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  Back to school
Shakira, our front desk Maestra who most of you know, has yet another community outreach program going for back-to-school kids this fall. Drop off any new school supply item at any Ripley Grier Location from now until September 4th. All items will be donated to the boys and girls of the Youth At Risk NYC Mentor Program and the Covenant House. You can also make a monetary donation at the Paypal link below.
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Fringe Fest season is upon us yet again, and our very own Desiree Nash will be featured in NIGHTFALL ON MIRANGA ISLAND,  a "swashbuckling pirate musical which manages  to seamlessly blend the mythical heroics of Joseph Campbell and the cartoonish  irreverence of South Park." Click the show poster below for more info.

Nightfall poster 

 Also, RG's Company in Residence, Theatre Group Dzieci, will be featured in Brooklyn's BEAT Festival this fall, performing several pieces, including the world premier of their new work, Ragnarok. Performances will be at various spaces throughout brooklyn, and will include many of the borough's finest performers. More info at the BEAT website. Check out the video below for a taste of what Dzieci has been working on.

BEAT Festival/Dzieci: Caught In The Act 
BEAT Festival/Dzieci: Caught In The Act


August                             2012
Hello again, everybody.

Another record-setting summer here at RG, and we want to thank all the folks who are taking advantage of our awesome summer specials. Half-price space every weekend at 939 8th ave, Early-Bird specials before 11am, and Weekend Night-Owl specials, as well as our great same-day rates. Also, during the month of August, we are offering 5% discounts to clients who pay in cash! Nice, right?
While still reeling from our 7th consecutive win in the Backstage Reader's Choice Awards, Backstage honored us yet again in a feature titled
Five Essential Actor Hotspots in Midtown
where we are listed FIRST, which I'm going to go ahead and assume was intentional, thank-you-very-much. Essential is a nice word, isn't it? An actor told me the other day that they always feel like they have better auditions here at RG than anywhere else. That is one of our "essentials": making your experience from front door to front desk to cafe to studio seamless and relaxing, so you can get down to what you came here for. So thanks again, folks, for keeping the fire lit under us. We've got big things coming this fall, so stay tuned!

john norman
Director of Ops
Ripley-Grier Studios
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Save Money with RG Summer specials!

50% off at 939 8th ave on weekends!
40% select spaces at 520 on weekdays after 9pm and weekends after 6pm!
Affordable Housing for Actors? 
Yes, please! 
Are you a member of the visual or performing arts community? Are you looking for or concerned about the availability of affordable housing? If so, the Actors Fund Housing Development Corporation (AFHDC) wants to hear from you. We are working with AFHDC in their efforts to learn about the preferences and unique needs of performing and visual arts community in the New York City/New Jersey region. Specifically, they are seeking information that will help them move forward with the development of affordable artists' rental housing in Rahway, NJ. Beginning August 13th, you can participate in a 10-minute survey that will help make this building a reality. Your input, and the input of your friends, is vital. Your responses will assist in determining project financing, design, amenities and more!


We encourage you to participate by logging onto www.RahwayArtistHousingSurvey.org


If you have questions, need more info or are unable to access the Internet, contact The Actors Fund Survey Team at 212.221.7300, ext 126.


For more on The Actors Fund and its subsidiary, the Housing Development Corporation, please visit www.actorsfund.org 


Spread the word and help us help AFHDC!
Raab Rashi     Swordclass NYC  

I can certainly see how Samurai sword skills could come in handy, living in New York. What a nice upgrade to the baseball-bat-under-the-bed home security system. And although the legality of walking around with three feet of naked steel strapped to your back may be questionable, it's sure to scare off all but the most determined of ruffians.


     Raab Rashi has been a student of the sword for about a decade. In addition to iaido, Raab also holds a 3rd Dan rank in Kendo, and 1st Dan in Chosun Sebup. He continues his studies under Grandmanster Jin K. Seong (Kyosa 7th Dan).  In addition to teaching classes at Sword Class NYC, he is an instructor at the Sung Moo Kwan Kendo Academy in Dumont, NJ - the largest sword school in the United States.
So what kind of bad-assedry goes on in Raab's classes?
In his own words:
     "Sword Class NYC teaches students iaido, or the art of the samurai sword.  Students practice with un-sharpened 'real' blades, and develop their technique through a series of movements called 'kata,' or forms.  From drawing the blade, making a perfect cut, and re-sheathing the sword, students develop discipline, precision, awareness, and focus.  It's about strength and discipline, grace and respect. It's about physical determination, and spiritual balance. It's about agility. It's about confidence. It's about training the mind, body and soul as one.  So, no, it's not just about the sword. But the sword does make it that much cooler."

"I have been using Ripley Grier as the home for my classes for about 2 years.  I moved to this location because I was not only incredibly impressed by the cleanliness and comfort of the facilities themselves, but also because of the professional yet friendly attitude of the staff." 

Buy any coffee, tea, or espresso drink at Cafe Oasis, and get two of our famous home-baked cookies free!!! Must present this coupon at the cafe counter. Limit one per client per visit.

Offer Expires: Octobet 1st 2012