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Tompkins Co. Coordinated Planning
December Meeting will be on Wed, Dec 15, 2010
10-11:30 am at the Tompkins Co. Library,
Borg Warner Room  



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Coordinated Plan Meeting - Nov 29
NTI Class April 2011
Getting to Medical Services
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The Coordinated Plan website was
re-organized so,
  check it out and the blog too!

The Mobility Management website is now useful. Check-out  Go Maine Nation videos.

NTI Managing Community Mobility  Class in April 2011

On April 14-15, 2011 the National Transit Institute will hold its "Managing Community Mobility" class here in Ithaca, at the County Library Borg Warner Room.


This is the same class as we had in April 2010.

There are only 10 seats left. You can go to NTI's link to register or you can contact Dwight Mengel. We have slots for seven more local participants.


I know April is the far side of winter, but these seats will go fast, so don't delay!!!


For graduates of the April 2010 class, we will schedule a follow-up Masters meeting to discuss the practice of mobility management later in the Spring.

December's Coordinated Plan Meeting will be held on Wed, Dec 15, at the Borg Warner Room, Tompkins Co. Library, from 10-11:30 am.   

Note: location change to the LIBRARY!!

We hope to see you there! 


1.  Introductions 
2.  Process for Grant Proposals in 2011
3.  ITNEverywhere Status
4.  Transportation to medical services Status (FLIC)
5.  2006 JARC Contract Status
6.  Review of 2010 
Next Meeting: Jan 19, 2010,  at the Library
2006 JARC Grant Reallocation #1 - Proposals Due Jan 3, 2011

Agencies with programs funded with the 2006 JARC Grant are eligible to revise the amount of Federal funding in 2011. County DSS identified  $25,000 in JARC funding (from the CityVan budget) as eligible for re-allocation. A very simple proposal form can be downloaded.


Basically, you can ask to increase or decrease the amount of JARC funding. Explain your reason for the change. If you seek more funding, you'll need to show how you've matched the JARC funds. Provide a revised budget showing the original amount, the amount of increase or decrease, and the new total amount.


Proposals need to be sent to Fernando deAragon by email  before midnight on Jan. 3, 2011, or delivered to the ITCTC Office in the Old Court House on E. Court St before 4 pm on Jan 3.


All proposals will be evaluated and ranked by the ITCTC team with results presented at the Jan 19, 2011 Coordinated Plan meeting. The County will amend the agreements with successful agencies.


Surplus, unused 2006 grant funds will be automatically allocated to the County's Wheels to Work car loan program.  


Please contact Dwight Mengel or Fernando deAragon with any questions.        

Transportation to Medical Services

Did you miss the Dec 3 or Oct 29 meetings at FLIC but want to participate? Please contact Teri Reinemann, FLIC Systems Advocate, at for more information.
Finger Lakes Independence Center
215 Fifth Street
Ithaca, NY 14850

Coordinated transportation planning requires active participation to make progress. Please contact us with questions and comments. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

Dwight Mengel                     Fernando deAragon
Tompkins County DSS         Director, ITCTC 
Fernando deAragon, Executive Director, Ithaca-Tompklins Transportation Council, Ithaca, NY (607) 274-5572
Dwight Mengel, Chief Transportation Planner, Tompkins County Dept of Social Services, Ithaca, NY (607) 274-5605

Vol 1, #6  Nov 22, 2010