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2011 Edison Awards SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN




Edison Awards has its own Facebook page at www.facebook.com/edisonawards. cTo date, any product that is a finalist or any company that is a finalist has had their page "liked" by the Edison Awards page.  Any news that is mentioned by the product or company has been shared with the @edisonawards tag also saying "Best New Product Finalist," then mentioning the news and including the company's or product's @tag.


This will continue through the event and after the event.  Edison Awards would ask that if you have not already done so, please "like" the Edison Awards page and help cross-brand by including the @tags.  During the awards, please feel free to post status updates, pictures from the event, and encourage fans to visit both pages.  Photos are encouraged to be posted on the site, and tagging the photos is also encouraged.


After the awards, winners will have the opportunity to showcase their products on the Edison Awards page through coupons, Groupons, or sweepstakes for the next 12 months, leading up to next year's awards.  Each month a different product can be featured.  Coupons can be offered by liking the page. Groupons would be for a monetary value.  Sweepstakes can also be run for a period of time.  For more information regarding this free PR opportunity, please contact Michael Barth at Michael@edisonawards.com



Edison Awards has a Twitter account named @edisonawards.  There will be live tweeting at the event, so please feel free to follow.  If you would like the Edison Awards to follow you,  please send an email to Michael@edisonawards.com with your Twitter name so we can also follow you.


We will be using the hash tags of #awards, #science, #innovation, #technology, #edison, as well as the various award/product categories.  Please feel free to tweet live during the event as well as posting pictures of the event.


Press Releases:

Edison Awards has a news blog with a feed on its Facebook page where all press releases are posted.  If you have a press release, please feel free to send a copy to Michael@edisonawards.com so the press release can be re-posted as well as given a status update and auto-tweet on Twitter.



Edison Awards will be posting photos on both its website and on Facebook.  We encourage all finalists to post their own pictures on their own websites and Facebook pages.  Please also feel free to use the @tags and post on the Edison Awards wall.


USA Today:

 An ad announcing the Edison Awards was placed in the USA Today on March 28th.  This was supplemented with a belly band on the Capitol Hill edition that went to all the Congressional offices with the question:  "Which of your constituents are being recognized for innovation?"  Edison Awards followed up by contacting all US Representatives, Senators, and governors in the states and districts where the finalists' offices are located.  Another ad will run the day after the Awards announcing all the Gold Winners as well as congratulating all winners and finalists.  Edison Awards encourages ALL finalists to follow up with their US Representative, US Senator, and governor's office and ask to be acknowledged through social media, Twitter, press release, or with a non-binding resolution from the floor.  Science, Technology, Green Technology, Innovation, and Math are all high priorities on government agendas, and companies should be recognized for this achievement. 


For more information please contact Brad Eggert via e-mail Brad@edisonawards.com.


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