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january 2011
Official Newsletter of Redwood Region, Porsche Club of America (V.46.11)
Del Norte - Humboldt - Lake - Mendocino - Marin - Napa - Sonoma  Counties
edR Version 3.0
Welcome to 2011! While our previous year was "challenging", we made it through. As the clock struck midnight, we symbolically wipe our collective slate clean, and start anew.

There was much change last year. We changed President, Vice President, Treasurer, Membership at least twice (I lost count), and Newsletter Editor. I'm sure your head is spinning as much as mine! Unfortunately, that trend is continuing after this brief newsletter.

The good news is that in this difficult economy, I have a job. But it is requiring more of my time than it did before. I have found myself without sufficient time to do the newsletter. I leave you in capable hands of Chris Harrell, though. I hope he is able to find his voice in the edR.

I leave you with this thought. It's the same one I gave you when I started as the editor. Come out. Participate. It's the most important job in PCA. It's the job I most cherish. Mary and I will be chairing three events this year, so we're not dropping out of sight. We hope to see you at the Hoppy Easter Beer Tour!

Robert Neidel, Editor
Redwood Region Newsletter
(707) 364-9220

From the President


I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve and is as excited as I am about the upcoming events for the Redwood Region in 2011. We just finished the annual Calendar Meeting where we coordinate the events we have planned along with the other regions events for the

upcoming year. A lot of hard work goes into this as we try to not have conflicting dates overlap other regions activities so that everyone can participate in as many events as they like through out the year. We also have some dates that were intentionally left open to be filled with events from our members. So in order to do this I need your

ideas as to what you would like to see on those dates. All ideas are welcome and we are really looking to try things we have not done in the past. As this is your club please let us know what you are interested in and let's see how we can make it happen.


Along the lines of member input we will be looking to have more of our members contribute to our newsletter this year. Last year we had some great articles from a lot of you and we will be looking to do the same again this year. On that note I would like to thank Rob Neidel for his fantastic work on last years newsletter. This will be Rob's last edition and I am sad to see him leave the position. Rob's decades of membership along with his artistic talents gave us a newsletter that we all enjoyed and looked forward to. I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our incoming newsletter editor Chris Harrell. Chris has returned to the Bay Area and in his absence he has been a member of the San Gabriel Valley Region. There Chris was voted member of the year and was also their award winning newsletter editor. I will tell you of his accomplishments as Chris

is to modest to tell you himself. He and his wife veronica are some of the nicest and easy going people I have met in a long time and I look

forward to their contributions to our club.


So that is it for now please keep your self up dated by going to the web site that is masterfully operated by Barbara McCrory. There you will see our first event of the year which is a tech session at The Racers Group on February 19, 2011.

Scan over the calendar and get an idea of what we have so far.


Looking forward to seeing you at our next event.



Attention Autocrossers!

 We will be having a Prep & Tech at my shop on Saturday February 12th .


Address:  25H Hamilton Dr, Novato

Time:  10:00 - 2:00


We need to clean out, repair and restock the AX trailer.  I am looking for some new volunteers to help tech cars at the events.  We will be having a tech session on several models of Porsche to learn the required inspection procedures for clearing a car.  If  you are interested please RSVP to Tom Strobel, your 2011 AX Director.

Holiday Party


This year found the Redwood Region Holiday Party at the Corinthian Yacht Club.

I have been promoting new member input and this was just one fine example of that thanks to Rand Wintermute. As a member of the Corinthian Rand presented the idea of the Redwood Region having our festive gathering there. What could we say but a very enthusiastic yes!

Along with this another of our members Roland Tolosa presented the idea of his band Sugarfoot to play at the party. Again we all shouted yes and  from there we had the makings of a fantastic party.


And what a party it was. 100 of us converged at the Corinthian Yacht Club to find breath taking views of San Francisco Bay from one of the most picturesque locations in Marin.


The main Ballroom was beautifully decorated with a 10 foot Christmas tree with all of the trimmings. We were all feeling very festive and it was great to see so many new faces along with our seasoned members. We all got caught up on the years events and embellished on how fast our autocross times should have been and plotted the course for next years events.


