 3), and now the awards. Wow! When I saw Dick's name on the award, it brought back some great memories of him and the car shows in Northern California, and after 26 years a dream of mine happened. Thanks, Dick!"

Whale to Whale Tail Rallye - March 5, 2011

Ron Breeze Headshot 2011
by Ron Breeze
Photos by Ron Breeze

"Tis advertised in Boston, New York, and Buffalo
A hundred hearty sailors, a whalin' for to go,
Blow, ye winds, O' mornin',
Blow, ye winds, high ho.
Haul away your runnin' gear
And blow, boys, blow." - Kingston Trio, "Blow Ye Winds."


We didn't have a hundred hearties Saturday March 5, but we did have twenty-plus intrepid Porsche drivers, braving the forecast of rain, show up at Kal's Koffee in Santa Rosa for the annual Whale to Whale Tail Rallye. We had a fine assortment of the venerable--and legendary--Porsche whale tails represented from several years of 911 Carreras, a 968, a GT3, baby whale tails on 986 and 987 Boxsters, plus a rare sighting of the much-sought-after 1971 Slant Nosed Porsche 935 SE whale tail owned by Bob Sherwood.
3 Whale Tails
Three whale tails in a row...

Cap'n Bob Schoenherr and First Mate Anita Benzing gave the eager drivers the rundown on the finer points of the rally, including a lesson on the mating and migratory habits of the Grey Whale, whose journey stretches from Washington to Baja and back again along our spectacular Northern California coastline.


We hit the road at a quarter to ten and, after winding our way through the backroads of Santa Rosa, we got to River Road and headed west through Rio Nido, then Guerneville (I almost twisted my head off glimpsing a spectacular Osprey with a large branch in its talon, landing on a nest it was building on top of a pole just outside Guerneville), then on past Duncan Mills until we reached Highway One at Jenner, where we turned our snouts North. It was a challenge keeping one eye on the road and the other out for signs of spouts of the migrating whales who, according to our First Mate, would be heading North this time of year with young'ns in tow. Somehow we all managed to keep our cars in line and negotiate the twisty, scenic highway safely.


Our first stop was at Fort Ross Grade, just North of Jenner, and I got a whale of an appetite as I peered through my binoculars looking for spouts. I was thinking about the sandwich I brought along for lunch when I heard Martina ask, "would anyone like a pretzel?" Like Orcas feeding on a baby Grey Whale, hands began to dart into the large brown bag of German pretzels. I came away with mine without getting bloodied and enjoyed munching it while looking out at the ocean for the wake whales leave behind as they travel along just below the surface. No whales sighted at this spot so, stomachs happy, we forged ahead following Cap'n Bob's Boxster, enjoying a top-down day along the legendary winding highway. My Porsche's outside temperature gauge was registering 54 degrees Fahrenheit and I was enjoying the sun on my face, the wind in my hair, the smell of the Pacific, and all the wildlife that had come out to enjoy the gorgeous day as well.
Cap'n Bob and First Mate Anita
Cap'n Bob and First Mate Anita lead the way...

By this time, the Rallye route sheet had participants looking for wildlife, radio stations, speed limit signs, and, yes, even a few gas stations. But the most fun items to find lay ahead in Gualala and points beyond. 


About 15 miles north of Jenner, we came upon The Timber Cove Inn where, shiver me timbers, we emptied our bilges and swapped Porsche drive stories. After once again looking off in the distance for Cetacean flukes, we decided it would be a fluke if we sighted anything there, and instead of floundering around, we manned our rigs to once again follow our Cap'n down the sea of asphalt.


Winding our way past Fort Ross, we pulled off at Salt Point's Gerstle Cove Campground and navigated our ships off the highway into the circular parking lot by the ocean. A couple of me mates had informed me that my rig had a port side, aft running light out. With an "Aargh, matey!" Cap'n Bob produced one from his forward stow and helped me change it out. As we gazed out at the darkening sky and ocean, raindrops began to fall and we abandoned our whale watch for the warmth and shelter of our cars. After reluctantly putting my Boxster's top up, I joined the line of cars again headed north for our last stop of the journey: the Point Arena Lighthouse.


