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 July 2012
Ripley Grier Studios
Seven Years in a row?!! Wow. Just, wow....
#1 Every year since its inception, our community of performers has honored us with the #1 rating in the Backstage Reader's Choice Awards. Thanks to everyone who voted! We promise to keep being awesome. It's become quite the habit...

Summer Specials
Everybody likes specials. half off EVERYBODY! This summer, ALL studios at our 939 8th ave location are 1/2 price on weekends through September 9th! Some restrictions may apply. Talk to your booking agent for details.

Can I get a Woo-Hoo!??!
Lightning Fast Internet!
Ripley-Grier is proud to announce Fast Internet high-speed internet at our 520 8th ave location. Perfect for multiple users or streaming video, this service is available in ALL studios at our flagship location for a nominal fee. Contact Silvestre at 212-799-5433 ext 215 for details.
Employee of the Season: Rose Milan
catering tray sweets Creating Cafe Oasis as a source for delicious food and a community gathering place at our flagship location was the second best idea we've had this century. The very best idea was hiring this lady to run the place in 2011. Her warmth, kindness, and attention to detail help make Cafe Oasis a destination not only for our clients, but our building neighbors as well. We are delighted to honor her as our Employee of the Season for this summer!

Be sure to check out Ripley-Grier's funniest ladies at The Pit! Desiree Nash and Lorraine Cink perform every Friday night with two of The Pit's top house teams. More info here. Also, Ripley-Grier's Artists in Residence Theatre Group Dzieci will be performing their new creation, Ragnarok, at the BEAT Festival this September. Mark your calendars!

Honored and Humbled, Once Again...

My dears, you've gone and done it again. Seven years of being voted #1 by Backstage readers is quite an honor. We promise not to let it go to our heads. In fact, we are going to use this rush of good vibes to spur us to work even harder to earn the title anew every day.

When Butch Grier and Patricia Ripley started this company 25 years ago, they had the radical idea to treat performers like people. Most of the fresh faces we see at the cattle-calls these days are too young to remember the dismal conditions of rehearsal spaces before Ripley-Grier was born. Since then, others in the industry have seen our success and stepped up, but while they might have fresh paint and tuned pianos, we like to think that we still corner the market in the "people" factor.

So we promise to stay the course, and keep delivering legendary customer service in a clean and peaceful environment, leaving you free to do what you came here for: Relax. Explore. Create.

Oh, and cheers to the month of July for giving us ample reason to reflect on the two greatest accomplishments of the modern age: air-conditioning and ice-cream. I know the polio vaccine was a big deal and all, but it's running a distant third for me right now.

Director of Operations
Ripley-Grier Studios

Jasper Grant 1
Spotlight: Jasper Grant

Jasper Grant almost had his music career cut short when he was mistakenly identified as being "tone deaf" by first grade music teacher Miss Gladdin.  Since then, Jasper has gone on to Music Direct/Conduct over 70 productions across the globe. Favorites include: The Addams Family, The Color Purple, Saved!, FAME: The Musical, A Chorus Line, The Music Man, South Pacific, The Wiz, Fiddler On The Roof, Quilters, Diamonds, You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown, Meet Me In St. Louis, Jesus Christ Superstar and The Who's Tommy. We're not sure what Miss Gladdin has done in the interim, but we hope it includes following Jasper's illustrious career and re-evaluating her assessment techniques. Jasper has the great honor to be an associate faculty member at China's leading drama school, Shanghai Theatre Academy, where he has helped to create their first three musicals, Guys & Dolls, RENT, and Miss Saigon. Upcoming Projects include Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots at La Jolla Playhouse.

Jasper is an active broadway vocal coach in New York, having clients in
countless shows and national tours. He teaches from a spiritual standpoint first and foremost, helping clients get down to the bottom of what's not working and then creating a solution to remove the road block and continue walking down the path of growth and success.

"I've been using Ripley Grier Studios for over 5 years now. My clients love the intimacy, the cleanliness, the cafe, and the staff... so it's an obvious choice for me. Shakira has been a God-send to me in terms of helping me keep a consistent schedule and never worrying about anything but helping my client's along their creative path. I feel like family here.. simply the best studios in New York!"
We promise we won't think you're weird if you follow our every move online. Not like that one girl in college. She just didn't understand you...

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