21st Century Information Fluency Project
8 hours of Self Paced Instruction
    Investigative Searching 20/10
21st Century Information Fluency

There are two weeks left to take advantage of our summer special pricing. 

8 hour self-paced online class devoted to Website Evaluation using investigative search methods.  Course Ends August 31, 2009

This self-paced class challenges you to evaluate websites using an extensive toolkit of investigative methods. Each interactive tutorial includes a mastery test to help you lock in valuable skills.
  • Start with a performance based pre-test.
  • Progress at your own pace learning using 9 different interactive multimedia tutorials.
  • Check your understanding with skills specific mastery tests.
  • Conclude with a performance based post test.
  • Earn a certificate for 8 CDPUs
  • 8 hours of instruction / $25.00.
Each investigative method includes interactive tutorials, flash based training games and a mastery test. Successful completion of this course earns you a certificate for 8 CDPU's. 

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Dennis O'Connor
E-Learning Specialist
Information Fluency Partners

Investigative Learning Preview
8 Hours of Self-Paced, Media Enhanced, Online Learning
Investigative Searching 20/10
Video: Course Overview
Prezi: Multimedia Flyby
Short tour of Tutorial Modules
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