It was dark and stormy when we all filed into the parking lot at the base of the lighthouse and parked our cars next to the rocky scenic shoreline. I was badly in need of my midday caffeine boost, so I ventured inside the gift shop to see if they had any coffee. To my surprise, there had been an employee meeting there earlier and they had a still-warm pot to which they told me to help myself at no charge. Thank you, lighthouse ladies! Sipping my coffee and warming my insides, I ventured out to find Cap'n Bob and First Mate Anita handing out prizes to the winners of the rally part of the drive. I sat down on one of the benches overlooking the ocean and had mess.
Pt Arena Lighthouse
Point Arena Lighthouse

The Point Arena Light House was erected in 1870 and, according to the guide, is the tallest remaining lighthouse on the West Coast. I believe it, having decided to hump up it to see what the view was like from the top. I ascended the 90-plus steps that wound around like a corkscrew without stopping. I was sucking air and ready for the poop deck when I got to the top, but the view was well worth the climb and the $5 donation, which was graciously lowered from $7.50 for us Porsche folk. After taking in the breathtaking view, snapping some pictures for posterity, and once again not spotting any whales, I headed back down the winding steps and said my goodbyes as the rain began to fall once again.

From the Top
The view from the top of the lighthouse
We had to settle for the whale tails on our Porsches this time as the whales obviously didn't see the Facebook posting that we were coming, but a fun time was had by all, and the drive up Highway 1 is never boring. We'll do it again next year, so the whales will have a year to prepare for us.


Thanks, Cap'n Bob and First Mate Anita, for all your hard work in putting together a grand tour and rally. 'Tis definitely a keeper! Special thanks as well to the Timber Cove Inn, Sea Ranch, and the volunteers at the Point Arena Lighthouse Museum. Days like this remind us that it's not just the cars, it's the people.


Until next year...set sail, me matey!


Alas, a few spouts and flukes were finally spotted, first from the lighthouse and then from the shore, but most of the Rallye participants had already headed home--Ed.

My First PCA Rally

chris harrell headshot 2011
by Chris Harrell
reprinted from the October 2003 issue of Gabriel's Horn, the Newsletter of the PCA - San Gabriel Valley Region

The Whale to Whale Tail Rallye on March 5 brought back memories of my first PCA rally, so I thought it would be fun to share my experience with everyone, especially those who have never tried a rally.--Ed.


The weekend was approaching quickly. It was Friday afternoon, September 19th, the day before San Gabriel Valley Region's (SGVR) annual "Eureka" Rally, run in conjunction with the Santa Monica Sports Car Club (SMSCC). My driver, Dave Stallcup, and I had attended the SGVR Rally School back in July, but this would be our first real test.


What did we need to bring? Stopwatch? Check. Pen and pencil? Check. Highlighter? "Why do you need a
highlighter?" Dave asked me, as we walked through the aisles at Staples. 


"I don't know," I replied. "Because it might come in handy."


"You're weird." A typical Dave reply to a typical Chris explanation. A match made in heaven, obviously. 


Since Dave insisted that the four-dollar clipboard wouldn't be of any more value than the one selling for ninety-nine cents, our decision was made. Highlighter and clipboard in hand, we were out the door for a less than the cost of a Starbucks Grande Latte.


Neither of us had reviewed the rally terms and rules since the rally school, so we spent a few minutes Friday
evening refreshing our memories. Dave's wife, Christy, helped us out. Once we were satisfied that we really
couldn't absorb much more "rallyspeak" without actually getting behind the wheel, we decided to call it a night.


Saturday morning, we arrived at the starting point, well-fed (if you call Carl's Jr. well-fed) and ready to go. We
received the instructions and read through them carefully, making notes on those that looked like they might be difficult or tricky. I noted to myself that we were about to become very familiar with Pearblossom Highway, as it was included in no less than six or eight separate instructions. Our friends, Ray and Lisa Hughes, to whom I am grateful (I think) for encouraging me to try rallying in the first place, were kind enough to share a few pointers with us while we waited for the event to begin. We decided to attend the brief "beginner's meeting," which turned out to be more for everyone, particularly since an unexpected detour had necessitated changing a few of the route instructions, the details of which were provided at the meeting. I looked at my watch at about 9:58am, a bit surprised that the meeting was still going, considering the first car was to leave the start at precisely 10:01am. Nevertheless, everyone was lined up and ready to go on time. We were the fourth car out, at four minutes past ten.


As we rolled into the first pause, after the odo-check, we were confident and ready to go. Noticing that car number one had already "disappeared," we agreed that we might have a chance, after all. Shoot, I just wanted to finish! "No matter how bad we do," Dave said, "I just don't want to get the maximum penalty on any
leg." As it turns out, his statement was to be a prophetic one.


Before we knew it, we were 2 hours into the rally, and we felt like we were doing well. One thing we learned early on, however, is that it's sometimes hard to tell how you're doing, especially because you're never really driving alone, even though all of the cars leave each leg at one-minute intervals. If the car behind you suddenly appears in the rear-view mirror, is it because you're running behind? Or are they fast? When I started to get distracted by what the other cars were doing, Dave quickly brought me back into focus. "Let's just do our own thing," he reminded me. I quickly agreed that my time was better spent on paying attention to the instructions.


