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How much is Carpooling Worth?
Mobility Mangers to Meet at NYPTA
Mobility Managers will meet at NYPTA on Nov 10, 3:30-4:30 pm.   
Issue: # 3-2011Nov. 2011
Multi-modal logs

Successful mobility management is essential for New York's economy, environment and communities to be sustainable and to provide effecient mobility for vulnerable people. This is hard work, requiring successful coalition building, inter-relationships, mutual support and resources. Mobility managers can share ideas, problems, solutions and customer-focused strategies. That is the purpose of this newsletter and I need your help to keep it relevent.
This issue introduces a new feature: State of Practice. These articles, written by mobility managers, describe a project, rationale, strategy or ask questions about mobility management in New York State. So, send me your stories, ideas and questions. An outline is shown in the left column.
I hope to hear from you soon.

Dwight Mengel

After the Upstate Transportation Forum
Livable Streets
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Where Do We Go from Here? 

Eighteen (18) mobility managers met before the start of the Upstate Transportation Forum. The session consisted of soliciting questions from the group and addressing them as a group three questions per 15 minute block and then moving on to the next series of questions, etc. The open session format was popular.

We also discussed what the mobility manager community should do to organize and to work with NYSDOT and national level organizations. Those managers going to the NYPTA Fall Conference will meet on Thursday, Nov 10, 3:30-4:30 pm. There is interest to create a mobility manager network that includes the ability for web meetings and other distance e-learning and collaborative work. We will make an effort to contact all mobility managers to solicit their feedback on these ideas.

The Upstate Transportation Forum was a success. 103 people registered, exceeding our goal of 75. The planning committee will send out a follow-up survey to all participants and prepare a report for NYSERDA who funded the conference. Conference expenses totaled $17,000. The Forum was a unique because of its focus on Upstate NY transportation and targeting mobility operators, business (& large employers), economic development agencies, municipalities, university staff and students, green mobility advocates, mobility managers and individual citizens. Thank you to all who participated.      
State of Practice: A Case for Ridesharing
Cynthia Kloppel, Mobility Program Specialist, Tompkins Dept of Social Services (607) 274-5022 



Rideshare could have made the difference between keeping a paid apprenticeship and now being a job seeker for one young woman.  I talked with the woman about her travel options and the opportunity to use Zimride Tompkins, the Tompkins County's ridesharing program.  She related she wished she had known about Zimride last winter when her car stopped working. The loss of her car left her unable to go to a well paying apprenticeship. Without her car, she lost her job and other areas of her life fell apart, culminating with going on public assistance.  With winter approaching, the young woman said she will store her motorcycle and search for transportation.  She is now looking for work or job training, which requires reliable transportation for success.  


Prior to the opening of a Zimride site for Tompkins County, local residents could find rideshare options in person or by using Craig's list/rideshare.  Staff and students at Cornell University, Ithaca College and Tompkins Cortland Community College each had their own rideshare web based search tool specific to each academic setting.  The Tompkins Rideshare Coalition to put local and State resources into ridesharing fo rthe county and region.  In January 2011, the Tompkins Rideshare Coalition opened a local Zimride ( site, with a NYSERDA grant, to Tompkins County commuters to provide one common source to locate rideshare matches.


With Zimride people find an easy way to share a ride as a driver or get a ride as a passenger. To use Zimride, people first register by providing their email address with a password for a secure online registration, then provide their trip route and schedule information and receive emails on matches.  There are four portals within Zimride/Tompkins including: Cornell University, Ithaca College, Tompkins-Cortland Community College, and a Tompkins County community portal. People may limit their search to specific portals or open it to all. Zimride's growth and potential are demonstrated by the usage for the County portal which started at 60 users the first month and is now just under 300 users.  Zimride saves money, reduces carbon emissions, and is a sustainable transportation option for persons living, working or spending time in Tompkins County and the surrounding region.                                              

 State of Practice: Steuben-Chemung-Schuyler Tri-County Transportation Guide


Jane Davis, Mobility Manager, Institute for Human Services, Inc. 607.776.9467 ext. 223


The Institute for Human Services, in conjunction with CSS Workforce New York and the Mobility Managers of Steuben, Chemung, and Schuyler Counties, is pleased to introduce the first ever Tri-County Bus Map and Guide for local transit riders.