Soon after I was honored to present Greg Cho from CASA our chosen charity, with a check for $2500.00. This is money raised through out the year from different events we put on.


The wine flowed, the food was excellent and everyone was truly having a great time. We tossed out some door prizes to a few lucky souls and right after that Sugarfoot cranked up the music and we all danced the night away.


Who knows where next year will find us but with such fantastic member input you can be assured it will be spectacular.



First Annual PCA Redwood Region New Year's Day Run

chris harrell

by Chris Harrell


It was back in November of 2004 that I was first introduced to the concept of a Porsche-centric New Year's Day drive. Veronica and I were living in the Los Angeles area at the time, and a couple of my local PCA friends told me about the annual drive, which had been organized by Dave Bouzaglou and TRE Motorsports for several years running. Coincidentally, I had just started taking my cars to TRE (many of you will recognize the name from various project cars featured in Excellence Magazine) for service, so when Dave mentioned the drive to me as well, my mind was made up. Although waking up at dawn on New Year's Day wasn't easy, Veronica and I ended up having so much fun on the 1/1/05 drive that it turned into a tradition for us.

When Veronica and I relocated to the SF Bay Area in 2008, we were a bit disappointed to find that there wasn't something similar in this neck of the woods, at least not a "formal" Porsche-specific drive. We enjoyed our own single-car drive along the coast to start the year on 1/1/09, but we decided it would be more fun to start a new NorCal tradition, so-with the help of the Pelican Parts forum-I loosely arranged a well-attended and very fun drive on 1/1/10, which took us through the mountains of San Mateo County. I had not yet transferred into the Redwood Region, so it was not a PCA event. As New Year's Day 2011 approached, I let Redwood Region Past President Kurt Fischer and President Greg Maissen know about my intentions to organize a similar drive for 1/1/11, and they enthusiastically suggested that we make it a PCA Redwood Region event, specifically the first of a new tradition for the region. And so it was born: The Annual Redwood Region New Year's Day Run. 

Leading up to the day of the event, we were concerned that the turnout might suffer from the unrelenting wet weather, and that the drive itself would be challenged by wet roads and debris. We also needed to be sure to identify at least one restroom stop for the folks who would undoubtedly fill up on coffee in the morning before the drive. So Kurt and I (and Veronica) set out on the morning of Wednesday, 12/29 to do a "test run" of the route. It had rained hard the night before, so there was some minor flooding, but the roads were surprisingly clear overall. We stopped in Tomales and confirmed it as a viable restroom stop, just about 1 hour from our starting point. Next, it was on to the Union Hotel in Occidental, where we provided staff a final headcount for 1/1 then had a nice lunch.

The morning of 1/1 arrived on the heels of a serious rainstorm the night before. However, by our 9:00am meeting time, things had cleared up considerably. One by one, Porsches started pulling into the Chevy's parking lot, and folks greeted one another with New Year's salutations. Soon there were 20 cars, then 30. Our 9:30am departure time arrived, and after a quick introduction and driver's meeting led by Kurt, we set out on our drive, 39 cars deep.

The roads were still very wet, but so far no rain. From the 101, we headed west on Lucas Valley Road, where we passed George Lucas himself standing alongside the road outside Lucas Ranch. Those of us in the back of the pack got caught behind a few "interlopers" while the rest of the pack started to stretch its legs a bit. Then, on Hicks Valley Road, the group encountered its first Highway Patrol cruiser of the day. In fact, he pulled his car into our group, right behind David Bunch and Sharon Neidel. By the time those of us in the back of the pack hit the Hicks Valley Road/Wilson Hill Road intersection, the patrol car had turned around. As he approached me from the other direction, I waved. Apparently, he didn't find my wave amusing, as he gave me a mad-dog look in return. Maybe he was just bummed that he couldn't ticket me for waving at him! We eventually pulled into Tomales where, as expected, most folks made a dash for the restroom. Everyone mingled for a bit and some stopped into the Tomales Bakery for a treat or two. Veronica bought a "Pizzette" (mini flatbread pizza) covered with pear, Gorgonzola cheese, and caramelized onions. Wow!