After a brief encounter with a train (and a quickly-scribbled request for a time delay), we hit the next checkpoint. Nothing like a thorough initiation into the world of blocked rally routes. Nevertheless, good ol' car number four was still rolling right along, hitting every checkpoint. Although there was no way for us to know for certain how close we had finished each leg versus the true time as measured by the Rallymaster, we were pretty confident that we had-at least-not gotten off course. Pearblossom Highway came and went, then came and went again, and again, and so on. Time passed quickly, and--although we paid close attention to the instructions--we spent a lot of time joking around, cracking jokes about one another's driving and/or navigating abilities, and so on. No raised voices, no silent grudges, and no threats of divorce (couples who have tried rallying together will understand this). Eventually, we rolled into the final checkpoint, and not a moment too soon; Dave was ready for a nap, and I need to find a restroom pronto!

We followed the Hughes' to the Route 66 Grill in Canyon Country, for a bite to eat and a small trophy ceremony. On the way, I calculated our total penalty based on the true times given to us at the final checkpoint. To Dave's satisfaction, we had avoided taking the maximum penalty on each and every leg. In fact, if my calculations were correct, it appeared that we had done pretty darn well overall...but what about everyone else? Since our class (Beginner) had so many participants, we were informed that trophies would be given to the top four teams. When we heard the score of the fourth-place team, we knew we had really exceeded our expectations. As we accepted our trophy for second place, with an overall score of 320, I couldn't help but feel proud of what we had accomplished our first time out. Of course, I am just as competitive as the next guy (who in this case was my partner); we agreed on the way home that second place was simply unacceptable. We would have to improve.

We have not yet signed up for our next rally, although I'm sure we'll be out there again, soon enough. And while it is quite possible that our "beginner's luck" will soon wear off, we're looking forward to another chance to see what we can do.

Oops! I think I left my (unused) highlighter in Dave's car.

Hi Tec Ad 2011

CRAB 35 - A Sacramento Valley Region Event

What is CRAB?
by Jim McMahen, Sacramento Valley Region

Vision: Throughout the past 35 years Sacramento Valley Region's premier event has been CRAB. Porsche enthusiasts gathered annually for an activity-filled weekend to enjoy each other's company and, of course, each other's Porsches. Our vision is to revitalize this event for its original fundamental purpose. That purpose is to gather with Porsche friends at Niello Porsche in Rocklin and have a great time. Join us at CRAB 35! 

Friday - April 29th
Friday Night Welcome Party: The weekend starts Friday night at 6:00 P.M. It's a party to pick up your registration materials, taste a glass of wine, decorate cookies, have a bite to eat, meet with friends, and plan activities for your premier Porsche weekend.

Wine Tasting: Choose your favorite from a tempting selection wine. Which has the aroma and taste to match your preference? 

Cookie Decorating: Something for the young, young at heart and just for fun. Try your hand at decorating a cookie shaped like a crab. You may even win an award.

FunKhana: What is a "Funkhana"? In this event the emphasis is on "fun". A special obstacle course is designed to test your dexterity. And we'll even supply a special model Porsche. From the beginner to the expert, skills will be tested.

Saturday - April 30th
Driving Tour: Load-up and be ready for a morning of fun and adventure. The tour will lead you through the Sierra foothills. All roads promise to be perfect Porsche byways.

Rally: Are you good at following directions? Pit your wits against those of the Rally Master. Instructions will lead you on a journey that will have you changing speed, finding landmarks, and doing your best to get to each checkpoint at the ideal time.

Walking Tour: You don't need a car for this tour. Put on your walking shoes and follow the written directions for an adventure in Auburn. How difficult can this be? Tour or Trek.

Prime Rib Dinner: The dinner Saturday night is a time for all participants to talk about their beautiful cars and to reflect on the day's events. Awards will also be presented to the winners of the competitive events. (Cookie Decorating, Walking Tour and Rally)

Sunday - May 1st
Concours: A fun concours! Sunday morning entrants will have time to clean their Porsches (interior, exterior, and storage compartment) before placing them on display for judging. 

Beer and Bratwurst: It's the perfect end to a wonderful weekend. BBQ bratwurst and a cold beer go together as we award concours prizes to the proud owners of beautiful Porsches.

SVR Autocross (Optional event): This is an option for those of you that would like to try your hand at autocross. It will held in Sacramento (Mather Field) for an additional cost of $25 per driver.

For a downloadable entry form or for additional information, visit and click the CRAB 35 link.

