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 September 2012 

High Speed Internet
Video Streaming?
Multiple Users?
Lightning-Fast Internet is here at RG520!
All of our 16th and 17th floor studios are now wired for ultra-high speed fiber-optic internet. Call Silvestre at 212-799-5433 ext 215 for rates and info!
Hooray for Graham and Ashley!  
graham and ashley
We are tickled pink (did you think we could get any pinker?) to announced the impending marriage of two of the nicest people we know: our own graphics guy, Graham McCarty and his lovely and talented girlfriend of many years, Ashley King. Word on the street is a September '13 wedding, so plenty of time to kiss up to Graham and get invited. You know, free booze and all.

Play Favorites.  
mystery man
It's time to vote for your favorite RG staffer to be our Employee of the Season for Fall 2012!

We know it's like choosing between Disney World and Christmas, but do your best. The winner gets a cash prize, major props, bragging rights, and more!
Email nominations to John at This Address

RG BLDG piano

Hope your summer was everything you wished for. I wished for mine to be six months long, so I guess I'm out of luck in that department. Very excited for the fall season here at Ripley-Grier. Playing host to the new musical SCANDALOUS, and welcoming back all of our regional theatres, cruise lines, and classes. CAST Events is back in full swing with V/O, acting, and dance classes taught by industry pros, and our 25th anniversary year is turning out to be the best EVER. A special shout-out this month to our namesake, Jeannie Ripley-Grier, who is now officially a TEENAGER. Oy.

Be well-
NYC's Oldest "Iaido" Dojo is at RG!

New York Budokai is the oldest sword school in NYC teaching authentic Japanese "Iaido" (The Way of the Sword)


Sensei Yoshiteru Otani arrived in the United States from Osaka, Japan in 1954. He came from a Samurai lineage as a highly skilled Iaido practitioner and student of Zen philosophy. He stressed the practice of "[confronting] your opponent with no fear. If you can face a fierce opponent with a razor sharp sword, you can confront your fears in other areas with composure and a relaxed state of mind."  


Iaido is a practice of control, accuracy and coordination. Students train with wooden swords, (bokkens) in fast, furious, full contact, making crackling sounds that shake the room. Students then move onto practice swords (iaito) unsharpened, with katas (prearranged movements of drawing, blocking, cutting and returning sword to scabbard.) After passing several levels of training, testing and mastery, a student will be ready to use a "live blade". A katana is a hand-made work of art, razor sharp and very dangerous.  


Sensei Phil Ortiz is the headmaster and original student of Otani Sensei. He has a 7th dan in Muso Shinden Ryu and 5th dan in Ryushin Shouchi Ryu which is what the dojo currently teaches.New York Budokai started with just 4 students at Ripley Grier around 1990's. The group was drawn to RG by our well-kept wood floors and large mirrored spaces, which are essential to the safety and focus of their students. They give special thanks to Shakira and Silvestre for their invaluable help in book-keeping and scheduling of classes.


Find them online at www.newyorkbudokai.net 

A new musical directed by Lynne Taylor-Corbett
Cougar From the creator, Donna Moore:

"When I first heard the term "Cougar' eight years ago, I was doing stand up comedy and writing 'The UnBalancing Act", a show about my divorce- and I thought, "How come we have to place a derogatory name on an older woman? I mean, what do you call an older MAN who's linked with a younger woman? I've researched it...It's called MAN!""

Come enjoy this modern affirmation of the power of "grown-up women"!

Info and tickets available at