Soon it was time to hit the road again for the last 30 minutes or so to Occidental. The clouds were still being kind to us; we still hadn't seen any rain yet. As we approached the turn from Shoreline onto Valley Ford Road, we encountered two more Highway Patrol vehicles. The first turned down Shoreline heading the opposite way then promptly made a u-turn and got in line behind us. The other jumped right into our pack on Valley Ford, behind-of all people-David Bunch and Sharon Neidel. After following along for a bit, the cops left empty-handed once again. Shortly thereafter, we arrived in Occidental and pulled into the parking lot of the Union Hotel, which had plenty of space for all of our cars. Still no rain....

The Union Hotel, which was built in 1879 and has been an Occidental mainstay since, was great. We were seated in their large banquet room, and their staff was prepared for our group, which totaled 57 hungry people. The servers were cheerful, friendly, and very welcoming. Lunch was delicious, starting with fresh salad and family-style minestrone soup, followed by generous entrees. Throughout lunch, there was a pleasant buzz in the room, highlighted by introductions, conversation about the drive, Porsches, and plans for 2011.

Eventually, the group started thinning out and folks began to say their goodbyes and head to their cars for the drive home. After all but a few folks had left, Veronica and I hopped into the GT3 and pointed toward Santa Rosa, where we caught the 101 and headed home to Terra Linda. It was only then that the clouds finally let go and the rain started pouring again. 

Overall, our first annual New Year's Day Run was very much a success, with a great turnout despite the wet weather (even the Highway Patrol pestering didn't bring us down). I cannot think of a better way to kickoff a new year than to do it behind the wheel of a Porsche alongside fellow Porsche enthusiasts. Many thanks to Kurt and Greg for helping to guide and support me in organizing this event, particularly since I am new to the Redwood Region. I am looking forward to an even better turnout on 1/1/12!

Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes                           Jerry Gladstone


November 30, 2010
Driven Raceway
Rohnert Park  


President Greg Maissen called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.  


Attendees: President Greg Maissen, Vice President Vern Rogers, Secretary Jerry Gladstone, Treasurer Cris Fischer, Membership Director Bob Shoenherr, Advertising Director Bob Hall, Social Director Mary Neidel, Webmistress Barbara McCrory, Concours Director James Heisey and Newsletter Editor Rob Neidel.  


Minutes: The minutes of the September and October meetings were approved as submitted.  


President's Report: Tim Fleming, friend of Redwood Region, former Zone 7 Representative and "father of Escape" has passed away. We will donate $250 to the scholarship fund established in his name and plan on holding an event each year in his honor (more discussion at next Board Meeting). We expect that there will be more proposed at the January President's meeting. Sonnen Porsche has been unresponsive and the planned December 4th Tech Session in their shop is canceled. There were 45 members at the Annual General Membership Meeting -- a Breakfast Run to Rancho Nicasio. Everyone was unhappy with the service, food and cleanliness at Rancho -- we will not be going there anymore. Millie Gilson of CASA will be sending a representative to the Holiday Party (we provide a complimentary ticket) where we will present a donation check. Kurt Gibson was contacted with our endorsement of Sharon Neidel as Zone 7 Representative.  


Vice President's Report: A spreadsheet with the events planned, so far, for 2011 has been sent to Board members. Other people can contribute events to the calendar. Calendar meeting will be held in January on a separate date from the Board Meeting. Members will be encouraged to propose events.  


Treasurer's Report: Reported planned revisions to the financial statement for 2011 clarifying accounts. Asked for help in getting accurate, detailed, written financial information from all those who handle funds (Goodie Store, AutoCross, etc.). The CD will be rolled over. We exited October with total cash assets of $24,600.  


Secretary's Report: Shared preliminary voting results. 75 ballots had been returned -- only about 15% of the members voting. Reviewed proposed updates to the Redwood Region Bylaws for the December 2010 revision. Quickly resolved one issue that was undecided. A final draft will be completed, sent to the Board for approval, then out to the general membership for ratification. All changes will be described with that communication.  


der Riesenbaum Editor's Report: Next issue will be out late December. 472 der Riesenbaums were sent last month and approximately 53% were opened.  


Autocross Director's Report: No report; David was celebrating his birthday.  