Third Annual Marin Sonoma Concours d'Elegance - May 14/15, 2011

kurt fischer headshot
by Kurt Fischer, Redwood Region Past President

As many of you know, I have been heavily involved in the planning of the Marin Sonoma Concours scheduled for the weekend of May 14-15, 2011. This all started late in 2009 when I received a phone call from Charlie Goodman, the Concours Chairman, asking me if I thought Porsche would make a good featured marque. Of course, my answer was yes! The rest is history.

Last year, we had 95 Porsches on the Drive and about 25 stunning Porsches on the field, including the last 550 Spyder made (#90), owned by Vijay Mallya, that won the "Best d'Sport" in its completely unrestored state! Another Porsche highlight was Janis Joplin's wildly-painted 356, which was borrowed from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
Marin Sonoma Concours
Marin Sonoma Concours 2010, Photo courtesy of Marin Sonoma Concours
This year, Rolls Royce is the featured marque and the Concours is out to break all records by celebrating 100 years of Chevrolet, Morgan, Stutz, and the Indianapolis 500! The sub-theme is "The British are Coming", so lots of English cars will be on hand! Plans are also being made to have special areas for Chevrolets on the "island" in the lagoon at the Marin County Civic Center and a number of classic Indy cars directly from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. More featured exhibits are classic travel trailers and wood boats in the lagoon, as well as numerous automotive exhibitors and food and wine tasting...something for all of us!

The Marin Sonoma Concours is the only major non-PCA Concours located here in our region, and we will celebrate again this year as true car lovers of all marques. There are 3 ways that you can participate:

Concours - We are looking for Porsches for the Concours field: older than 1978 and worthy of Concours judging! Click here to sign up for the Concours.

Drive - On Saturday May 14th, I will be leading up to 125 cars on a 90-mile tour through Marin and Sonoma Counties, starting in Tiburon and ending up with a gourmet lunch at Cline Cellars in Sonoma. If you were on last year's Drive, you know what a great time we had! For the Drive, again, we are looking for cars older than 1978. If you have a 356 or early 911/912, this is perfect for you. Also, any of our friends with British cars are more than welcome for this Drive! Click here to sign up for the Drive.

Corral - Finally, on Sunday May 15, we will have a Porsche car corral at the Civic Center like we had last year (75+ Porsches). This part of the event is for all Porsches, all years!  What you get is special parking close to the Concours field.  Click here to sign up for the Corral.

Click here to visit the main website link for the 3rd Annual Marin-Sonoma Concours d' Elegance.

Last year, we raised over $170,000 for Hospice by the Bay, which is the charity supported by the Concours and a truly worthwhile organization. I urge you to support the Concours as, again, it is the only major Concours in the Redwood Region. We are looking at least 200 cars on the field!  Keep in mind that all entrance fees for any of these events are tax deductible.

As a side note...I will be driving a '64 XKE Roadster and need to outfit myself with appropriate Jag goodies: t-shirt, hat, etc. Wish me luck; I am saying my prayers to Lucas, Prince of Darkness :)

Please feel free to  email me with any questions. Thanks and looking forward to seeing you there!

marin sonoma concours 2011 flyer

2011 parade ad

So, What is this Parade Concours Thing All About?

by Cole Scrogham
Photos provided by PCA National

That title question really seems to be the most common thing asked by new Parade attendees...what is this Concours thing all about? Well, I guess it might be considered one of those questions where the answer depends on your perspective. If you have an autocross perspective, then the "Q-tippers" are slightly off their rocker and the display is just a nice way to spend the day before the autocross starts (other than the race cars on display of course!). To the Rally folks, the display is a little more palatable, but if you are going to spend that much time with your car you should at least include a few calculations to correlate the speedometer with your GPS. I'm not even going to discuss the Tech Quiz only crowd...


The Concours can be as simple or as complicated as you like, from a nice display of Porsches to enjoy on a beautiful summer day to the last details of restoration perfection, and anywhere in between. The Parade Concours is the premier Concours event of the year for PCA; a truly awesome display of over 60 years of Porsche history in America and beyond. The Parade location this year is Savannah, Georgia, a charming destination city that is sure to provide you with your fill of pralines and peanuts once you have had enough of the Concours.


