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The Ripley Grier Hallways...
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One of the many things unique to Ripley-Grier is our sense of comfort and the feeling of being "home". Over the years, the "nooks" at the ends of our hallways have played host to conversations over coffee, furious script re-writes, and reunions of old friends. From Broadway luminaries and household names to the kid just off the bus from the midwest, these are your spaces. Next time you have a minute, pull up a chair and listen to the traffic outside and the sounds of hard work and joy drifting from the studios around you.
This is New York.
Carlos Konig SALSA
Ripley Grier Marketing Co-Ordinator Lorraine Cink sat down with Carlos Konig, one of New York's leading Salsa instructors and creator of the Carlos Konig Salsa Social here at Ripley-Grier. Check out the interview below, as well as some great footage of Carlos and his partner Almyra Ayos tearing up the floor!
Carlos Konig - Salsa Teacher at Ripley-Grier Studios
Carlos Konig - Salsa Teacher at Ripley-Grier Studios
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Ripley Grier Studios
April 2012

Happy April everybody! It's been a whirlwind of Spring Cleaning and continuing improvements here at RGHQ. Newly refinished floors, fresh paint, new curtains and shades, more comfortable chairs for the studios, new benches for the hallways, it just goes on and on. Rosie in the cafe has been whipping up some fresh new salads for summertime, and you'll find the ice cream freezer well-stocked!
Our 25th year shows every sign of being our best ever, and at the risk of repeating ourselves, we owe all of this to you. Some of you have returned from hapless adventures with other studio facilities, bearing horror stories of rude staff members, cold cheerless hallways, and other unspeakble things. We welcome you back. Stick with us, kid. We won't let you down.
And we have cookies.

John Norman
Ripley Grier Studios
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TAP! In The Spotlight: Ray Hesselink 

ray shoes Ray Hesselink is a Director/Choreographer who has presented choreography at various festivals and venues around NYC. Ray specializes in creating character driven choreography and excels at comedic storytelling through dance. Most recently, Ray served as tap instructor for Broadway's Billy Elliot: The Musical. Current projects include Heat Wave: The Jack Cole Project and I Love Bob. Ray is on faculty at Juilliard, Broadway Dance Center and STEPS on Broadway and also coaches privately here at Ripley Grier. Not surprisingly, Ray says its our friendly and professional staff that make RG special for him:


"First and foremost I love Ripley-Grier because of the staff. Every time I work at Ripley-Grier (which is almost daily), I'm greeted by an amazingly friendly and accomodating staff.  Ripley-Grier is the perfect environment where I create choreography and also teach private lessons."


Ray can be reached via email, by phone at 917-549-1103, or through his website, RayHesseleink.com 

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