Goodie Store Director's Report: No report.


Social Director's Report: 80 people have RSVP'd for the Holiday Party not counting Devin and CASA. Dinner will be buffet featuring prime rib and breast of turkey; vegetarian will be available by request. Final price negotiations will take place this week before signing the contract. The Party will cost more than we originally planned, but we have held the member's price to $50.  


Concours Director's Report: Nothing to report. Membership Director's Report: Region membership now stands at 857 with 492 primary members. We have had a number of transfers in from GGR and the east coast.  


Ron Breeze has resigned as co-Director of membership. Discussed listing of member anniversaries in der Riesenbaum.  


Advertising Director's Report: Bob Schoenherr will work with Bob Hall as a sub-committee to develop the concept of sponsors/partners. Levels will be proposed using Porsche model names; in-kind as well as cash contributions will be valued. Need follow up with Driven Raceway and Dibble's as sponsors/advertisers.  


Webmistress's Report: The website continues to be extremely useful with usage remaining about constant. New Business: Considering an off-season event of kart racing at Driven Raceway. We would be considered as a "corporate" event and covered by Driven's insurance -- no need to try for event insurance through National (which they would not cover).  


CASA: No report  


Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 25, 2011. Location to be announced.  

President Greg Maissen adjourned the meeting at 9:50 pm.

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Redwood Region
P.O.Box 4234
San Rafael, California 94901
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Election Results: Redwood Region Officers for 2011

Election ballots were cast by postal mail.


After the December 15, 2010 deadline, the official tally was 87 member votes and 53 affiliate votes for a total of 140 votes. The Redwood Region Porsche Club of America Executive Council members for 2011 are:


President: Greg Maissen

Vice President: Vern Rogers

Treasurer: Cris Fischer

Secretary: Jerry Gladstone

Immediate Past President: Kurt Fischer


In January, Cris Fischer resigned her position as Treasurer. We all thank Cris for so graciously stepping in to serve as interim Treasurer until a replacement could be found. Jerry Gladstone was asked to consider transitioning from Secretary to Treasurer, which he did by resigning as Secretary. Jerry was nominated to be Treasurer and was elected to the position by the Board at the January 25th Board meeting. David Bunch was nominated and elected as the new Secretary at the same meeting.

Board of Directors

Greg Maissen, President

Kurt Fischer, Past President                
Vern Rogers, Vice-President             

David Bunch, Secretary    

Jerry Gladstone, Treasurer                 

Bob Schoenherr, Membership

Barbara McCrory, Webmaster            

Deven Wailes, Technical Advisor       

Jim Giampaolo , Northern

Scott Downie, Northern Representative                                       707.725.6110

Mary Neidel, Social Director                

Tom Strobel, Autocross Chairman       

Bob Hall, Advertising Director            

David Bunch and Sharon Neidel, Goodie Store        

James Heisey, Concours Chairman  

Bill Newton, Safety Chairman            

Sharon Neidel,
Zone 7



Upcoming Events


Redwood AX Tech
Training/Trailer  Maintenance, Saturday, February 12, 2011  details


The Racer's Group Tech Session, Saturday, February 19, 2011 details


Breakfast Run to Point Reyes, Saturday, February 26, 2011  details


Whale to Whale Tail Rally

Saturday, March 5, 2011  details


Redwood Region Autocross, Saturday, March 26, 2011  details


Parade Registration opens

March 8, 2011

New Badges available... Those of you who attended any of our recent events may have noticed some of your fellow club members wearing white name badges with a color logo.  This is the type of badge being sent to new members, and those members requesting replacement badges.  They are free to new members, and only $12 for replacements.  A magnetic clasp, instead of the standard pin back clasp is available for an additional $2 ($14 total).


If you would like to order a replacement badge, please contact

Bob Schoenherr, Membership
and specify type of clasp (pin-back or magnetic).

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Bently Service Manual 911 84-89. $65
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4 Winter tires/wheels
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$10,500, OBO Contact Marvin Goss at 707 839-3310. McKinleyville.