For the first time in the Park's history, an automotive display will be allowed on these grounds, courtesy of the 2011 Parade Concours. Porsche Club of America members will stroll the lawns and gardens festooned with possibly the finest display of Porsches in Parade history. Reds, Blues, Yellows and Blacks will add to the Green of Forsyth Park, as Porsches in all shapes and sizes converge on the grounds. The Monday event is open to the public and will be buzzing with activity all day long.
parade concours
Parade Concours

Featuring over a hundred cars, the Concours will display competitive vehicles in classes, divisions and groups in four major areas: Preparation, Preservation, Restoration and Performance. The crowd favorite Historic Display should feel right at home in this location as well! And if competition is not your thing, the Corral is another possibility. Several hundred Porsches will be displayed (grouped by model) in the non-competitive Corral. To join this collection of Porsches, you just need to submit a regular entry to the Parade before registration closes...but if you can't bring your Porsche and want to view the Concours, just bring yourself as this event is open to the public.


The four groups of cars are grouped in roughly the following criteria (memorize this to impress any innocent bystander at Forsyth Park that asks the "What's this Concours thing all about..." question!):


Preparation - This is the group comprised of mostly newer cars, they are being judged on how well prepared they are (i.e., clean). There is not so much emphasis on originality as how completely free of dirt the car is, so watch out for those Q-tips!


Preservation - This group is the opposite of Preparation, it is reserved for cars that have been faithfully maintained and kept original over many years, so you will see mostly older Porsches here with decades of careful care and attention. Cleanliness is not so important, but all of the original bits and pieces certainly are!


Restoration - This group is made up of cars that have been restored to their original condition. This time consuming process is evaluated by experienced teams of judges, some of whom actually remember what these cars looked like when they were new! Cleanliness and originality are judged, making this group a difficult proposition for entrants, so thankfully there are cars judged in Touring (top only) and Full (top and bottom of the car is judged).


Performance - This group of cars ranges from all out racers to modified street cars, most of them "personalized" to their owner's liking. You will see a lot of variety in this group, which is judged on cleanliness only and feature highly modified and performance oriented Porsches.
concours prep
Parade Concours Prep

I hope that little refresher course on the Parade Competition Rules helps you spot the different groups at the Concours, and make more sense of the myriad of awards and trophies at the banquet. You can also browse the Porsche Corral and Historic Display for cars that are not competing, but certainly add a lot to the display. Feel free to come a day or so early and enjoy the prep area (air-conditioned!) in the convention center and see all the work that goes on behind the scenes of our Day at the Concours!


Won't you join us there?  Click here for more information.

legends of the autobahn flyer

TRG ad


Membership Report

bob schoenherr headshot 2011
by Bob Schoenherr, Membership Director

Membership in Redwood Region is holding steady, with less than a 1% change in total members from month to month over the winter. Non-renewals, we would like to get you back! Please drop me a line and tell me what we can do to help you come back to PCA.


Member turnout has been strong thus far in 2011, despite the uncooperative weather. I would love to see you all participate in our popular breakfast runs, autocrosses, Concours, tours, track events, and other Porsche Club functions. I must say that if you belong to the Redwood Region, driving your Porsche is a high priority, rain or shine. There's no better way to kick-off spring than with a spirited drive or tour! And keep those new membership referrals coming....


Finally, I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to keep your contact information current on the PCA national website. We can't keep you in the loop about events and news if we can't contact you. 

March 2011 Membership Summary

New Members 3
Transfers In 1
Transfers Out 0
Non-Renewals 18
Renewals 33
Dual Members 15

Primary Members 493
Affiliate Members 360
Total Members 853

March 2011 New Members

Enrique Castro and Natalie Castro, Novato - 2002 996 C4S Gray
William Moore and Elisabeth Moore, Napa - 1999 996 Silver
Craig Sarachine and Katie Kelly, Sausalito - 1973 914 Green (transfers from GGR) 
Karl Seitz, Santa Rosa - 1988 928 Black

Welcome to the Redwood Region! We hope to see you at an upcoming event....

April 2011 Membership Anniversaries

Robert and Phyllis Sachs, Sausalito - 51 years
James and Janet Brown, San Rafael - 42 years
Frank Massick, Tahoe City - 36 years
Don Nicoli and Theresa Canepa, Lafayette - 28 years and 3 years
Rodric Rehe and Laura Fichtel, Lakeport - 26 years and 3 years
Peter and Julia Ritter, Larkspur - 19 years
Daniel and Susan Boeschen, Saint Helena - 18 years
Dennis and Camara Raquel Scremin, Sausalito - 14 years and 4 years
Steve De Jung and Michael De Jung, Cotati - 12 years
Don Magdanz and Holly Hood, San Rafael - 12 years and 2 years
Rhyne and Julie Beatty, Tiburon - 11 years and 9 years
Bob and Gayle Hall, San Rafael - 9 years
James Kennedy and Anne Everest, San Rafael - 9 years
William and Barbara Reising, Novato - 9 years
Rick and Ann Christofferson, Sugar Hill, NH - 7 years
Tom Cordellos and Sandra Cordellos, Sonoma - 7 years
Brian and Kathy Morris, Napa - 7 years
Bill and Lynn Walters, Sausalito - 7 years
Charles Yost, McKinleyville - 7 years
Gerald Connors, San Rafael - 6 years
Hugh and Teri Carpenter, Napa - 5 years
James and Janice Jordan, Santa Rosa - 5 years
Tom and Elaine Markovich, Napa - 5 years
George Barsi and Ross Barsi, Bodega Bay - 3 years
Ken and Evelyn Haupt, Novato - 3 years
John Hollander, Santa Rosa - 3 years
Gregory Sieck, Mill Valley - 3 years
Enrique Delgadillo, Fort Bragg - 2 years
Todd Glatfleter, Forestville - 2 years
Dirk Kruidenier, Vallejo - 2 years
Pat Sexton, Rohnert Park - 2 years
Nikolai Korhummelstone, Inverness - 1 year
David Paoli, San Rafael - 1 year

