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September 2006 - Vol 1, Issue 1
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Welcome to The Parent Buzz, an e-newsletter designed especially for parents and caregivers of middle school aged children by Let's Be Honest, a Parent Education program of Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts. Results of a national survey indicate that parents are the greatest influence on their child's sexual decision making. However, parents often have difficulty talking with their children about sex and sexuality. Parents who have useful skills, information, and resources are empowered to be successful primary sexuality educators of their children. The Parent Buzz will provide you with easy and helpful strategies for communicating with your kids about sex and sexuality. Positive communication between parents and children helps establish family and individual values enabling young people to make healthier, safer, and better-informed decisions related to sexuality. Future bi-monthly issues will feature a variety of useful information such as a "Tip for Talking," a "Quick Fact" with up-to-date information on issues dealing with adolescent sexual behavior, useful web, phone and book resources, and a suggested answer to a typical question your child may ask.

Let's Be Honest! is a parent education program for parents of children in middle school. The program consists of workshops including such topics as:

  • Clarifying values & practicing communication skills
  • Knowledge of reproductive anatomy & puberty
  • Promoting healthy relationships & self- esteem
  • Battling peer pressure & media influences

For more information on how you can schedule a workshop for your company, organization, school or in your own home, please contact the Parent Education Department at (617) 616-1658.

Our workshops center on four themes to remember when having ongoing conversations with kids about sex and sexuality.

  1. Rights and Responsibilities: As a parent, it is your right and responsibility to be your child's primary sexuality educator.
  2. Values: Think about and gain clarification around your attitudes, beliefs and values and be willing to share them with your child.
  3. Feelings and Self-Esteem: Affirm and validate your child's feelings. This will help them feel good about themselves and will help promote healthy self-esteem and decision-making.
  4. Facts and Knowledge: Gather information and resources so that you can help to assure your child gets accurate and healthy information about sex and sexuality.

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Be Honest. Communicate your feelings and values honestly. If you feel your child should wait to become sexually active, tell him/her in a positive, compassionate way. Don't expect to have all the answers. Admit when you don't know and be willing to seek answers together. It is OK to feel embarrased or uncomfortable.
87% of US teens say it would be easier to postpone sexual activity if they were able to talk more openly about sex with their parents, but 37% of teens say that they have never had a single conversation with their parents on this topic. (The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy)

Don't forget to visit our website at www.pplm. org! Our website is updated regularly with helpful tips for talking, information about workshops, and much more. Don't miss an opportunity to be the primary sexuality educator for your children. Need help? Call our Parent Education Team at (617) 616- 1658


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