Pair of 6"X16" Fuchs. With snow tires.
Call or eMail John Reed in Sausalito, 415-332-3490, jmreed82@sbcglobal.net

'02 Porsche 996 C2 Cab
Vin: WPOCA29932S650102.

Color: Silver/Navy 
Mileage: 48,5XX 
Trans: 6spd manual 
320hp, leather, 6 cd changer. Excellent condition throughout. Maintained by Rector and Hi-Tec Porsche (San Rafael). Mechanically perfect. We're getting a company car and will have one too many vehicles. Asking $31,900. Please email or call with questions, 415-927-7617. Thanks. 

'01 Porsche 911 Cabriolet. 41,000 miles, one owner, K40 radar dlr.
installed, Technic pkg, heated seats, power seats, colored crest wheel
caps, rainforest green metallic, am/fm cassette, cd, 18" sport design
wheel, Porsche crest in headrests and floor mats, hard top with roller
stand, new top, new tires, new ignition, all records since new,
serviced at Carl's Place in Las Vegas, always garaged, cleaned and
waxed. Perfect condition. $30,000. June Anderson. Windsor, CA.
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'83 911SC Convertable Low miles- less than 95,000. 3.0 liter, 5 speed, with factory short shift kit.  Turbo lower valve covers, pop-off valve, hydraulic chain tensioner upgrade, clutch upgrade. 16 X 7"-8" BBS wheels with Toyo 888 tires, still have 1/2 tread.  Porsche turbo tea tray tail, 935 style front valance.  IO Port roll bar, Corbeau racing seats and 5 point harnesses.  Strut bar, TRG front and rear adjustable sway bars, Bilstein rear shocks and Bilstein front inserts.   Monoball cartridges on front struts, bump-steer kit.  Turbo- tie rods.  Adjustable rear spring plates, polyurethane bushings on spring plates and front A-arms.  22mm front torsion bars, 28mm rear torsion bars.  Stock rebuilt brake calipers, cross drilled rotors, front brakes have custom carbon fiber brake cooling ducts.  Bursch muffler and stainless test pipe.  Power windows, Power locks, AM/FM/CD player, Cruise control, Power Mirrors.  Air conditioning removed (never worked anyway). All upgrades have been done in the last 5 years/15,000 miles.  Always garaged.   Extras included.   

Asking  19,500 or nearest offer.   I can be reached at (707) 718-0678, ask for Don, or email me at dcam499@yahoo.com 

$24,750 Like New!!
1999 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet with matching Hard Top
Super Clean ~ Gorgeous
Meticulously maintained and serviced. All major services have been completed.
~Recent oil change
~New tires
~Full inspection
This car has been cared for at Sonnen Porsche Dealership in Mill Valley. All records come with car. Clear title. This 911 is the ultimate in performance offering a tight ride and go-cart turning !

Equipped with electronic soft top which raises and lowers in 20 seconds from a button on the center console. Factory hard top matches car color and has rear window defrost.
Manual 6-speed transmission
Power Seats & Mirrors with memory settings
Cruise Control
Power Steering
Power Windows and Door Locks
Driver, Passenger and Side Airbags
ABS Brakes
Premium TurboTwist wheels

This car is equipped with automatic climate control & leather seating. Radio had been upgraded to a high end Alpine system with iPod connection.
Lovingly cared for and protected.
Mileage: 81,750
Tires: Toyo Proxes
Call Penni 415. 706.6960 or Peter 415. 203.1441
2004 Silver Porsche Carrera GT: 5.7 liters, 605 horsepower, mid-engine, DOHC V10 (car wt kept to 3000 lbs, so very fast); 6-speed manual transmission; carbon fiber-reinforced, silicon carbide  ceramic (C/SiC) composite brake system; pure carbon fiber monocoque and subframe; 10-pump dry-sump lubrication; inboard suspension; updated Alpine AV system with navigation, silver metallic paint w/ dark gray leather interior; removable roof panels converts car to T-Top; includes custom-leather luggage set.
Approximately 2500 original owner miles, never raced, immaculately maintained, always garaged. Unit number 124 of approx.1300 total model production; one of only approx. 600 Carrera GT's sold in the United States.  $440k MSRP. Serious buyers only please contact Chuck at chuckthurber@aol.com.
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