Thanks and Happy Anniversary to all of you!

Membership information is based on the Porsche Club of America National database. If you feel that any of the information included in this Membership Report is inaccurate, please contact the Editor or Membership Director.

Membership Questions and Name Badges

Please contact Bob Schoenherr, Membership Director for general information about club membership, name badges, changes of address and/or contact information, dual-membership inquiries, inter-region transfers, and membership referrals. 

rr badge example

Speaking of name badges, member name badges are now available in the new style, with a color logo on a white background. Those of you who attended any recent Redwood Region events may have noticed some of your fellow Club members wearing these.  The new style badges are now being sent to new members and members who request replacements. Badges are free to new members; replacements are only $12. Badges are also available with a magnetic clasp, instead of the standard pin-back clasp, for an additional $2 ($14 total).
Mac Cranford Appointed Safety Director

The Redwood Region Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Mac Cranford has been appointed Safety Director for Redwood Region. The Safety Director acts as an advisor to the Chairperson of each event where safety could be a factor. This pertains to all moving car events, including autocross, driving tours, etc. When you see Mac at our next event, please thank him for volunteering for this important position!

Social Director Needed

We are in need of a Social Director to oversee our Club activities calendar and ensure that we have a full menu of interesting social events that are organized, led, and supported by other members of the Club. Please contact any member of the Redwood Region Board if you are interested in finding out more about this position.

Redwood Region Bylaws Revised


The Porsche Club of America (National) and the Redwood Region require that Club Bylaws be reviewed and updated every two years. Redwood Region's Bylaws were revised in December 2010 and approved by the Board of Directors. Before the revised Bylaws can be adopted, they need to be approved by the general membership. 
Soon you will receive a mailed ballot asking for your approval or disapproval of the December 2010 Revised Redwood Region Bylaws. Please follow the instructions on the ballot as to where to find the Bylaws and how to submit your ballot. The revised Bylaws shall be adopted Upon a two-thirds favorable vote of ballots cast Thank you for your participation.

Financial Review Committee Needed

Redwood Region's Bylaws (in Article VIII, Section 3) call for appointment of a committee to conduct an independent review and audit of our books once a year. We are looking for a couple of volunteers from Club membership to form this committee. This is not a standing committee assignment, but only a one-time commitment, expected to convene in roughly October of this year. The ideal volunteers would have have an accounting or financial background. Your expertise and time will be of great service to the Club and you will surely have some fun working with your fellow Club members. Please contact any member of the Redwood Region Board if you are interested in helping. 

Charity Becomes Us

Jerry Gladstone Treasurer Headshot
by Jerry Gladstone, Treasurer

Many of the regions of the Porsche Club of America are known for their outstanding charitable contributions to their communities. The Redwood Region Board of Directors feels like our Club could do much more. Outside of our ongoing support of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), we do little else. Several ideas have been floating around among our members, ranging from events to raise more charitable funds to those that would involve direct positive contact with our chosen charitable organization(s). To make any of these a reality, we need a Chairperson: someone who is passionate about helping those less fortunate than us and who is also a talented organizer. Are you such a person?  Please step forward and help Redwood Region become a force of good work in our community. Please contact any member of the Redwood Region Board for more information.

Please see the enclosed flyer for the CASA Hearts for Children event on April 9 in Santa Rosa.--Ed.
Letters to the Editor
Please email comments, questions, or anything else you would like to write about; letters will be included in the next issue. Editor reserves the right to edit for length or content.

