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Liz Fury (Otsego County) and Dwight Mengel (Tompkins County) cordially invite you to join us to discuss, discover, share, learn, help, and meet people with a mutual goal of efficient mobility management. Over a month ago, a mobility management forum was created with the intent of enabling two-way communication between mobility managers and transportation providers from all around New York State. After starting the e-mail forum we learned quickly that as the forum expands it is more difficult to communicate easily. Therefore we created a Google Group website for our collective use. This website is very functional with great features but more importantly it is easy to use. 

The url of the website is here,
SInce you received this newsletter, you'll be invited to join the  NYMobilityManagers googlegroup. Otherwise, new members must be pre-approved to join the website. (Pre-approved membership cuts down on embarrassing spam sent to the group.  Dwight knows this.)

We can also publish an e-newsletter.  While we are not sure exactly how often it will be published, we'll try it out.
We understand how intimidating it can be to figure out how to use this new forum. It happened to us! Therefore, in the first newsletter we will include information on how to make the best use of the google groups Mobility Management forum in the least amount of time. After all, the goal here is to have access to quick communication with people who we would not normally have regular communications with.
Thank you to all participants since the inception of the e-mail and welcome to new users. Please feel free to contact us with any comments, concerns, questions or ideas. The usefulness will grow with your input. We need two-way communcation here! 
Hope to hear from you soon. 
Liz Fury, Otsego County Plannning Dept.
Dwight Mengel, Tompkins County Dept of Social Services 

how does it work 
ITNAmerica is the first national, non-profit transportation service for the aging population. Founded in 2004 to support the replication of the economically sustainable Independent Transportation Network® model in Portland, Maine (founded 1995), ITNAmerica now has affiliates in 16 communities in 12 states (as of February 2010).
ITNEverywhere is a research and development project designed to solve access to affordable trasnprotation in small urban and rural areas where population is more dispersed, their ride costs are higher and the resources available to cover those costs are fewer.
ITNEverywhere takes the core business innovations of the original ITN model-personal transportation accounts and a flexible approach to resources (traded vehicles, volunteer credits, cash, co-payments, gift certificates)-and expands them to include the population 
in conjunction with a suite of software programs designed to access multiple forms of unused private capacity.
ITNAmerica is soliciting interest in four $25,000 implementation grants in New York State. For more info please contact Ernie Ott, Community Outreach Manager, ITNAmerica®, 909-792-6326 in Redlands, California.
90 Bridge Street
Westbrook, Maine  04092
Website: www.ITNAmerica.org

Thinking about a Coordinated Plan Website?

Do you use or want to use a website to communicate with your Coordinated Transportation Plan team and the public? If you have a website then tell us about it. If you are interested in using a website, then you can get started relatively painlessly.
Tompkins County has a Coordinated Plan website - http://tccoordinatedplan.weebly.com . I know its a bit quirky, because I edit it! Now, I know zilch about programming a website, that is why I used weebly.com to host the site and to enable me to design it. You can use their free site feature to try it out. It's pretty easy. Give it a try! 
Top five benefits of a Coordinated Plan Website:
1. 24/7 access to your program, agenda, minutes, work.
2. Solicit comments and feedback from the public on an on-going basis.
3. Keep your plan alive by adding to and evolving the site.
4. Document your processes and decisions.
5. Showcase your county!   

Please send us your feedback on this newsletter. Even better would be to send in a short article for the next issue. 

Dwight Mengel                     Liz Fury
Tompkins County DSS         Otsego County Planning Dept