Issue #17                                                                                               August 28, 2011


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Nominations Open September 1st


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Ready or not, September is right around the corer, and on September 1st, the nominations for the 2012 Edison Awards will officially open.


Help us get the word out to your colleagues and business associates: Be ready on September 1st to nominate your new innovative product or service for a 2012 Edison Award.  Watch your inbox for further details.

Celebrating Innovators & Innovations


25th Anniversary

With the arrival of our 2011-12 Awards season, the Edison Awards will begin celebrating its 25th Anniversary.


When the Awards were first launched in 1987 by current Edison Award Steering Committee member Calvin Hodock, he was then serving as the Chairman of the American Marketing Association (see below).  Since 2003, however, the Edison Awards has been an independent organization that has grown and expanded its reach with every passing year.


With 21st century technology and the kind of rapid new product and service development being recognized these days, we thought it might be fun to go back and look at just a few of the Edsion Award winners from the early years that became household names:


- DuPont's Stainmaster Carpet (1987)

- Sony Video Walkman (1988)

- Mazda's Miata (1989)

- Kimberly Clark Pull-Ups diapers (1991)

- Breathe Right Nose Strips (1995)


To see a list of more recent winners, click here.

Featured Product of the Week

Healthy Choice® Steaming Entrees


Healthy ChoiceOur latest featured product is brought to you by ConAgra -- Healthy Choice® steaming entrees won the 2011 Gold Edison Best New Product Award in the CPG category.  Built upon the steaming technology used in the Healthy Choice Café Steamers™ product line, the new steaming entrees look as good frozen as they do prepared - a first for the industry.


Healthy Choice uses high-quality, large-cut ingredients such as white-meat chicken or shrimp, whole cherry tomatoes and sweet potatoes, which can all be seen in the clear plastic tray before cooking.  An innovative steam-release vent in the film cover allows cook time of about 4 minutes in one step, without any annoying peeling, poking or stirring.  The packaging features rounded, open corners so consumers can peek at the meals to see what they're getting.


Win a Free Healthy Choice Entrée!

In a new promotion for the Edison Awards, the makers of Healthy Choice steaming entrees are offering the chance to win one coupon for a free entree (maximum value of $3.50) for25 lucky consumers selected at random. To qualify, make sure to "like" the Edison Awards on Facebook and provide your information on our website. 


The promotion runs August 29 - September 3, 2011.  To learn more about the promotion, simply visit the Edison Awards website or Facebook page.

Calvin L. Hodock
The"Father"of the Edison Awards


Cal HodockTwenty-five years ago, Calvin L. Hodock was the Chairman of the Board of the American Marketing Association, where he created the prestigious AMA Edison Awards, which were presented annually in recognition of product excellence.  In the years that followed, Cal reviewed literally thousands of new products and services vying for the Award, and became a heralded new product guru widely quoted in the press.  He became the media's go-to guy when it came to innovation and marketing strategies, appearing on television and radio and in print media throughout the country.


Prior to taking the helm at the AMA, Cal earned his marketing credentials at the Gillette Company, Bayer and Johnson & Johnson in senior marketing positions.  He was also a partner at Comart/KLP, one of the country's largest marketing service agencies at the time. 


Today, Cal Hodock is a nationally-recognized authority on marketing and product innovation.  He's currently on the Board of Directors of NuVim, Inc., a start-up firm marketing a line of healthy beverages to Wal-Mart and major East Coast supermarkets.  He's also a full-time faculty member at Berkeley College, where he teaches marketing courses at their Middlesex and Garrett Mountain campuses.  I  addition, he teaches an advertising course at New York University and has been a guest lecturer at several colleges, including the Wharton School.

In his new book, "Why Smart Companies Do Dumb Thingss," Cal shares examples and case studies gleaned from his decades of experience.  It's definitely a must-read for anyone looking to introduce a new product or service into the marketplace.


Although the Edison Awards has since become an independent organization, Cal continues to be involved by serving on the Steering Committee, where he looks forward to reviewing an evaluating the exciting new innovations that will be nominated for the upcoming 2012 Edison Awards.  For more information about Calvin Hodock, click here.  Or, send Cal a message at  


About the Edison Awards


The Edison Best New Product Awards™ are among the most prestigious accolades honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, design and innovation.  Unique to the world of award programs, the Edison Awards are focused on the innovators as much as the innovations


The Edison Awards™ recognize the persistence and excellence personified by Thomas Edison and his tremendous legacy. Be sure to visit our website for more information, including award categories, nomination criteria, and a list of past winners.

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