Member found lost in the Redwoods


Richard Ruff was just found driving his almost new '89 911 Targa off the slopes of Mt. Tam. The last time he was spotted in the region was in the early 80's driving a '73 2.0 914 which he states was "the most fun car I ever owned". During the time he was lost, there were occasional glimpses of him. He was spotted in a 2000 Boxster, and was almost caught in a '61 d'Ieteren Roadster. Sources say he may have been seen in various other British, Italian and German cars. He states he is "happy to see the light of day again".


Richard Ruff

Thanks for the laugh, Richard!--Ed.


Chris, I just finished your New Der Riesenbaum: 1st class!!


So, what about "history"? Enclosed is a copy of the "Mag" dated May 1981 (imagine only 30 years ago!). You will find my name as Past President, which signifies that I was President once, as well as serving as Editor, once Treasurer, and also Membership Chair at one time many years ago. The Club is now nearly double the membership today; way back thirty-forty years ago we used typewriters and the local print shop.


So, going back a ways, I joined the future Redwood Region in 1966, with a brand new 1967 912: Gene Babow was the starter of this Region's Club. Over the course of years 'til 1992 when I sold my 1976 912E which had replaced the 912 in 1977, I was an active(?) member and one of the greatest times of my life.


I trust that your generation still goes to CRAB every party gathering ever! I don't see evidence of what we did several times a year which was doing a Rally: either T&D, or simple directions, or one I remember doing which was fun--a Rally with photos of places/things that had to be identified.


I'm mailing the old Der Riesenbaum to the Club's PO Box: enjoy and keep for your files if you wish..


Cordially yours,


Jim Haskell

It's important for me to hear from folks who have been with the club for a long time, and the club's history is invaluable. So thank you for being such an important part of the club, for reaching out and sharing some of that history by way of this email, and for the "old" dR that you are sending. I cannot wait to see it! I have not been to CRAB, but I am planning on participating this year. As for rally events, our March 5 Whale to Whale Tail Rallye (story in this issue of dR) was actually a "gimmick rally", and a load of fun for all who participated. I also reached into my personal archive for an article that I wrote after my first PCA rally; that article is included in this issue.--Ed.

New Ideas

Dear Editor,

Liz and I have been members in Redwood Region for 5 years now and have enjoyed everything from autocross days, breakfast and other runs, the Tech Sessions, to the Porsche corral at Infineon. All of these events take place on weekends, those days when you share your Porsche with the rest of the "off work" world. The last winery run we were on had 40 nicely-washed and shiny Porsches wandering along Hwy 128 in Mendocino County. It was wonderful to be out with the sunroof open and the motor sounds resonating in our ears, but......we never got out of third gear! It was impossible to pass the ubiquitous minivan, doing ten under, on a safety-sight-seeing tour. Considering the parade behind, which got considerably strung out over the route, it was frustrating for those who wanted to stretch some Porsche leg!

Now, certain events, like autocross and races, are built to be a weekend thing, but some RUNS, on the other hand, would benefit from a mid-week time schedule. We realize most people work to support their Porsche habit and have only weekends off. But there are those who do have the mid-week off, a fortunate opportunity to enjoy those uncrowded roads in the hinterland. Why not have the occasional "tour" or "run" in the middle of the week? And while we're at it, tours don't need to go to wineries or breweries all the time. Has anyone been on a search for the perfect burger?  How about airplanes, tanks (military, not fermenting), trains, antiques Anyone interested in them? There are a myriad of excuses to get in a Porsche and drive....Thoughts anyone?

Bob Wichtowski
Liz Fisher

Thank you for the email, and count me in on the search for the perfect burger! Yes, we Redwood Region members are lucky to be part of a Region with such a diverse geography, places to go, and things to see. We already have an impressive list of events planned for 2011, including some (like the aforementioned Whale to Whale Tail Rallye) that are unique and not tethered to a winery. Keep the ideas coming.--Ed.
Board Meeting Minutes
david bunch headshot 2011
by David Bunch, Secretary

Due to tight timing between the March Board Meeting and the deadline for publishing this issue of der Riesenbaum, we will include notes from our March 29 Board Meeting in the May issue.

Our next Board Meeting will be at 7:00pm Tuesday April 26, 2011 at Chevy's Restaurant in Novato.