 The 2011 Bus Map & Guide, entitled "Need a Ride?" is an easy-to-use resource including all the bus route-maps, schedules, and information for Chemung, Schuyler and Steuben Counties.  This tri-county transportation guide is the first step in a regional collaboration to make transportation more accessible to all residents of the area, increase ridership, and simplify transit use for local riders.


 Funding for the guide was provided by CSS Workforce NY in an effort to help jobseekers and those without transportation to utilize community resources. Transportation needs in the Southern Tier do not stop at the county borders, and many people travel between counties every day for work and appointments.   "Transportation in rural areas has always been a barrier to employment, and the current economic situation only makes it a greater burden. By working together across the region we can begin to address this barrier in a more cost effective and environmentally sound way," stated Dan Porter, Executive Director at CSS Workforce NY.


 Patrick Rogers, Executive Director the Institute for Human Services, said, "In an environment of declining resources and increasing need, this project is an example of how all of our organizations, both public and private, work together to leverage the resources we do have in order to provide the most effective services to the residents of Steuben, Chemung and Schuyler counties."


 Direct Link to brochure:



 The lead agency was the Institute for Human Services and the budget was $25,000 to print 20,000 brochures to be distributed across the three counties. The discussions about the brochure began in April 2011 with Mobility Managers, Tina Hager, Chemung County; Amber Simmons, Schuyler County and Jane Davis, Steuben County. We entered into a contract with CSSWorkforceNY on April 27th, the final draft went to the printer on June 28th and we took delivery on July 28th, with a media event in Centerway Square, Corning, NY on August 11th. We had an aggressive timeline to accommodate the budget deadlines for CSSWorkforceNY.


Lessons learned: Adhering to the timeline was difficult as there were many edits. Involving six public transportation providers takes a great deal of finesse and time. Even though there were some negative comments, we pushed on to produce a useful guide that has been very well received. Even the naysayer has had positive comments about the finished product!


The new brochure has been distributed throughout all three counties and is available through transportation providers, county offices, human service agencies, libraries and through the Mobility Managers. All three Mobility Managers report great feedback from diverse user groups.



The Mobility Managers in Chemung, Schuyler and Steuben are continuing to collaborate and are looking at a travel training project. We are learning from each other by attending each other's coordinated committee meetings, setting up regional mobility management networking meetings, and touching base regularly as we look at different approaches to things such as updating our coordinated plans. Chemung, Schuyler and Steuben Counties work together on many levels including transportation. The Mobility Managers from Livingston and Cortland have attended a meeting. Please let us know if you are interested in joining us.


Link to IHS transportation page:



NYPTA Conference & Trade Show, Nov 9-11, 2011, Saratoga Springs, NY








Dear Rural Transportation Provider & RTAP Eligible Recipient,

If you have not already registered, I encourage your participation in the New York Public Transit Industry Conference taking place November 9-11 in Saratoga Springs. The RTAP (Rural Transportation Assistance Program) educational track takes place Thursday, November 10th, though you are welcome to attend the full conference program. Early registration rates have been extended. Important program highlights follow:

  •          Keynote Presentation by NYSDOT Commissioner Joan McDonald
  •          NYSDOT Panel Presentation on Funding, Policy, Compliance & Safety, presented by:

o    Ron Epstein, Chief Financial Officer, NYSDOT (Facilitator)

o    John Fabian, Chief Investigator, Public Transportation Safety Bureau, NYSDOT

o    Tom Vaughan, Assistant to the Director, Public Transportation Bureau, NYSDOT

o    Bill Telovsky, Acting 5311 Program Manager, Public Transportation Bureau, NYSDOT

o    Matt Haas, Acting 5310 Program Manager, Public Transportation Bureau, NYSDOT

  •          How to Use Your National RTAP Organization to Support Your Success in These Economic Times, presented by Patricia Monahan, Executive Director, National RTAP
  •          Transit Industry Luncheon with a Keynote Presentation by author Steve Gilliland
  •          RTAP Training Session on Mobility Management, presented by Dan Dalton, Senior Transportation Planner, KFH Group
  •          Full Access to the NYS Transit Industry's Premiere Product and Service Trade Show
  •          Unique opportunities to network with DOT staff, connect with colleagues and industry leaders, share best practices, and learn what's new in the industry.

