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  June 28, 2010

Welcome to another edition of The Buzz News Flash.  Many of you by now have heard about the Provincetown school system's plan to distribute condoms to their school-age population.  We commend the efforts of the school system to work to address the importance of keeping youth safe. The discussion regarding the Provincetown schools highlights the question of how young is too young to have access to condoms - what is very clear, and what we do know for sure, is that it is important for parents to communicate with their children from an early age.  Young people need access to accurate information so that they may make informed decisions and be safe.

Here at PPLM we are pleased to have another opportunity to discuss the importance of the role of parents as the primary sexuality educators of their children.  The news coverage of the Provincetown plan provides parents a vehicle to discuss issues of sexuality with their kids.  One of the best strategies for continuing the dialogue with your children about sexual issues is to use news items to get your values across to your children and to use it as an opening to hear what they are thinking. 


In regard to this particular news story, the talking points with your middle schooler may include:

  • The role of schools in keeping students safe and that the school committee was acting out of their desire to protect their school-age population.
  • Your values regarding when it is appropriate to engage in sexual activity.
  • Your wish that when your child finally feels that they are ready to engage in sexual activity that they do so in a safe manner.

In studies, youth say that their parents are the preferred source of information on sex, relationships and sexual health.  Furthermore, research indicates that youth who have not talked with a parent or trusted adult engage in higher risk-taking behavior. 


As we always like to remind you, the time to start talking to your children is now -


Some wonderful resources include:

Parent Education
Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts

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