Redwood Region & Zone 7 Contacts
2011 Redwood Region Board of Directors


Zone 7 Representative


Goodie Store Sale!

goodie store polos

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goodie store badges

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der Marktplatz


marvin goss 928s4

1987 Porsche 928 S4. Excellent condition inside and out, 125,000 Mi., Marine Blue/Silver Gray leather. 5 speed limited slip diff, new steering rack, Devek radiator, adjustable Konis, sport & regular control arms at 121K, exhaust, K&N filter, Sony XR-c6120/Alpine 41312 pwr amp (3553), 8 Speaker stereo system. Clutch/flywheel at 90K, alt/reg at 96K, timing belt/tensioner at 100K, belts at 123K. Heated sport seats, HD A/C, extra set of chrome wheels, custom car cover. Always garaged. All maintenance records since new. Original window sticker & owners manual, etc. Price reduced to $8,000 OBO. Contact Marvin Goss at 707.839.3310. McKinleyville.

downie cabriolet

1983 911SC Cabriolet. Perfect Quartz Grey Metallic, tan interior. New Michelin PS, polished Fuchs, new brakes w/steel lines, Bilsteins, tensioners, SSI headers, new carpets, alternator, 930 wheel. 104K miles. $18,900. 707.725.6110;

downie targa

1983 911SC Targa. Quartz Grey Metallic, burgundy interior. Factory leather Recaro sport seats. 95% Michelin PS, new top, new brakes w/steel lines, Bilsteins, tensioners, test pipe. Porsche COA. 145K miles. $12,900. 707.725.6110;

don cameron 911
1983 911SC Cabriolet. Low miles: less than 95,000. 3.0 liter, 5 speed, with factory short shift kit. Turbo lower valve covers, pop-off valve, hydraulic chain tensioner upgrade, clutch upgrade. 16 X 7"-8" BBS wheels with Toyo 888 tires, still have 1/2 tread. Porsche turbo tea tray tail, 935 style front valance. IO Port roll bar, Corbeau racing seats and 5-point harnesses. Strut bar, TRG front and rear adjustable sway bars, Bilstein rear shocks and Bilstein front inserts. Monoball cartridges on front struts, bump-steer kit. Turbo- tie rods.  Adjustable rear spring plates, polyurethane bushings on spring plates and front A-arms.  22mm front torsion bars, 28mm rear torsion bars. Stock rebuilt brake calipers, cross drilled rotors, front brakes have custom carbon fiber brake cooling ducts. Bursch muffler and stainless test pipe. Power windows, power locks, AM/FM/CD player, cruise control, power mirrors. Air conditioning removed (never worked anyway). All upgrades have been done in the last 5 years/15,000 miles. Always garaged. Extras included. New Price $17,500 OBO. Contact Don at 707.718.0678 or email me at

ad-branson 944

1983 944 Porsche Track Car. Rebuilt engine w/cross-drilled journals, lightened and balanced crankshaft, re-conditioned rods; Momo hub adapter w/Sparco quick release steering adapter and GT3 steering wheel, fire suppression system, coil-over front suspension, solid engine mount, new clutch w/lightened flywheel, new Schnell short shift kit, new tires and one set of spare wheels and tires, two racing seats w/complete restraint system; has Unichip and recent maintenance at professional Porsche shop w/receipts available. Less than 3 hours on the car since rebuild. Hans device, racing suit, gloves, shoes, helmet also available for sale. Autocross and driver education class use only. READY TO GO! $5,900 OBO. Contact Mitch at 707.696.5790 or


1971 911T Coupe. Dark Green. Original Owner. Service Records. 70,000 miles on engine re-engineered at 142,000 by European Motors (San Rafael). Original window stickers and owners manual. Needs rugs, headliner, and minor detailing. Insured by The Hartford for $60K. Always a California car. Serious offers will be considered. Pics available upon request. Stanley & Jeanie Chasen 707.894.5223 or email


One unopened case (24qts) of Swepco 306 15W-40 motor oil $50.00. One 15"x7" Cookie Cutter wheel; looks good but it is bent $20.00. Call Andy at 707.494.0100.

Classified ads for Porsches and Porsche-related parts or accessories are available at no charge to PCA members and may be submitted to the editor via email by the 15th of each month to be included in the next month's issue of der Riesenbaum. Ads will run for three months, space permitting, unless canceled by the seller. Classified ads are also included in the der Marktplatz section on our Club website. Editor may modify ad copy as needed based on space constraints, and is not responsible for content, errors or omissions. Commercial ads are not accepted. Please contact Bob Hall, Advertising Director for commercial advertising information and rates.  

Z7 Swap Flyer

tillmans ad july 2010

BA Travel New Ad

Letters to the editor, feedback, questions, and suggestions about der Riesenbaum and the Redwood Region in general are welcome. 

Members are also welcome and encouraged to attend monthly Redwood Region Board Meetings, held on the last Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm, at Chevy's Fresh Mex, 128 Vintage Way in Novato. Contact any member of the Redwood Region Board for details.

Remember, this Club belongs to all of us; your ideas, energy, and participation will help create the best possible experience for all members.


Thank you all for supporting your Club!


Chris Harrell, der Riesenbaum Editor

Porsche Club of America, Redwood Region

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