Registration Rates: The one-day RTAP program registration rate is $195. The one-day registration includes the day's program participation, lunch, and entrance to the Trade Show and reception. I urge you to consider attending the full conference program ($235 per person), which includes many more sessions of interest to RTAP recipients.

Hotel Information: RTAP program attendees registered for the one-day program can make reservations by directly contacting the Saratoga Hilton (888-866-3596) and using the RTAP group code AIGS. Please note: attendees registered for the full conference must use group code PPJA to reserve the full hotel group package.  Both codes provide a discounted room rate or package price.


To learn more: Please feel free to contact me ([email protected], 518-457-6279) with your questions, or to learn more about this year's specialized RTAP program.   If you plan on applying for RTAP scholarship reimbursement for conference fees, please contact me by email or phone prior to November 8th, 2011.


You can also learn more by contacting program coordinator Megan Tangjerd or NYPTA Headquarters at ([email protected], (518) 434-9060).

To view the registration brochure, register online, or download a registration form, please visit


Thank you for your consideration and support. I hope to see you in Saratoga Springs next month.


Bill Telovsky
Member, Fall Conference Planning Task Force
Acting 5311 Program Manager, Public Transportation Bureau, NYSDOT

National Resource Center for Human Services Transportation Coordination

Webinar: The Village Movement & Transportation Services

The National Consortium on the Coordination of Human Services Transportation presents

"The Village Movement and Transportation Services" via webinar to assist national

organizations, states and communities to explore different solutions during these

fiscally challenging times.

"Villages" have emerged in the last 10 years as mostly as a model for aging in place, but in

some places for multi-generational access to services. Some provide transportation and

other services, most screen and contract for discounts with different types of service

providers, many have volunteer programs and sponsor social events. For many, transportation

is the number one service that village members utilize.

Speakers are representatives of villages have adopted community-specific solutions and

a national village expert. We will also have a national panel of aging and transportation

organizations to provide perspective.


This webinar is sponsored by the National Resource Center for Human Service Transportation

Coordination and funded by the Federal Transit Administration.


Oct  2011


I have been working with our national partners to serve all of you in your work. Since we met in Indianapolis (June 2011), we have had a whole summer and September to begin working on creating a national organization for mobility managers and other ideas we discussed at the conference.

  • Numbers: There are over 250 of you who have joined the Partnership as individual members.
  • Webinar: We hosted a webinar about performance measures. It filled up very quickly, which shows us the great demand for information about this topic. If you did not join us or you want to go back to enjoy it again, the webinar is archived on Or, just click here to go directly to the webinar.
  • 2012 Conference: We are already working on the 2012 conference, which will be held in Long Beach, Calif., in early May. More news on that will be coming to you throughout the next few months.
  • LinkedIn: The Partnership for Mobility Management has a new LinkedIn group. The LinkedIn group is exclusively for individual members of the partnership and for staff of the national organization partners. The group name is, wait for it, the Partnership for Mobility Management. Perfect, right? Please click here to join.
  • Twitter: Now, with Twitter, you can stay up to date with mobility management news and Partnership updates. Follow us @MobilityManagem. Yes, that is the correct spelling.
  • Website: I am redoing our Partnership for Mobility Management website. In this effort, I welcome you to send your website information. One part of my plan is to feature local efforts, including the public face of your work.
  • Advisory Committee: This gets to my last piece of news. I am forming a Partnership advisory committee that will be made up of individual members from across the country. The goal is to have 20 to 25 of you who represent different geographic and institutional perspectives. Please respond to this email to volunteer. I cannot guarantee a place on the committee given the aforementioned desire for a representative group, but there will be more opportunities for everyone's participation in some way as we move forward.


Sheryl Gross-Glaser Director, Partnership for Mobility Management
Coordination Specialist, National Resource Center for Human Service Transportation Coordination
Community Transportation Association of America

NY mobility managers can join the Partnership at Would love to have you with us.  
To find mobility management news, join our googlegroup and use resources go to: